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Found 20 results

  1. Selling my backup HU3 G4 Blue dot Handset as I haven’t used it since buying my HU4. Handset is in fantastic condition looking for £4800 no Vat collection only London Chris Starkey 07511219688 christopherstarkey@hotmail.co.uk
  2. Preston DM1 motors. Works great! Inexpensive way to add another motor to your Preston kit. Works great for focus, iris or zoom. High torque. I currently have 2 for sale. $650 USD each. $1200 USD for both. $30 shipping with insurance & tracking. gottfried.pflugbeil@protonmail.com
  3. Preston Digital Cinema FIZ-2 Package. Excellent working condition. Compatible for Mdr-2 Upgrade. includes.... 1x Preston Hand unit 2 1x Preston Transmitter 2 1x Mdr 1 (Updated)setting memory 1x V+F Zoom Control 2x Preston DM1 motors 2x Motor cables 1x V+F to HU2 Cable 2x P-tap Power cable 1x 24v 3pin Power cable 10x focus rings 1x Arri Run/stop 1x Red run stop 1x assorted camera cables 2x Jerry hill brackets 1x universal mounting bracket 1x Mdr mounting brackets 1x Steadicam mounting bracket 1x Omni Shot Battery adapter asking $4000us
  4. Preston FI+Z II Lens Control kit for sale (3 axes) - UK based £ 4,299.00 - Or sensible offer 3 x 1800mAh NiMh batteries (re-celled Jun-17) Brand new RF channel selection hex switches It has been well used, but fully functional. Zoom has been recalibrated All tested & working - comes in a peli case (foam in need of TLC). Please email me any offers at: dan@mega3.tv if you're interested in purchasing - We can email further photos of anything in particular if you wish. Kit contents: Electronics: 1 x FI+Z II hand unit 1 x FI+Z II transmitter (new channel select hex switches) 1 x V+F Microforce control 3 x NiMh batteries - newly recelled (Jun-17) with 1800mAh NiMh cells 2 x fast chargers 1 x MDR-2 motor control unit (new channel select hex switches) 3 x DM2 lens motors Cables: 5 x motor cables (90 degree) 1 x Power cable for MDR-2 1 x CMD cable 3 x Microforce camera/VTR cables (Sony VTR etc) 2 x Microforce to FI+Z hand unit cables (1 long, 1 short) 3 x camera power cables (3 x PV, 1 x Moviecam) 1 x neck strap 1 x Peli case Brackets / Accs: 1 x MDR-2 mounting plate 1 x Microforce FI+Z hand unit link bracket 6 x motor mounting brackets (various lengths) 3 x 19-15mm adaptor rings 2 x spare battery locking plates 2 x spare battery mating connectors 5 x iris marking plates 5 x focus marking rings 3 x motor geartooth adaptors (64/48 teeth) 11 x antennae (9 spares, 2 for system RF)
  5. FOR SALE Comprihensive Preston Kit - HU3, MDR2, 3 motors (2xDM2, 1xDM4), MicroForce, Radio MicroForce, Single Channel HU + an abundance of cables and brackets, all in a Pelican 1600 case. Attached is a full list and pics. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions: jt@jonathantyler.co Located in London UK £12500- Shipping at buyers expense Preston FIZ Inventory - 13_2_21 - Sheet1.pdf
  6. Fantastic FIZ Unit for sale. Hand Unit 3 with Handgrip Focus/Iris Hand Unit Digital Microforce with Bracket 2 Battery Chargers MDR-3 G4 1 DM-2 Motor with Swing Arm and Bushing 1 DM-2 Motor with Swing Arm and Bushing 1 DM1-X Motor with Swing Arm and Bushing 6 Batteries 6 HU3 rings 3 F/Iris rings 4 Motor Cables DMF to Handunit Cable 5 Power and Run Cables 1600 Pelican Case with Padded Dividers New $32,000. US on Sale for $19,999. US Located in North America. Shipping not included. Please email ryanpurcell.ca@gmail.com for any Questions, Thanks so much for looking!
