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  1. Hi everyone I’m selling my HOLLYLAND COSMO 2000 HD Wireless Kit, Price: 3000 EUR (3300 USD) I bought it three months ago for a specific project which didn’t happen and now I don’t need it anymore. This was a demo kit when I bought it, so it has never seen a set and therefore is in a pristine condition, it's like brand new (price for a new kit is 4500 USD!!). This model has a range of 2000 ft. (approximately 700 m) with no comprehensible latency. This baby is a real signal beast and Hollylands have no pairing issues like other manufacturers. Kit comes with: * 1 Transmit
  2. Hi all, dropped the price on my WIVID HD-SDI / HDMI TX/RX sets. These are a lesser known company but work great and are comparable to the Teredek Bolts. These were $5500 new and I'm selling for $1500 per set. Please email me at mthomas@eastern.tv thanks
  3. Teradek Bolt 2k w/Sidekick 2nd Generation Teradek Bolt 2k system (1) 2k Transmitter (1) 2k Receiver (1) Sidekick Reciever (4) 2 pin p-tap cables (3) ac power adapters extra antennas Hard case with foam $6400- Plus shipping System is located in Brooklyn. Has been well cared for and updated.
  4. I have 2 x Slingshot HD transmitter systems for sale. Each kit comes with 1 transmitter and 2 receivers as well as an array of custom cables and Panels Antennas to boost reception. Used previously for both pulling focus and for DIT stations/video village, no lag time, great range and you can select different channels which is awesome! Originally paid $9850 USD, pricing to sell them ASAP: $3000 USD each! bigwheelpictures@icloud.com KITS divided into 2 Pelican Cases and INCLUDE: SLINGSHOT CASE #1: Slingshot Transmitter x 1, Slingshot Receiver
  5. For Sale: Teradek 2000 Gen 2 3G/SDI/HD-SDI Transmitter, Receiver and Antenna panel. includes receiver holder with Anton Bauer battery mount, P-tap pwr cables, AC adaptor. Limited use (backup system), excellent condition asking $5000 email: Pscottcam@me.com
  6. Selling a 2 Channel Digital Bartech System with 2 motors and extra cables. New: $11,000 CAD Asking: $5,500 CAD Package List: 1 x Bartech BFD Handset (with 2 channel upgrade) 1 x Bartech v2-1 Digital Receiver 1 x Bartech v1.0 Digital Receiver 2 x Heden M26VE Motors w/ .8 Pitch Gears (both recently serviced at Heden) (These are $3150.00 CAD new at the moment, so the motors alone are a steal) 2 x 19-15mm Collet (only one shown in photos) 3 x Standard Antennas 2 x Long Range Antennas 2 x Motor Cable (only one shown in photos) 1 x Red Start Stop 1 x Arri Start Stop 3 x P-tap Power Cable 10 x Foc
  7. Hey there, Teradek clearance! in total: 1x Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI Set 1x Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI RX 1x Bolt 300 SDI/HDMI Set with 2 RX 1x Bolt Sidekick I This topic is just about the Bolt 300 SDI/HDMI Set with 2 Receivers Retail Price: 4205€ selling for 3000€ very good condition! included items same as shipped by teradek originaly located in germany, will ship world wide.
  8. Hey there, Teradek clearance! in total: 1x Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI Set 1x Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI RX 1x Bolt 300 SDI/HDMI Set with 2 RX 1x Bolt Sidekick I This topic is just about the Bolt Sidekick SDI (working with Bolt 300 / 600 / 2000 transmitters) Retail Price: 1770€ selling for 1200€ almost never used! included items same as shipped by teradek originaly located in germany, will ship world wide.
  9. For Sale TERADEK BOLT PRO SYSTEM $2000 located in New York will ship at buyers expense. (1) Transmitter (2) Receiver (3) PTAP POWER (1) 4 PIN XLR POWER (2) Edison Power EMAIL-- MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  10. hey yall i have a lightly-used teradek 2000 kit here. kit is in awesome condition. i am selling because i am just not interested in accessories right now. working on building out another rig and other kinds of gear. -1 transmitter in anton bauer cage with pass-through power -1 receiver in anton bauer cage with pass-through power all sorts of cables hardware for mounting extra antennae extra screws, etc. recently sent to teradek for pre-sale inspection. then tested by an AC. it all checks out great. the anton bauer cages are by far the best way of mounting these. i have two s
  11. Hey there, i want to sell some Teradek stuff. in total: 1x Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI Set 1x Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI RX 1x Bolt 300 SDI/HDMI Set with 2 RX 1x Bolt Sidekick I This topic is just about the Bolt 2000 RX Retail Price: 4022€ selling for 2700€ very good condition! included items same as shipped by teradek originaly located in germany, will ship world wide.
