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Found 8 results

  1. Up for sale is my Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle 2 SSD Video Recorder kit. Included in this kit: - Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle 2 - Power cable - 2 Din to BNC SDI adapter cables - 250 GB SSD - Pelican Case - Lightweight threaded base plate that allows the hyperdeck to be mounted on 1/4-20 threads or a gold mount battery plate. (https://www.cinedynamics.com/collections/bargain-basement/products/threaded-baseplate-for-hyperdeck-shuttle) Asking $350
  2. Hey Everyone, I’m looking to mount a starlight HD monitor to my Pro HD II sled. I would prefer to mount it up at the top near the top electronics (whereas MDR could be mounted) this way I could use this monitor as a low mode monitor as well. I know Transvideo has an HD Arm, but I’m not sure of where to mount that besides on the camera. Anyone have any ideas? thanks!
  3. Hi everyone Selling some of my camera accessories I've ended up not using anymore. I’m willing to sell separately, but if someone would buy all of it, I will give a discount of 250 € EUR on the whole. That’s 2000 € EUR for all of it (instead of 2250 € EUR). Prices are in € Euro, buyers pay for shipping and for money transfer fees (paypal etc.). 1. Bright Tangerine Misfit Kit Mattebox for 1200 € EUR 2. Blackmagic Design 4K Videoassist Recorder/Monitor 500 € EUR 3. Revar Cine Rota Pola 4x5.65/138mm with Schneider Circular Polarizer 550 € EUR 1. Bright Tangerine Misfit Kit Mattebox for 1200 € EUR Kit includes: 1 x Misfit Clamp-On Lightweight Mattebox 1 x 3 x Filterstage 4x5.65 (3 frames) 1 x Topflag 1 set of masks ⁃ 18-20 ⁃ 24-28 ⁃ 32-40 ⁃ 50-75 ⁃ 85-180 Adaptors for following diameters: 80 mm 95 mm 110 mm 143 mm And for the 143 mm adaptor you have two stepdown rings to 134 mm and to 114 mm I’ve used the Mattebox Kit only a couple of times. It is in a very good condition, except for a few scratches, all of them almost on the same spot, which are shown in the attached pictures. All parts function as they should. 2. Blackmagic Design 4K Videoassist Recorder/Monitor for 500 € EUR Kit includes: 1 x Blackmagic Design 4K Videoassist, 7”Monitor/Recorder 1 x AC/DC Adaptor 2 x Batteries 1 x Charger w/ cable for Batteries I’ve bought the monitor August 2017 and used it only on a few occasions. Display has scratches whatsoever and except for some tiny traces of usage, which aren’t really leaping to the eye the housing is also in pristine condition. 3. Rota Pola for 550 € EUR Revar Cine Rota Pola 4x5.65/138mm w/ Schneider Circular Polarizer + Pouch Thanks a lot. Cheers…
  4. Several Operators have recently purchased Transvideo 5" StarliteHD monitor/recorder for their sleds. Some use it on top of the main monitor as a return monitor/recorder. Others set it up near the batteries as a recorder and as a secondary monitor. With a viewing angle of 80º in all 4 directions the Operators sees the image when turning the head around. The 5" 16/9 StarliteHD weighs only 7 oz. We have made a bracket to mount it on top of the 6" or 8" Cinemonitors (all models). The bracket weighs 3 oz and includes a slide to position the 5" StarliteHD laterally above the 6" or 8" and preserve the left/right balance. The 5" sits exactly on top of the Cinemonitor without any gap in-between. The Built-in Recorder provides on the spot playback and peace of mind. Of course the StarliteHD includes a digital Horizon and is the perfect back-up to your main monitor. Mention this post to get your discount. Marianne Exbrayat, Transvideo International (California) marianne@transvideointl.com Tel: 1 818 985 4903
  5. Selling Atomos ninja star in a perfect shape, been used only once. I’m selling it because I don’t use it much anymore. Package includes: Ninja Star Unit Ninja Star Carry Case 2x2600mAh Batteries (N, L Series Compatible) Single 1000mA AC Battery Charger (US, UK, EU, AU Plug) Atomos CFast Reader (ATOMCFA001) 2x 64GB CFast Cards sold separately Complete system selling for: $500, I bought it for 670 through B&H this summer July. Please pm me to mostcams@gmail.com if you’re interested. Also I consider reasonable offers. Gear located in LA. Best, Katy Most
  6. Selling my Samurai recorder. This is a complete kit and comes with 2 240g ssd's. It is in great shape. I have Ptap adapter and cable. Asking 850.
  7. I am selling my spare recorder. used very little. 900.00 The Atomos Samurai HD-SDI Hard Disk Recorder captures 10-bit HD resolution video directly from you HD camera and stores it to an internal 2.5" laptop drive. Images are captured using Apple's lossless ProRes codec and are ready to edit on Final Cut Pro or on a Windows machine equipped with the ProRes codec and a supporting NLE editor. Along with capturing video, the Samurai supports 12 channels of embedded SDI audio and also has 2 channel line-in inputs as well as a single headphone output.A high resolution 5" on-board monitor provides you with an accurate representation of what the camera is seeing, eliminating the need to mount an extra monitor. Touch screen controls - presented with large icons on an uncluttered interface - give you easy access to record and playback functionality as well as to the system's menu. Some of the advantages the Samurai has over the Ninja unit are timecode, genlock and the ability to synchronize multiple units.Samurai makes it easy to go from the capturing to the editing process. Once capturing is complete, simply remove the 2.5" SSD or HDD with its caddy from the recorder and place it in the included docking station, which interfaces to the host PC via FireWire 800 or USB 3.0. A LANC connector lets you integrate the Samurai with cameras and devices that utilize the LANC communication protocol. Samurai comes with 2 batteries that securely attach to the unit, but uses only one at a time. Features Post Production Quality, 10-Bit Recording: Samurai takes the uncompressed video output from your camera and, in hardware, encodes it in real-time to visually-lossless Apple ProRes, recognized across the industry as a class-leading codec for editing and post-production A Pipeline to Your Timeline: The Samurai's tight Apple ProRes integration means recorded footage is instantly and natively editable in Final Cut Pro. No need to waste time trans-coding or converting from other camera formats. Samurai uses standard connections like FireWire 800 & USB 2/3 Incredibly High-Capacity Storage: Samurai uses massive traditional 2.5" Hard Disk Drives (Spinning Disks) for most projects and Flash- based SSDs for rough-and-tumble use Recycle Older Cameras: Samurai records direct from the HD-SDI output from your camera, so it doesn't care what format your camera is: whatever it receives through the HD-SDI connection it will record Simple-to-use 5.0" Touchscreen: Access all of the Samurai's operations via the fast, responsive touch interface. New features are easy to add with software upgrades. All the main functions are accessed through big, colorful icons. It's so simple, there's no need for complicated menus
  8. I just wanted to share my last creation for my Zephyr. A recorder mount on the battery hanger to place my Hyperdeck Shuttle. I used to place it under the post, where the second battery should go, but I wasn't satisfied. This is a first prototype made with what I could find in my local hardware store, an alluminium 3" L bar a few screws, a hack saw, a metal file and a drill. Feel free to share if anyone has an idea to improve it (and I know there is a lot that could be done)
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