  7. Just had this motor serviced at Preston - no problems found, just replaced the Lemo connector. Including Hill PAM bracketry for 19mm rods and 15mm insert (not pictured). $1,500 USD with free shipping in the states - located in ATL ser # 3481 dekekeener@me.com
  8. Preston HU3 Handset in fantastic condition, G4 boards installed, latest Firmware. Selling this handset as it was part of my backup kit which is no longer required, hardly used. Comes with Hand Grip and Blanking Plate, Serial number 1433 £4500 Open to Offers, London IMG_4388.HEIC IMG_4179.HEIC IMG_2348.HEIC
  9. I have Preston FIZ System. HU3, MDR2, Microforce, with cables, as well as Omnishot battery system for sale. It's a very well kept system that lived with a crane and remote head.... (never seen a rental house) Hand unit is pristine. Im located in Chicago IL. Email me at ChicagoCameraCar@gmail.com if your interested. Preston FI+Z HU3 -s/n 2479 Molded hand grip Micro Force Digital Zoom control -s/n 99584 -micro force bracket Ominshot Battery system -two bay charger -single Edison plug charger -4 Li-Ion Sony NP style batteries Three Motors -DM-1x – PCS - S/N 1744 -integral bracket -DM-1x – PCS –S/N 1732 -integral bracket -DM 2 – PCS S/N 2597 -integral bracket Brackets -#4333 -#4301 -#4302 -#4335 – MDR rod braket -#4310 -Custom machined MDR2 mounting bracket made by Libra / Monster Remotes MDR2 -G4 Wireless -S/N 1255 Fuji / Cannon Gear set -2x F -2x C Pana Gear set PCS z/R.S. Primes lens gear Camera ON/OFF cables -2x Arrifles & Moviecam 3-pin #4521 -2 x MDR2 - Red Remote -2x MDR2 – Epic #4546 -Arri #4520 -Red 3 BNC sync cable Focus Iris Zoom Cables -3x #4412 -3x #4410 Preston Power -P-tap 12v Anton Bauer (24”) -FIZ 12v 4 pin XLR 4461 -FIZ 24v 3 pin xlr – Arri -Arri/MovieCam – 24VDC Power 4499 Video Zoom – Fuji / Cannon -MDR2 – Cannon HD 4532 -Fujinon 5428 -Canon 4529 Zoom Extension Cables / Main Command Cable / Panavision Cables -DMF to FIZ #4445 (35’) -Comand 4401 (75’) -MDR2 –Canon HD 4532 (36”) -MDR2 S/S HD900R -Panavision #4522 -24-PV #4472 -Sony VTR 4435
  10. PRESTON FIZ Motor Brackets / Motor Arms Beautifully restored / re-stripped and anodized in a special ARRI gun-metal grey color. These brackets were redone and modified with brand new COMPACT KIPP Handles and stand-offs to help create better clearance and working distance on difficult lenses (anamorphics) and gimbal / remote / steadicam work and tight spaces (see pics for explanation). Kit includes everything for 3-motors: (2) 19mm Swing Arm (1) 19mm Swing Arm to 15mm (3) 15mm rod motor collar insert (3) Step Down Bushing, 19mm-15mm Preston retail price for above items: $1002.17 for sale: at $440.00 http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?168671-PRESTON-FIZ-Motor-Brackets-Motor-Arms email direct for purchase: tim@cinoflex.com
  11. The Heden Carat Wireless Focus System in the USA Through a partnership with Heden, we have secured the best pricing, customer service, and immediate delivery of Heden products. We are currently offering FREE demo's and 1-day loans of complete Heden Carat Focus kits. Please contact us immediately for details. WE ARE LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES, and can deliver straight to you on set for demo's and loans. Rental units also available, starting at $89.00 per day. SALES@CINOFLEX.COM