  12. Hi Everyone, My name is Katy Most I’m a Camera Operator/DP and just recently started to fly Steadicam. I love this wonderful tool, since it adds so much flexibility and creativity to your work! Recently, I had to shoot a campaign for a clothing collection for a client of mine. I had an old Flyer with a Canon 5D available for the shoot, but it didn’t have any transmitter in place. I was in need of providing a monitor for the client and the director. So, I started my search for the best available option. My research led me to so many interesting discoveries. There are many options in
  13. moin moin! i am selling a Teradek Sidekick SDI ("Companion Receiver), which is barely used. (compatible to Bolt 300, 600 and 2000. (latest generation)) including: 1x Teadek Sidekick SDI 1x SDI Cable 1x P-Tap Cable (should be the original content) located in germany 1.900 USD or 1.700 € +shipping (+VAT if necessary) i try to make some pictures within the next days also available: 2nd Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI Receiver Teradek Sidekick Companion Receiver SDI viele Grüße, Karsten
  14. Servus! i am selling a Bolt 2000 SDI&HDMI Receiver (RX) in a very good condition. including: 1x Bolt 2000 RX 1x Power-Supply 5x Antenna 1x SDI Cable 1x HDMI Cable (should be the original content) located in germany 3.700 USD or 3.500 € +shipping (+VAT if necessary) i try to make some pictures within the next days also available: Teradek Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI Dual Input Set (TX+RX) http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=25251 Teradek Sidekick Companion Receiver SDI auf wiedersehen, Karsten
  15. Selling old stuff but working and in fine conditions - 7" teletest OZL1702 with AB plate - Transvideo Pegasus Receiver, 2 small antenas and 2 power cables - Modulus 3000 transmiter, with antenna, 6db attenuator Cables: - Pro-Modulus Power/video - Arri 12v- Modulus - Arri - Modulus Power/video - Panavison - Modulus 24v RedByte Decimator with 2 Power cables Shark fin Antena (Ultra-ant, CH. 14-69) Buyer pays for shipping Open to offers
  16. To all, I’m pleased to inform you that Teradek will release a lightweight companion receiver for Bolt that we’ve developed based on much of your feedback in this forum and with those who have reached out to me directly. You can find the original thread here http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=21932. We will be announcing this at the IBC tradeshow in the upcoming days. I want to make sure Steadicam Forum has the first glimpse and detail of what we are calling the Bolt Sidekick. The Bolt Sidekick will be compatible with all 2nd gen transmitters Bolt Pro 300/600/2000 and w
  17. For Sale Boxx Meridian HD Video Transmitter/Receiver I have two systems for sale: System #1 - Broadcast Receiver/Transmitter System (includes the following) Qty Desciption 1 TM-ABT-03HS - Meridian HD TX AB Plate 1 RM-BC-02HS - Meridian HD Broadcast RX AB Plate 6 ANT205: 13dBi 5GHz patch 50 degree N-type antenna 5 ANT105 - TNC 3dBi gain, rubber duckie antenna 5 ADP108: N-type to N-type right angle male to female 5 ADP106: N-male to N-male barrel right angle 1 PS1201 - 100-240v AC to 12v DC 1 amp adapter 4 pin XLR 1 ADP121
  18. Selling my Bon HD-Wireless BW-100SV Transmitter/Receiver It has traces of usage, but is fully functional! It comes with a remote control to control the menu, four directional antennas, two for the transmitter and two for the receiver. The distance range is 150 m (depending on signal intensity). One unit weighs about 950 g. Both units are for V-Mount batteries and docking pieces. A case for transportation is not included. Device is currently located in Istanbul. Please note: buyer pays for shipment and insurance PRICE: 2000,- $ USD
  19. FOR SALE: BOXX Meridian HD Video Transmitter/Receiver System This Tx/Rx package has served us flawlessly for the past few years, in congested environments in NYC and LA, as well as oversees. Purchased from Steve Consentino, so it's got the HD Film Tech Anton Bauer Offset plate (so the Tx clears the power port on the Alexa) and a nicely customized Pelican 1610 case with lid organizer. Very Well Maintained and Cared For [it was my 1st's… need I say more? :) ] Itemized description below... Located in Los Angeles; will ship at buyer's cost. Please email me with any reasonable offer, or fo
  20. Hi all, Looking for a Donkey Box 3 from PRO. MDR2 adapter a bonus. Also looking for a Teradek Bolt 300 Trans and Rec. Thanks! Julian juliandela@gmail.com
  21. CanaTrans UHF Video Transmitter Global Edition (All Regions, 1W Adjustable Output Power Levels) Red Antenna (Channels 20-35) Yellow Antenna (Channels 36-50) 2 x PRO Power Cables (4pin Lemo) Panavision Power Cable (2pin Lemo) Arri IVS Power/Video Cable (4pin Fischer) Instruction Manual $1,400.00 Tandem VHF/UHF Video Receiver Battery Mount for Sony M Series Batteries 2 x Sony NP-QM71D Batteries Sony BC-TRM Battery Charger Red Antenna (Channels 20-35) Yellow Antenna (Channels 36-50) Shark-Fin Antenna Instruction Manual Pelican Case $1,900.00 If intere
  22. Teletest have recently launched the new HD Video Wireless Link, the TELESEND. Would a couple of UK members of the Steadicam Forum, who already own digital links eg IDX / Teradek etc, like to borrow a TELESEND kit for a few weeks and write a brief review, comparing the different systems? TRANSMITTER The HD-SDI transmitter fits onto your camera or Steadicam rig: Choices of HD transmitters with HDMI, HD-SDI and PAL/NTSC inputs HD-SDI loop through RECEIVER The HD receiver is built inside the LCD monitor, thus it can be used as a very portable wireless confidence monitor or as a s
  23. Modulus 3000 NTSC Transmitter with antenna and 6db attenuator Serial No 008792 Power cables: 4 Pin Hirose x 2, 4 Pin Hirose extension, 4 Pin XLR x 2, 4 Pin XLR extension, Arri 3 Pin, Arri 11 Pin, Panavision 12v Transvideo Pegasus TV Receiver Power cables: 110v power supply, 4 Pin XLR, 6 Pin to 6 Pin Hirose jumper for power and video to/from Nebtec monitor Nebtek NEB50VF 5” LCD SD Monitor PAL/NTSC with image flip etc Hoodman H600 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=595127&Q=&is=REG&A=details CIT Sharkfin Antenna Various BNC video cables and
  24. Canatrans in excellent condition - lightly used. Includes low and high range antennas, two Panavision to Canatrans power cables, one PRO to Canatrans cable, shark fin antenna, and video receiver with power supply, remote control, and cables. Asking $1400. You can contact me directly at camera -at- dancoplan -dot- com.
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