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  1. Looking for a Mdr1 and dm1 motors, will buy separately, don't need a kit.. Thanks
  2. Selling my Preston FIZ 1 setup. Solid and reliable! Hand Unit just serviced, motor rebuilt. Everything works, no BS. MDR-1 Motor Driver Hand Unit 1 FI+Z Transmitter 3x DM-1 Motors 3x Preston Motor Brackets (short, medium, long) Microforce V+F Control Microforce Bracket 3x HU-1 Batteries Fast Charger w/ AC cable 12 Focus Marking Rings 64 pitch gear (PV Iris) 48 pitch gear (PV Zoom) Backup Transmitter Antenna 3x 15mm step-down bushings (Arri) 3x 5/8” step-down bushings (PV) Short MF to HU cable 50’ MF to HU cable 50’ Control Cable (to hardwire hand-unit) 3x Green Motor Cables 5x Blue Run/Stop Cables (Arri 3-pin Fischer, Arri 11-pin Fisher, PV 10-pin Lemo, Moviecam 2-pin Fischer, RED 10-pin Fischer) 4x Red MDR Power Cables (2x Arri 3-pin Fischer, 2x PV 2-pin Lemo ZLP) $10,900 Email: assistantcamera@hotmail.com Thanks for listening.
  3. Hi, After a preston HU3 either g3 or g4 if there happens to be one out there needing a new home? long shot i know! email me at tristanhaley@yahoo.co.uk thanks
  4. Want to buy used Preston MDR-2. Any extras out there? Thinning the herd? MDR-3's are right around the corner..... Greg Luntzel Call 818.807.7778 gluntzel@gmail.com
  5. Preston Cinema Systems F.I.Z. Hand Unit for sale. 3rd Generation (3G) Microwave transceiver with all software and firmware updates by Preston Cinema in Santa Monica, CA. Late model Hand Unit 1 with LED gragh for zoom indicator and all HU II electronics. Includes 2 batteries and charger with AC adapter cord, 12 marking rings and extra transmitter antenna. Included is a G3 board for an MDR2 (MDR not included) Never had a single problem with it. Beautiful machine. Originally priced at: FI+Z $4120.00 Charger $400.00 Batteries $350.00 each ($700.00) Marking Rings $29.00 each ($348.00) Total New $5568.00 I'll take the first offer over $2500.00 Call me at 917 468-4800
  6. Looking to buy a Preston Focus/Iris G4 MDR if anybody has one that they want to part with. I already have a handset/motor so just need the MDR. bigdne68 at yahoo dot com
  7. We currently have a used cmotion FI+Z 3 Motor Kit available for sale PRICE COMPLETE $13,490* kit is fully refurbished and comes with (6) month manufacturer warranty including: - coperate handunit including zoom - cmotion camin (Motor Controller / Receiver, for up to 3 motors) - (3) Heden M26VE digital motors w/ all gears (0.4, 0.5, 0.6 and 0.8mm pitch) - motor cables & power cables - batteries & charger - fastening tools and zoom bracket and zoom handle - marker rings - case *) price in US Dollar, CA customers might have to add sales tax, EX Works, North Hollywood, CA, USA. Only one set available and sold on a first come first serve basis. 6 month warranty on used gear. All gear maintained by manufacturer specs. email me for further information SL@camadeus.com camadeus Film Technologies, Inc.
  8. I've just purchased a HU3 and looking to sell what remains of my upgraded HU1 package. As seen in the picture, I have a HU1(2034) with transmitter II(49564), 2 transmitter antennas, 2 batteries, 1 fast charger with AC cable, 14 focus rings and a microforce bracket. I also have an MDR (G3) board with two receiver antennas. Therefore if you pick up (or already have) an MDR, you can use this board to connect the system. I live in Toronto and this system has been serviced by a Preston qualified technician here. I was thinking of $1700USD for everything, but I will consider offers. Shipping is on the buyer. Thanks Michael. rouge_kamera@yahoo.com
  9. For Sale: Complete 3 Channel Preston FIZ HU2 with Omnishot. $17,300. Contact: randystone@me.com Includes: 1 Production Case (23”x16 ½”x6 ¾”) 1 FI + Z Hand Unit Control (S/N 2362) 1 Transmitter (S/N 49476) 1 Antenna 1 Spare Antenna 12 Focus Scale Marker Rings 1 Neck Strap 1 Micro Force Digital Control 1 Hand Unit to Micro Force Bracket 1 MDR-2 Motor Driver (S/N 1325) 1 Receiver (S/N 1645) 1 Spare Antenna 1 Antenna 1 Hard-Wired Remote Iris Control 3 DM-1 Digital Motors 3 32 Pitch Gear .25" wide (PV Focus) 1 48 Pitch Gear (PV Zoom) 1 64 Pitch Gear (PV Iris) 1 Tekira Charger 2 NP-FM50 Battery 1 Omnishot Adapter 3 Hill Brackets 15mm 3 Hill Brackets 5/8" 3 Rosette to Hill D-Bracket 3 Rosette Motor Inserts 1 MDR to Panavision Shoe Mount 3 15mm Post Mount CABLES 1 MDR Power Cable - 24v (8') 1 MDR Power - PV 1 MDR Power – Arri (3-pin) 1 MDR Power - Arri 12v (11 pin) 1 Camera Run Cable - PV (10-pin) 1 Camera Run Cable - Arri (11-pin) 1 Camera Run Cable - Arri/Moviecam (3-pin) 1 Motor Cable (w/1 x straight & 1 x right angle lemo) 1 Motor Cable (w/2 x right angle lemo) 1 Motor Cable (w/2 x straight lemo) 1 Camera Run Cable - Red Digital 1 Camera Run Cable - Genesis 1 Digital Micro Force to Hand Unit Cable 1 Remote Iris Cable (8') 1 Remote Iris Cable (25') 1 Command Cable (30') 1 Cable Organizer
