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Found 4 results

  1. Here are a variety of items that I’m looking to part with: - An Old School Docking Bracket; I have no idea who made this, but this served as my first docking bracket for several years. It’s an unconventional style to say the least. Designed for 1.5” posts. - MK-V Evolution Battery Rack; Sold as-is, but worked fine the last time I had the lower electronics plugged in (that has since sold). It’s been modified from PAG to Anton Bauer Gold Mount. - MK-V to Red Epic/Scarlet 12V cable - Spare MK-V Evolution Parts; see photos. - Redrock Micro Mattebox; Swing-away style 4x5.65 with two filter trays. Designed for 15mm lightweight spacing. - Redrock 15mm Lightweight Off-set - 1.5” Docking Collar Make me an offer; everything must go!
  2. Selling MK-V Nexus with standard topstage V2 gimbal Anton Bauer dual rear and single base mounts 3 Anton Bauer batteries Steadirig Silver Spring arm with arm bag Gildecam Gold vest (has a break at the lower part - see photo) Transvideo 6.5" rainbow super bright LCD monitor Hocus Focus Receiver rod Mount 15mm Rx 15/19 / HOFO1 rem.focus System Redrock micro support baseplate 18"steel Iris rod kit 15mm swing arm assembly micro handle assembly complete package: 15'000 Euro excl. shipping from Austria I'd prefer to sell the whole package but am also willing to sale parts of it seperately Nexus: 9'000 Euro arm: 6'000 Euro hocus focus: 400 Euro Redrock: 1000 Euro prices are negotiable please contact me for more information: jackyscherpf@yahoo.com
  3. Red Rock MicroRemote - Asking $2200 - (1) Wireless Base Station - (1) Hand Unit - (1) Torque Motor - (1) Finger Control with "Collins" Clamp for Universal Application - (3) Blank Marking Discs - (2) Motor Cable - (1) 2-Pin Lemo to D-Tap Power Cable - (1) Direct Drive Cable Also For Sale - Heden M21VE Motor Asking $1600 This is an amazing combo for Steadicam / Jib / MoVI / Ronin / Gimbal Use - Digital lens control system. Battery Compartment has been adapted with velcro for quick swap (will include original screws). Has great range and is very resistant to radio interference (X-Bee, used it in Barclays for a concert with no problem). Pictures to follow. Message me if you are interested.
  4. Hi all, First, this is a great community. Happy I found it googling. I've lurked for a little while and the wealth of insightful posts is great. I have a Defy G5 gimbal showing up tomrrow that I am using with a 5D Mkiii and a RR wireless follow focus. It's going to be fun but I need to help with powering the follow focus. I am looking for a lightweight solution to mount a battery somewhere near center mass on the gimbal. The main rod is 20 or 22cm...I'll measure tomorrow when it comes in. I may have a friend 3D print some sort of carrier or integrated bracket for that. My main hurdle now is ordering the actual battery/charger. RedRock has this on their site: "Please Note: External power via p-tap power source is also required for proper operation." So they also recommend something like an Anton Bauer with a ptap/dtap, AB, or vmount with a bracket. Because a lot of this is new lingo for me, could someone quickly distill the major differences between those battery types. I know a couple may actually share connections but after a couple hours of research I'm still scratching my head - a bit. I have a friend who uses IDX batteries with his RR microRemote. He has a 7s and 9 with a bracket. If anyone can share a link to some batteries that would fit that application I would really, really appreciate it. How are guys with the Movi powering their followfocuses? Finally, here's a picture of the gimbal with a remote follow focus and an external battery pack. Can anyone reverse engineer what is going on from these angles? Thanks.
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