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Found 12 results

  1. Kit has low hours and has been a backup system for C and D Cameras (excellent condition) Asking $19,500.- OBO ***Please Email me at dpsteadicam07@gmail.com if interested*** Inventory and Photos attached HU-3 (S# 1159) HU-3 Left Hand Grip HU-3 DMF Zoom Bracket Digital Micro Force (S# 99321) Digital Micro Force Panhandle 18mm Digital Micro Force Panhandle 3/4” HU-3 Focus Disk Ai HU-3 Focus Disk Bi HU-3 Focus Disk Ci HU-3 Focus Disk Di HU-3 Focus Disk Ei HU-3 Focus Disk Blank MDR-3 (S# 1533) MDR-3 antenna spare DM-1x (0.80M Gear 1/2” wide)(S# 3419) DM-2 (0.80M Gear 1/2” wide)(S# 3844) DM-4x (0.80M Gear)(S# 1062) 19mm Swing Arm x2 (15-19mm bushings x2) 19mm Iris Motor Support (15-19mm bushings x1) 1-Spare output gear 0.80M 1-PV Iris gear 64 1-PV Iris gear 64 1-PV Focus gear 2-Fujinon gears 2-Canon gears Iris Remote (cabled) MDR-3 Mount MDR-3 to PRO Mount f/DB-III MDR-2 to PRO Mount f/DB-II 2x Sony Batteries NP-QM71D 1x Sony AC-SQ950 Charger w/ pwr cable Cables 1-Arri 24V DC #4699 1-DMF to FiZ #4545 1-Arri RS 3-pin #4721 1-Arri RS to Alexa Mini Ext 1-Cinetape #4742 3-Motor Cables #4411 (RA to RA) 22” 2-Motor Cables #4412 (RA to Straight) 22” 1-Canon Zoom #HD/1238 1-Canon Zoom #4496 1-Fuji Zoom 1-Sony-Panasonic #1240 1-PLC940-0029 2-Fi+Z command cable #4400 MDR-2 (25/10 ft) 1-Remote Iris #4450 (4/8 ft) 1-Pelican 1550 Case (custom foam) ***Please Email me at dpsteadicam07@gmail.com if interested***
  2. Selling my backup HU3 G4 Blue dot Handset as I haven’t used it since buying my HU4. Handset is in fantastic condition looking for £4800 no Vat collection only London Chris Starkey 07511219688 christopherstarkey@hotmail.co.uk
  3. Preston Kit Used but in Fair condition Full presotn kit. -HU3 , side hand grip, zoom bracket, 5 pre marked rings, 3 blank -MDR2 , 2 x aerials -Microforce module with all brackets -Radio Microforce Module -10 x batteries -3 motors 2 x DM2 1 x DM1x -10 motors gears (various ) - 10 motor shims (various) -3 x motor brackets -Cinetape Interface Cable - 1 x charger - various power and zoom cables 5 x motor servo cables -Various command. cables -Custom PeliCase 1600 Any questions welcome. More photos also if needed. Located in the UK but will ship anywhere, Buyer pays all shipping costs. £12,000 plus VAT. Pounds Sterling Only. Selling for a friend so enquiries to Rob Hart rob@robhart-steadicam.com Or email myself on tomwilliams@me.com Many Thanks IMG_8426.HEIC IMG_8433.heic IMG_8432.HEIC IMG_8431.HEIC IMG_8430.HEIC IMG_8427.HEIC IMG_8426.HEIC IMG_8425.HEIC IMG_8455.HEIC IMG_8435.HEIC IMG_8436.heic IMG_8437.HEIC IMG_8438.HEIC IMG_8439.HEIC IMG_8440.HEIC IMG_8441.HEIC IMG_8442.HEIC IMG_8443.HEIC IMG_8444.HEIC IMG_8445.HEIC IMG_8446.HEIC IMG_8447.HEIC IMG_8448.HEIC IMG_8449.heic IMG_8450.HEIC IMG_8451.HEIC IMG_8452.HEIC IMG_8453.HEIC IMG_8454.HEIC IMG_8455.HEIC IMG_8456.HEIC IMG_8457.HEIC