  10. For Sale: Complete 3 Channel Preston FIZ HU2. $16,800. Contact: randystone@me.com Includes: 1 Pelican 1500 Case 1 FI + Z Hand Unit Control (2578) 1 Transmitter (S/N 49709) 1 Antenna 1 Spare Antenna 12 Focus Scale Marker Rings 1 Iris Scale Plate 1 Neck Strap 1 Analog Micro Force Control 1 Hand Unit to Analog Micro Force Bracket 1 Hard-Wired Remote Iris Control 1 MDR-2 Motor Driver (S/N 1387) 1 Receiver (S/N 1054) 1 Antenna 1 Spare Antenna 1 DM-1 Digital Motor (S/N 1876) 1 DM-1 Digital Motor (S/N 1554 ) 1 DM-1 Digital Motor (S/N 1561 ) 3 32 Pitch Gear .25" wide (PV Focus) 1 48 Pitch Gear (PV Zoom) 1 64 Pitch Gear (PV Iris) 2 Battery Charger w/cable 3 12v NiMH Battery Pack 1 Spare Battery Mount 1 Spare Spring Release 3 Hill Brackets 15mm 3 Hill Brackets 5/8" 3 Rosette to Hill D-Bracket 3 Rosette Motor Inserts (attached to motors) 3 15mm Rod - Preston Style Motor Mount CABLES 1 MDR Power Cable - 24v (8') 1 MDR Power - PV 1 MDR Power - Arri/Moviecam (3-pin) 1 MDR Power - Arri 12v (11 pin) 1 Camera Run Cable - PV (10-pin) 1 Camera Run Cable - Arri (11-pin) 1 Camera Run Cable - Arri/Moviecam (3-pin) 1 Motor Cable (w/1 x straight & 1 x right angle lemo) 1 Motor Cable (w/2 x right angle lemo) 1 Motor Cable (w/2 x straight lemo) 1 Camera Run Cable - Red Digital 1 Camera Run Cable - Genesis 1 Micro Force to Hand Unit Cable (Analog) 1 Remote Iris Cable (8') 1 Command Cable (30')
  11. Both motors and accessories are in perfect working order and in very good cosmetic condition. Low hours on the motors. They have never been sub rented, well looked after and I'm the original owner. - 2x DM-2 Digital Motor with 15mm rod & 0.80M output gear .25" wide accessories: - 0.80M output gear .50" - 0.80M output gear .25" - 48 pitch gear PV Zoom - 64 pitch gear PV Iris - 0.60M gear Fuji Video - Focus, Zoom - 0.50M gear Canon Video - Focus, Iris, Zoom - 0.40M gear Fuji Video - Iris ------------------------------------ - 2x PAM Mount w/19mm arm, rosette, D-clamp - 1x PAM 19mm arm, (6" Long) - 1x PAM Offset - 3x Reducer 19mm to 15mm (blue) - 2x Reducer 19mm to 5/8 (red) NEW $7084 USD Asking $5500 USD or €4210 Euro I'd prefer to sell this as a set! Buyer is responsible for shipping! Pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3omge3un3rt8j1r/HG0AXWdgU2
  12. Hello Steadicam People, Lately we've received a few inquiries into rain covers for the Hand Unit 3, and even the single channel Focus/Iris unit. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you, Preston Cinema
  13. Hi, I'm after either a preston MDR2 or Single channel mdr either G4 or G3. Needed for a TV Drama, ideally want to buy but will consider renting someones spare (it would be for 5 weeks) UK Based 1st AC. Please email tristanhaley@yahoo.co.uk Thanks
  14. Hey guys! I have an MDR-2 and HU-2 system that I'm looking to upgrade to an HU-3 but I want to still be able to use my old HU-2 as a backup. If anyone has an older model HU-3 with G3 radios they are looking to sell I'm in the market to buy now. Let me know what a fair price is for you, but I'm thinking $5000.00 used. Get in touch with me at tjsteadicamjr(at)gmail(dot)com Thanks guys! -TJ
  15. here's a used preston cinema system hand unit 2. still works. but had to upgrade to a hand unit 3 b/c my boss bought a g4 single channel to do iris control. so i'm selling the following: 1 preston hand unit 2 w/ g3 board 1 g3 board for mdr 1 3 pin command cable for mdr 12 follow focus rings 1 omnishot battery adapter (allows you to use same batteries used on hu3) a real bargain! please contact me w/ any questions. thanks
  16. Works with MDR2. First Generation FI+Z Hand Unit for sale, serial number 1147. Comes with generation 2 transmitter, 2 batteries, 10 marking rings, charger, spare antenna. I've seen them listed from $2500 to 4000 so I'm asking $2500 or best offer. Any serious offer considered. Cheers, Randy randystone@me.com
  17. I am upgrading my Preston and have for sale the following to get you started... Preston MDR II FIZ Handset II 14 X Lens Marking Ring 1 X Preston Battery Battery Charger Omnishot FIZ Battery Adapter 2 X Sony Battery Sony Battery Charger MDR Power cable DM-1 Motor 2 X Motor Cables Motor Bracket $10,800 Bob Findlay 604 307 0606 bob@thebob.ca Attached Thumbnails
