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Found 11 results

  1. hey y'all anyone got suggestions for a vertical vibration isolator for a remote head, speficially for dolly? I run a MoSys L40 with a Venice so total payload is over 60lbs I know I can go black arm but it's so long and I'm more interested in something like this ProAim but with Mitchell on both ends https://www.proaim.com/proaim-mitchell-vibration-isolator-for-camera-gimbals-15-50kg.html brett.
  2. I have a Nettmann Mini-Mote, 2 axis camera remote head system with wheels control for sale - 10k Email Tim at ChicagoCameraCar@gmail.com for more info. http://nettmannsystems.com/products/legacy-systems/mini-mote/
  3. Power Pod Classic for sale. Brand New Factory command cables never used, 1 -75 FT 1 125 Ft New electronic boards from Factory, New Finders, New Hammer coat paint, New motor Belts with 10 spare, Has 19mm support cage. All cables connect to each other without barrels. Has Preston base plate. Ready to work. This system has the strongest motors made and has the ability to hold an I max Camera I know because I had one on for an I max film for NASA and the Space shuttle. This system will hold any camera built. And recently had a machine gun mount on it. Has 2 cases one for the remote head and one for the wheels. I can send more photo's have a bunch to your email I'm maxed out on my 2 MB allowed This is the best Power Pod on the market with a super price of $9897 Ready to work. Getting out of the business. John Leeward Atlanta Ga. 305 790 9380 call me for any questions.
  4. Power Pod Classic Remote Head - compact $6,000.00 OBO (1) 150mm riser (1) 300mm riser Preston MDR Multiplexer Base Preston Interface Box (2) 50-foot Main Power Loom, 50-foot Pod Head Control and 2 x Video Cable Bundle (w Yellow, Red and Brown barrel connectors) Pan/Tilt control wheels (1) 50-foot Control Wheel Extension Cable (Brown), (1) 3-foot Interconnect Cable (Brown) and (1) 2-foot Handle Cable (Gray) Zapper with 2 x Cables Controller/w 110/220v A/C Power Supply with AC Cable 3 pin 24v DC/AC Camera Power supply with AC Cable (1) Control Wheels/Controller Case (Mitchell mount on bottom of case for mounting to tripod) (1) Cable/Accessories Case Other gear for sale - Make an offer - buyer pays shipping https://www.dropbox.com/s/ddvfk7capt6vzr0/Make%20An%20Offer%20181215.pdf?dl=0
  5. FOR SALE almost NEW Arri Maxima MX30 3 Axis Gimbal  1. Maxima head- mx30 QL/ Gold Mount 2. Top holder type 030 for Maxima MX30 3. Mitchel Mount 4. Spider for Maxima 5. Can Power/ Cine/ 12v HiCap/ Alexa Mini 6. Maxima head case Total: $20,000
  6. For anyone interested in learning Steadicam. Greg Smith, a well-known camera operator, is proud to announce the launch of his new website, www.steadicamlessons.com Greg is taking his 21 years of his own on-hands camera operating experience to offer one-on-one Steadicam lessons for operators of all levels.
  7. I'm Greg Smith and I've been an operator for over 21 years. I'm now taking my on-hands camera operating experience to offer one-on-one Steadicam lessons for operators of all levels. For anyone interested in learning Steadicam or elevating their operator skills, please take a look at my website and feel free to contact me for more information. www.steadicamlessons.com My reel is here
  8. FS: Walter Klassen carbon Fiber wireless remote camera head. Virtually new. Purchased from Walter. This is a wireless head with recordable moves controller. Comes with hard wire harness, digital controller capable of recording moves on an SD card. Marshall monitor, 2 AC power supplies, one for the head and one for the controller, or powers via Panavison wired batteries (not included.) Comes with film crank wheels and a joystick console. Recently used on Hawaii Five-0. Reason for selling: retiring. Videos of the head functions available. New Rolling Cases. Up right Magliner. Asking $39,000
  9. For Sale $500 One Rotary Gas Gimble. This is a mitchell to mitchell mount that will help any sort of stabilized head, movi, etc in any underslung configuration. You can completely adjust the in and out tention of each of the four gas shocks. That allows you to make the moves slow or fast and also allows you to use any weight head and camera. please feel free to contact with any questions, Pierson Silver 917.279.9023
  10. I am selling one of my older mo-sys remote heads. It is about 10 years old and has been a reliable workhorse in that time. This is a non-slipring version and also still has the old fischer connectors. Mo-sys can upgrade the head to slip-rings and the better Lemo connectors. This would probably cost about $10K but you would need to contact Mo-sys directly for an accurate price. The history of this head is that I first bought it and used it for motion control. After about 5 years it went to New York and was on split rental at Arri CSC followed by some time on split rental at Monster Remotes in New York. I then swapped out the split rental head for a newer slip-ring version and put this one back into the moco rig. In the last 5 years it has been used only a few times a year. Cosmetically it looks a bit tatty, but mechanically it is in great shape. I have pictures and video of it working on request. I am looking for serious offers over $15,000. The head comes with all cables and spares, touchscreen (recently reconditioned by mo-sys) and hand wheel controls. Mo-sys are able to recondition the head and someone can get good recon mo-sys head for about half the cost of a good used one. email me at steve.scammell@kfxtechnology.com
  11. I have a Mo-Sys remote head for sale. It is about 5 years old and has recently had the motors refurbished and the touch screen has been overhauled. I have many extra cables and some spare parts as well. The head is in good condition and good mechanical order and has been used as a rental head in New York since 2008. If anyone is interested please email at steve@kontrolfreax.com with any questions. I have plenty of photos for a serious buyer. Asking price is $37,000
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