IMG_8458.HEIC IMG_8459.HEIC IMG_8475.HEIC IMG_8434.HEIC IMG_8435.HEIC IMG_8436.heic IMG_8437.HEIC IMG_8438.HEIC IMG_8439.HEIC IMG_8440.HEIC IMG_8441.HEIC IMG_8442.HEIC IMG_8443.HEIC IMG_8444.HEIC IMG_8445.HEIC IMG_8446.HEIC IMG_8447.HEIC IMG_8448.HEIC IMG_8449.heic IMG_8450.HEIC IMG_8451.HEIC IMG_8452.HEIC IMG_8453.HEIC IMG_8454.HEIC IMG_8456.HEIC IMG_8457.HEIC IMG_8458.HEIC IMG_8459.HEIC IMG_8475.HEIC IMG_8476.HEIC IMG_8476.HEIC IMG_8475.HEIC IMG_8459.HEIC IMG_8458.HEIC IMG_8457.HEIC IMG_8456.HEIC IMG_8455.HEIC IMG_8454.HEIC IMG_8453.HEIC IMG_8452.HEIC IMG_8451.HEIC IMG_8450.HEIC IMG_8449.heic IMG_8448.HEIC IMG_8447.HEIC IMG_8446.HEIC IMG_8445.HEIC IMG_8444.HEIC IMG_8443.HEIC IMG_8442.HEIC IMG_8441.HEIC IMG_8440.HEIC IMG_8439.HEIC IMG_8438.HEIC IMG_8437.HEIC IMG_8436.heic IMG_8435.HEIC IMG_8434.HEIC IMG_8433.heic IMG_8432.HEIC IMG_8431.HEIC IMG_8430.HEIC IMG_8426.HEIC IMG_8425.HEIC IMG_8427.HEIC IMG_8426.HEIC
  4. Im selling my beloved Preston FIZ System. Its in very good shape and working condition. It was my backup on most shoots and beiing honest to myself, I don't need it. It's still 3G and works great as a system. I never had any problems... its Preston, what else to expect. Should you want to upgrade to 4G, Pretson can do the HU3 for about $.300. However you would need to find a new/used G4 MDR Unit. Some of the parts have never left the case. The package contains... Pelcian Case #4060 Hand Unit 3 [w/6xRings, 2xLi Batteries, Charger, Grip #4102 MDR-2 Motor Driver w/ Tranceiver Lid, Antenna, 24v #4200 DM-1 Digital Motor [with 15mm rod & .80m output gear #4201 DM-2 Digital Motor [with 15mm rod & .80m output gear #4221 0.80M output gear .50" wide 2x #4240 0.50M gear Canon Video - Focus, Iris, Zoom #4241 0.60M gear Fuji Video - Focus, Zoom #4242 0.40M gear Fuji Video - Iris #4301 Arri 19mm Swing Arm [side rod #4302 Arri/Panavision 19mm Swing Arm [top rod 3x #4320 Step Down Bushing 19mm/15mm Arri #4333 Moviecam/ Arri Bracket #4400 Main Command Cable 30' 2x #4410 Motor Cable [w/straight Lemo connectors 24“ 2x Motor Cable [w/right angle Lemo connectors 24“ #4435 Camera Cable: Sony Hi Def (MDR-2) #4499 Motor Driver Power from Arri 24Volt/Moviecam #4521 Camera Cable: Arriflex 435/535/SR3/ Mvcm 3 pin (MDR Not on Pics but included: 2x GPI PRO Power 9“ for MDR GPI PRO H-Bracket for MDR asking 10.000€ or best offer buyer pays shipping & transaction fee / additional 19% VAT apply for european buyers
  5. $5000 Preston Cinema Systems Hand Unit 3 HU-3 original owner/part of my AC Kit Well maintained in Good Condition includes: 6-Focus Marking Rings 10-Zoom/Iris marking Sticks Clean Camera Support Microforce Bracket Preston Microforce Bracket 2- 6” Digital Micro force-HU-3 cables 1- 10’ Digital Micro force-HU-3 cable 3- Batteries & Charger Left Hand Grip Available for pick up in Los Angeles $5000