  12. The Heden Carat Wireless Focus System in the USA Through a partnership with Heden, we have secured the best pricing, customer service, and immediate delivery of Heden products. We are currently offering FREE demo's and 1-day loans of complete Heden Carat Focus kits. Please contact us immediately for details. WE ARE LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES, and can deliver straight to you on set for demo's and loans. Rental units also available, starting at $89.00 per day. SALES@CINOFLEX.COM
  13. The Heden Carat Wireless Focus System in the USA Through a partnership with Heden, we have secured the best pricing, customer service, and immediate delivery of Heden products. We are currently offering FREE demo's and 1-day loans of complete Heden Carat Focus kits. Please contact us immediately for details. WE ARE LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES, and can deliver straight to you on set for demo's and loans. Rental units also available, starting at $89.00 per day. SALES@CINOFLEX.COM
  14. For sale is a Preston HU2/MDR2 setup. This is only the Hand Unit and Receiver. I recently completed an upgrade and no longer need these items. It was just sent to Preston for servicing, and was given a clean bill of health. Included also is a G4 Board to install in the MDR for when you want to upgrade to a HU3 later on. I am selling it all for $4000, OBO. Included in this package: HU2 w/Omnishot Battery Adaptor MDR2 G4 Board 1 - Arri Run/Stop Cable 1 - Sony F5/55 Run/Stop Cable 1 - Red Epic Run/Stop Cable 2 - MDR/P-tap Power Cable 1 - Pro2 Electronics to MDR Power Cable 2 - Batteries Battery Charger MDR2 V-Mount Bracket MDR2 Pro Bracket (Not Pictured) 2 - Preston Motor Brackets (Not Pictured) 4 - Focus Marking Discs 3 - Iris Marking Strips Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
  15. Heden Motor - The HEDÉN M21VE-L -Complete kit with - 7 snap-on gears, modules 0.8 - 0.6 - 0.5 - 0.4 - other sizes also Inserts for 19/15 mm and 5/8 inch rods and mounting bracket -3 inserts total (2) brand new right angle to straight motor cables Unit is less than 3 months old - still under warranty - perfect condition pics coming soon - sorry I know it's crazy to put sale items up without pics More info: The HEDÉN M21VE-L is a small sized high resolution digital vertical orientated lens servo motor for professional film-and Video/HD cameras The M21VE-L is compatible with appropiate digital drive systems like Preston FIZ, Cmotion, Chrosziel, Bartech. No tools needed for mounting. Interchangeable snap-on/off gears with automatic lock action to be mounted on either side of the motor. Superior single gear design. Suitable for smaller lenses with lighter focus/zoom actuation. For use with heavy focus/zoom lenses we recommend buying M26VE. Extremely silent. Lightweight and small size. Optional 0.6, 0.5, 0.4 gear and insert for 19/15mm. X-large diameter gears and offset spacer (optional). Specifications: Weight: Lenght: Width: No load current Torque (Max): Connector: 175g 104mm 21mm Approx. 60mA 1Nm LEMO size 1
