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Found 4 results

  1. Pair of Preston Cinema MDR-2 (G4 Blue dot) motor drivers for sale. $2000 for the pair, $1200.00.each. Preston to Cinetape Interface cable for sale, $150.00
  2. Selling my Preston FIZ-2 Kit great starter kit for steadicam and the like..... 1x Preston FI+Z II Hand Unit 1x Preston FI+Z Transmitter II 1x Preston MDR-1 (updated) 1x Preston DM1 Motor 1x MDR1 Bracket 1x MDR1 mounting rod 1x Jerry hill pam motor bracket 2x Preston RX antenna's 2x Preston TX antenna's 12x Preston marking rings 1x Preston 24v 3pin power to Preston cable 1x Preston P-Tap power to Preston cable 1x Right to right motor cable 1x Strait to strait motor cable 1x Preston Arri run/stop 1x Preston Red run/stop 1x Preston Battery Fast Charger 3x Preston Batteries 1x Cable bag 1x Focus ring bag 1x Pelican case $4000us also have a Microforce V+F Zoom controller for sale $700us...
  3. At Preston Cinema, our products remain serviceable as long as technologies are available and we can source parts. As we stopped selling the Analog V+F Micro Force Zoom Control in 1999, we haven't had replacement boards for several years. Critical parts for these units have been obsolete for some time, and we've been unable to source suitable replacements. As a result, as of February 19, 2016, we can no longer service any Analog Micro Force Controls prior to V+F2. This includes Analog Film Only, 12/24V, and V+F Micro Force Zoom models. Similarly, there are no replacement boards for the Hand Unit 1, Transmitter 1, MDR1, Transmitter 2 and G3 transceiver boards for MDR-2s, Focus/iris units and Radio Micro Force Zoom units. Original parts and equivalents are mostly obsolete and due to our diminishing supply, the service of these products will be discontinued as of April 1, 2016. We apologize for any inconvenience and will continue to service our other discontinued products: Analog V+F2 Micro Force, V+F lens Control single channel motor driver, MDR-2 and Hand Unit 2 (without the transmitter.) Here is the full list of products that have or are reaching end of life: · Analog Film Only Micro Force Zoom Controls · Analog 12/24V Micro Force Zoom Controls · Analog V+F Micro Force Zoom Controls · Hand Unit 1 · Transmitter 1 · MDR-1 · Transmitter 2 · G3 boards for MDR2s, Focus/iris units, Radio MF Zoom units · UHF units · Micro Servo · Digital Lens Control · Power Pod · Heden M26T motor (serviceable by Heden Engineering in Sweden) If you have any questions please email or call us. Thank you for your continued support. Alanna Berkson Technical Sales Preston Cinema Systems Office: 310.453.1852 alanna@prestoncinema.com
  4. Howard Preston will be showing our newest product, the Light Ranger 2, at both the BSC show (spot 25) in London on January 30th and 31st and Micro Salon(ground floor) in Paris on February 6th and 7th. In addition to the two shows, Howard will be doing demos at three locations in the UK around the BSC show: **Wednesday, January 28th, 1pm Optical Support Unit 203-Belgravia Workshops 157-163 Marlborough Road London N19 4NF Contact: Chris Edwards 2072810999 info@opticalsupport.com **Monday, February 2nd, 11am Camera Revolution Bldg. 37D, Shepperton Studios Studios Road, Shepperton Middlesex TW17 0QD Contact: Ian Speed 1932 592322 mail@camerarevolution.com **Monday, February 2nd, 3pm Panavision Metropolitan Centre Bristol Road Greenford, Middlesex UB6 8GD Contact: Christian Malone 2088397333 christian.malone@panavision.co.uk Please RSVP to the contact emails of whichever one you want to attend. Or alanna@prestoncinema.com If you want to see pdfs of both the Light Ranger 2 and its mounting options you can email me, alanna@prestoncinema.com, as even when compressed each file is still over the 200KB limit for this post.
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