  6. Full Preston FI+Z kit for sale in very good condition. This system is fully up to date and serviced and maintained by Monster Remotes for me. I am located in Brooklyn NY. $25,000 Plus shipping. If interested or for more info email: noheatmac@gmail.com Kit includes HU3 Handset S/N 1644 6 Focus Rings (A to E + blank) 7 batteries and 2 chargers (#10050603, #10055815) HU3SC Side Cover HU3 padded hand Grip Neck Strap MDR3 S/N 2332 PFIC Preston Focus / Iris Controller S/N1606 MR-PFIC Marking Ring Digital Microforce 2 S/N D252290 HU3MF2 Mounting Bracket 2 x DMF2 - HU3 Zoom Cables (8inch, 20ft) L14P L6P RED/GREY) Motors 1 x DM1X and hill bracket S/N 3296 (wide gear) 2 x DM2 and hill bracket S/N 4583 + S/N 4570 3 x ARRI pitch, 1 x Panavision Zoom 48pitch, 1 x PV Iris 64pitch gears Cables CB-MDR3AY (MDR3 Arri Y (3pf - 2pl power & 10pl run) CB-MDR3PVP (MDR3 Panavision Power L2-L2) CB-MDR3PVP (MDR3 Arri Run Power Combo F3-L10) CB-MDR3AP (MDR3 ARRI Power (F3, L2) CB-MDR3MC (MDR3 Main Command Cable HU3) 20ft 4 x Preston Motor Cables (L7P Green) CB-CTMDR3 Cinetape to MDR3 (L4, L6) MDR power (2pl-2pl) Accessories 4 x RB- PV 19mm-5/8inch PV Reduction Bushings (RED) 4 x RB- ARRI 19mm -15mm ARRI Reduction Bushings (BLUE) 3 x FIZMA-19mm Motor Arms (Hill Brackets) 1 x D-Clamp extension for Hill Bracket 3 x D-Clamp bushings for Hill Bracket Shipping Case
  7. Helping to sell my friend's complete Preston Follow Focus system (2 motors). Was rarely used and just finished service (and update) at Preston, great condition overall. Selling because not getting enough rentals of it. Package include (see photos for detail listing) - HU3 (G4) - MRD-2 (with mounting adapter) - 2 DM-2 motors - various cables, adapters and focus rings - Pelican case Asking for 10900$, but open for offers and might be interested parting the package. Locating in LA, but can ship world wide :)
  8. Posting for a Friend: Selling Peston FIZ System in perfect condition ( HU-3/MDR-3/DMF-2/DM1x/DM2/DM4x/ F-IU) This was private system for 5 years and was un-used the last 2 years contact: lorenzosenatore@me.com
  9. Selling a Preston HU3 G4 Blue Dot Handset, good working order Feel Free to ask any questions, Item located in South Carolina but can ship anywhere $4800. Or (£3700 Can have it shipped to London)
  11. The new monitor mount for Preston HU3 is ready. It is the same concept as our mount for Arri WCU 3/4. The monitor is as close to the index mark as possible. The handgrip transfers the weight from the wrist to the biceps. It also serves as a docking bracket for a c-stand. The monitor can be quickly taken of with our included CineQuick release. Prototye with dummy HU3 shown here
  12. Hey all. On the hunt for a Preston HU3. Open to the ideas of just a handset (g3 or g4) or a kit. But have motors, MDR etc already ... so not too fussed either way! email me if you've got anything like this you mite want to part with! Ready to purchase ! jamespuli@live.com.au JP
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