  16. Preston "OK" Unit. Recently got back from Preston service, latest firmware installed. All the cable are made by Preston. It's available now. The unit is in Burbank, CA Price is $28,000 (1) HU-3 Hand unit 3 with Rubber Grip (1) MDR-3 (1) Digital Micro Force 2 (1) Complete sets of 6 ring (2) DM-2 Digital Motor (1) DM-1X Digital Motor (3) Arri 19mm Swing Arm (3) Motor Cable w/one straight, one right angle Lemo 24" (1) Camera Cable: 3-pin Fischer (MDR-3) (1) Camera Cable: Panavision (MDR-3) (1) Camera Cable: Red Epic R/S (MDR-3) (1) Power Cable from 3-pin Fischer (1) Power Cable from Panavision(2-pin Herm) (1) Power Cable from Anton Bauer (1) 64 Pitch Gear (1) 48 Pitch Gear (1) Main Command Cable 30' (1) Serial RS-232 4 pin (1) Bracket (For V+F2 and Digital Micro Force Zoom) (1) Cable: Digital Micro Force to HU3 (1) Cable: Digital MF to FIZ 8' (3) Step down Bushing 19mm/15mm Arri (3) Step down Bushing 19mm/ .625" PV (2) Sony fresh FP batteries (1) FP Battery Charger Please PM or email to rockydeng1@hotmail.com if interested. Thanks,
  17. I am selling a Preston Cinema Systems DM-1 Motor (S/N: 2244) configured with a PAM Universal Rosette from Jerry Hill Products (see link below). It was recently sent in to Preston for evaluation and was determined to be in excellent working condition with no issues. Please see pictures attached: Price: $1500 http://steadimoves.com/product/uni-rosette-dm-1-dm-2-motor/
  18. Preston Motors for Sale - Preston Cinema Systems DM-1 Motor, as well as (2) Preston Cinema Systems DM-2's for sale. All motors are configured with the Pam Universal Rosettes from Jerry Hill Products (please see link and picture below). The DM-2 motors have both been fully serviced by Preston Cinema Systems very recently and have not been used at all since the service. I had them serviced just for the purpose of sale, but just now getting around to actually selling them. The DM-1 was also sent in to Preston for evaluation and was found to be in good operating conditions with no issues. Prices listed are firm. Please email for any further information or you can call 305-665-8835, 9:00am-5:30pm ET with any questions. Will sell separately and take credit card or paypal payment . See service documents attached. http://steadimoves.com/product/uni-rosette-dm-1-dm-2-motor/ Pricing: DM-2 Serial # 3406 - $2000 SOLD DM-2 Serial # 3492 - $2000 DM-1 Serial # 2244 - $1500 preston motor 1.pdf preston motor 2.pdf
  19. I'm selling my whole system as a complete package and not parting it out. It will be available by the beginning of November. It is easier to list everything by the case, so here goes: CASE #1 Calzone Sled Case GPI Pro Donkey Box Gen III, GPI Pro HD Upper Junction Box, GPI Pro Telescoping HD Post, GPI Pro MDR Dovetail T Bracket, XCS Ultimate Gimbal, GPI Pro Lower Junction Box, Pro Battery Rack Gen III with 3 Jumper Blocks, Pro Post Wrench, XCS Gimbal Wrench, Pro 3" Hand Grip (low mode), Jerry Hill Docking Bracket with 2 Docking Clamps, Anton Bauer Battery Plate to 4 Pin Cannon, CABLES: 2 X 12v Arri to Pro, 2 X Moviedom to Pro, 1 X Sony Video to Pro, 1 X 4 Pin Cannon to Pro (aux video pwr), 1 X Panavision 2 Pin to Pro, 2 X Panavision 3 Pin to Pro, 3 X 24v Arri to Pro, 1 X Red to Pro, CASE #2 Pelican 1650 1 X Garfield Vehicle Mount, 1 X 12" Camera Plate, 1 X 9" Camera Plate, 2 X 7" Camera Plates, 1 X Sony Camera Plate, 1 X 6" Pro Arm Post with Collar, 1 X 8" Pro Arm Post with Collar, 1 X 12" Pro Arm Post with Collar, 1 X 12" Low Mode J Bracket Assembly with Collar, Assorted Screws, 1 X Antler to Camera Plate Bracket, 1 X Antler Riser, 4 X Brass Antler Weights, 3 X 15mm Rods for Camera Plates, CASE # 3 Pelican 1650 1 X Anton Bauer TM4 Battery Charger with Cable, Various BNC Connectors, Bebob Zoe-eng Zoom Control for Cannon Zooms, Bartech Utility Zoom Control Box, 2 X Heydan Motor Cables, 