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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Brothers and Sisters, On another website, I've been reading a topic regarding Steadicam Operators accepting scale on a Tyler Perry show based on what the producers SAY they have. It got me thinking. Over the years, UPMs, Producers have told me the money the DONT have, and what the cable and broadcast companies WONT pay for because of low budgets. Then, as the show goes on you find out that they were wrong or flat out lied to you. Or, they proceed to throw bags of money out the window due to poor planning. We are all told different lies, sob stories and fairy tales about the budgets, and policies of shows and companies (FULL VALUE replacement insurance cert.!!?) So I thought let's create a topic where we all could see and share all in one place, the budgets and policies of the networks and cable companies! We can't change or fight for something if we don't have as much info as possible! My hope is that this begins a helpful conversation for the well deserved enrichment of us all!! Cheers!
  2. Hello All! As an OP on the newer side, I have been trying to figure out what rates are appropriate to charge rental/operating. I have read a ton of forums and there are a bunch of mixed answers. I also see that it is a topic that we are not supposed to disclose amounts and rates. However there is a great deal of fuss that goes on about steady-newbies and Lowballing rates. While I personally do not want to lowball my rates on accident where it effects other ops, I also feel the need to respect the experienced ops out there, who have many more years of experience than I do, and not charge the rates they/you do. That all being said, does anyone have good input on what is appropriate and what lowballing is? I understand we can't discuss numbers, however I don't understand what a "lowball rate" or a Disrespectful high rate even is because theres no definition, guideline, or range. I have seen some people say you have to kinda fish around and see what rates you can charge, However if you're relying on producers to tell you what you're worth, I feel like thats cutting yourself short and in essence, lowballing. For some context lets say you own a 50k "big-rig" with ff, transmitter, and accessories. As a Side Note: I also see that location, and equipment can shape rates. However, I've seen where years or experience doesn't affect the price sometimes for example Ive seen an OP going on 26years with an 8hr rate that is the same as a guy who's going on 2years. If anyone has any input please feel free to post responses or PM me. Thank you for your time!
  3. Any advice on normal/reasonable kit hire rate discounts for multi-day bookings (eg a feature) for one week, two, three etc? Looking at some kit hire places it seems you can get a week for about half the 7 x 1 day rate.....so for a month half that again? Or is this a purely personal thing? Also, is it usual to offer an operator rate discount if booked over multiple days? My thinking is to offer kit hire discounts but not operator rate discounts? Cheers! rups
  4. Hi All, Just curious, I may be behind on reading all the posts here, but have we given away the standard gear rental rate of "$1,000 per day 3 Day Week & $1,000 for day play"? If we have collectively given it away then fine. I just would prefer not to come acrossed as a hard nose holding out for what I THOUGHT were the standards. I received a call for a hit ABC show and was told the rental rate was $600 for day play!? One thing I thought we were holding out on was $1,000 a day on gear. Sure our individual skill sets may affect the daily rate, but gear? Let me know if I'm crazy, but since I just did a day on another ABC show and got the $1,000, I smelled something fishy. Cheers
  5. Hi, my name is Scott and I am new to the forum but not new to steadicam operating. I just had a simple question. I have been doing steadicam operating now for about 4 years and have never once had my rate paid at what I think I deserve. Do you have to be part of the union for respect for your rates. Sometimes I feel it is this way or it could just be the market that I am in. Let me start off by saying that I am in Salt Lake City Utah and am one of 2 steadicam operators in the state with a professional rig. I fly a Actioncam Red Rebel Pro system and have put extras into my package. I feel like I am a really good operator. Not the best because I know there are guys out there that have been doing this for 20 years and I am still learning everyday. Right now I can't even get anyone to pay over $250 a day for me to fly my steadicam. The boom operator is making more then I am. I am finding it extremely hard to even find work here because I keep telling people no on that rate. Even the Film commissioner said don't dip on your rate so I haven't but now I don't even get phone calls. My guess is I need to get out of this state and find a better home to do steadicam operating. So funny story I was asked to do steadicam operating for a feature film for $50 a day here in the state. What are people thinking. Maybe people here in Utah just don't understand the type of money you spent on training and equipment plus the fact that it does take a ware on your body running steadicam. Suggestions please. I think I all ready know the answer to my question, but wanted some good input from all you professionals out there. I am thinking about moving to the bay area for a while. Thoughts? Thanks Scott W Warren
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