  18. For sale: Preston HU2 with Digital Micro force zoom 2 x batteries in great condition 1 x fast charger Rain jacket for HU2 Preston wired iris controller Jerry Hill PAM arms (plus a few other Hill brackets I'm not as familiar with) 3 different MDR power cables + 3 Camera run cables. (Panavision, Aaton, Arri) 2 motor cables Emergency hard wire 7 white discs Neck strap Instruction manual Yellow pelican case Everything is in MINT condition. This has essentially never been used. You can see by the photos it's condition. I don't have a Preston MDRII or motors so it's time to let it go. I can provide loads of photos of all the gear. Email me an offer or any questions you may have. Gear is located in LA - Thanks! Leigh leigh@loosecannon.com.au
  19. Selling my old reliable Preston 1 Handset and MDR 1, Batteries & Charger, On/Off Cables for PV, Arri, Aaton, Moviecam In Escrow (most likely sold).. If it changes I will repost price.
  20. Hi everyone, We have now finally released our microprocessor controlled C100 / C300 / C500 camera Start / Stop interface. http://www.plcelectronicsolutions.com/c300-on-off-cable/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIOx1d49WZY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4X9sYejHlM Works with Bartech, Preston, C-Motion remote follow focus systems using your existing 3 pin Fisher Arri Run cables Uses the 2.5mm Stereo LANC port on the camera to communicate the camera Run / Stop signal via the onboard microprocessor Green LED indicates that the cable is connected and that the Camera is Powered Red LED indicates the camera is Recording and Microprocessor continually checks the camera status via the LANC protocol to ensure that the camera is running.
  21. Posting for a good friend, please contact him using any of the methods at the bottom of this posting. He's looking to get ~ $10k. Preston Single Channel System The V+F Lens Control is G4 and was purchased in 2012. It is essentially brand new and in perfect working condition. Included items: 15mm Mounting Bracket & On/off/Power Combo Cable (3-pin fischer: Arri 24V, Sony F65 ) Focus/Iris Handset is very clean and has been part of my main FIZ package since 2008. It has had very little use since I purchased it primarily only for Iris pulls when needed. It is upgraded to G4 and is in perfect working condition. Handset comes with 8 marking rings & 1 battery. DM-2 Motor with Hill Bracket. It was purchased in 2008 and has normal wear and tear. Pulls strong but not silent. Included with 2 motor cables Please email me with any questions or requests for more details. Jonas Maximus Steadman 1st Assistant Camera 310.910.4541 Channelsix@me.con ElGringoGrande@me.com
  22. Selling my Preston 2. Totally complete package; Handset, Transmitter, Microforce, MDR 2, Seperate Iris Control Unit, Three Motors, Charger, Batteries and more cables and brackets than you will know what to do with. Comes with Pellican Case. $10,000.00. Firm. Unit is serviced every year by Preston. Contact Mike McGowan at: 305-606-6844 or mcgowanpro@aol.com
  23. INCREASING/DECREASING THE DRAG OF THE FOCUS KNOB ON A PRESTON HU3 PART 1: 1) Assemble tools. You will need a 1.27mm allen wrench (I went cheapo/Harbor Freight), a medium Phillips Head screwdriver/bit, a small Phillips Head screwdriver/bit, and maybe even a very thin and strong instrument to pry/encourage displacement; I used a razor-blade. 2) Remove any pre-marked or blank focus rings 3) Turn Handunit on its side so that the flatside of the focus knob is looking up at you 4) Remove the two Phillips Head screws using the small screwdriver/bit, and then remove these items. Try inverting the handunit so that the plate simply drops out of its slot. If this doesn't work, gently use the razor/similar device to slip between the plate and housing to pry it out. 5) This is what you will see when the plate is off. Pay special attention to the fact that there are 3 holes exposed with in the semi-circular slots at the top and bottom; This is where you'll be making your adjustment. Also of special note is that large, silver Phillips head screw right in the center; This will most likely be loose -- right now -- but after desired drag is reached it should be quite tight.
  24. Hi, I'm after a G3 board for a Preston FI handset. Still running an mdr2with hu2 so haven't upgraded to g4 yet but want the remote iris option. Anyone who has already upgraded and is willing to part with their old board please drop me a mail onesharpnortherner@yahoo.co.uk Cheers
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