1 X Pro 3 Pin Pwr to Bartech Utility Zoom Cable, 1 X Pro 4 Pin Pwr to Bartech Utility Zoom Cable, 1 X 2&1/4" gear for Hayden Motor, Libec ZC-9 Zoom Control For Cannon Zooms, CASE #4 Pelican 1650 10 X Anton Bauer HC Dionic Batteries CASE # 5 Pelican 1650 Preston MDR 2 Motor Driver, MDR Dovetail Mount Bracket, Preston Microwave Transceiver, Preston FIZ Hand Set, Preston FIZ Transmitter, 2 Short Transmitter Antennas, I Short Receiver Antenna, 1 X Remote Iris Control with 8; Cable & Scale Plate, 2 x DM2 Motors with Pam Brackets, 5 X Various Pitched Gears, 2 X Spare Motor Gears, 8 X Focus Scale Rings, 1 X Iris Scale Plate, 1 X Pam Offset Extension, 2 X 15mm Pam Arms, 2 X 5/8 Pam Arms, 1 X Hill Variable Arm, 2 X 3' 15mm Rods, 1 X 15mm Bridge Bracket, 2 X Preston Batteries, 1 X Preston Charger with Cable, 1 X Omnishot Preston Battery Adapter, 1 X Omnishot High Capacity Battery, 1 X Omnishot Standard Capacity Battery, 2 X Omnishot Chargers, CABLES: 1 X Pro Pwr to Preston, 1 X 4 Pin Cannon Pwr to Preston, 3 X 3 Pin Arri Pwr to Preston, 2 X Panavision Pwr to Preston, 2 X Arri 3 Pin Run, 1 X Arri 11 Pin Run, 1 X Red Run, 1 X Sony Run, 1 X Panavision Run, 2 X Preston Motor Cables, 1 X Preston Hard Wire Cable CASE #6 Pelican 1650 Cinitronic Steadicam Monitor Gen II, Cinitronic Monitor Yolk, GPI Pro Monitor Bracke, GPI Pro 4" Monitor Extender, CABLES: 3 X Pro Pwr to Monitor, 2 X 5' 75ohm Mogami BNC Jumpers, 2 X 5' 75ohm Spagetti BNC Jumpers, 3 X 7' 75ohm Mogami BNCs, 1 X 20" 75ohm Mogami BNCs, 3 X 24" 50ohm BNCs CASE # 7 Pelican 1600 Modulus 3000 Transmitter with Antenna, 2 X Sony Receivers with Pwr Cables, i X CIT Antenna, CABLES: 2 X Aaton Pwr to Modulus, 2 X Panavision Pwr to Modulus, 1 X Arri 3 Pin Pwr to Modulus, 1 x Arri 11 Pin Pwr to Modulus, 2 X Pro Pwr to Modulus, 1 X 4 Pin Cannon Pwr to Modulus BAG # 1 GPI Pro Vest, GPI Pro Titan Arm, 2 X Black Canisters, 2 X Blue Canisters, Arm Bag, Canister Bag with 2 additional Blue Canisters, Steadicam 2 Stage Stand with 8" Pneumatic Wheels email me for more info and photos at markcoyne60@gmail.com
  20. Preston remote focus MDR1 system with 3 motors & Handset. Comes complete with all the bells and Whistles. Equipment list attached below. In excellent condition. 1 Owner. Well maintained! Serviced by Preston Cinema Products. Asking $12,000 OBO. ​ **NO INTERNATIONAL SALES** **FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL US** **PAYPAL ADD 4%, CREDIT CARD & WIRE TRANSFER ACCEPTED** Description Price Quantity S/N FI+Z Handset w/Strap 1 2288 MDR-1 1 1231 MDR-1 Bracket 1 DM-2 1 2472 DM-2 1 1453 DM-2 1 2434 19mm Mounting Bracket 3 15mm Mounting Bracket 3 MFZ -> FI+Z Bracket 1 FI+Z Transmitter 1 49070 Sony Battery -> Preston Adapter 1 408 Preston Battery Pack 2 Sony FM50 Battery Pack 2 Fast Charger w/AC Cable 2 Sony Battery Charger 1 Alexa Camera Run Cable 1 P-Tap Power Cable 2 Arri/Moviecam 24V Power Cable 1 DMF -> FIZ Cable 1 3-Pin Fischer Power Cable 1 Arriflex/Moviecam 3-Pin 1 12V 4-Pin XLR Power Cable 1 24V 3-Pin XLR Power Cable 1 Motor Cable 4 DMF -> FIZ Cable (30') 1 Rings 12 Rodriguez Bracket 1 Rosette Extension 1 Motor Post 4 Rosette Post 1 Dogbone 1 64 Pitch Gear 1 42 Pitch Gear 3 32 Pitch Gear (Fat) 1 Panavision 5/8 Insert 3 Arri 15mm Insert 3 Arri 3 Start/Stop Cable 1 Red One Start/Stop 1 Panavision Start/Stop 2 Sony F900 Start/Stop 2 Fischer -> F900 Start/Stop 1
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