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Found 11 results

  1. Hand Unit 3 G4 MDR2 (2) DM2 (1) DM1 Digital Micro Force 2 (4) motor cables all on/off cables possible 50' command cable 20' Handset to Microforce cable Hill Brackets (3) 15mm (3) 5/8 (3) 19mm (6) Panavison & Arri Collets Rain Cover for Handset All focus rings and then some Gears for everything Panavision 48, 64pitch Canon & Fuji pitch It has everything you need. Make me an offer Pictures aren't the greatest. If you would like to check it out, please don't hesitate to message or email me jtbarger@hotmail.com Thanks for your time.
  2. Hello, I wanted to talk to the community here because I am looking into renting rigs that can handle more weight and operate smoother as I transition into getting a big rig of my own. I am a Los Angeles based Steadicam op with a flyer LE package, which is becoming too small a weight load and too flimsy for me. I trained on an Ultra 1 rig and I miss the heavier system like crazy. I understand that to accommodate a bigger arm and sled I would need to purchase a vest with the standard size sockets. Is there anyone familiar with anyone who rents rigs? Thanks for reading, cheers. Kiel
  3. Hey yall So I am ending my first year of freelancing (spent my first few years operating in a full-time position) and have a quesiton about my kit rental. I understand that my day rate is normal taxable income, but is my kit/box rental? I was on one set and paid through CAPS and the box rental was considered "non-taxable income" on the time sheet. I received the check with the taxes already taken out of the day rates. Fine, whatever. But now I am finalizing all my income for all the gigs that I have been W9ed and have charged a daily labor rate as well as a daily kit rental. Is a kit rental considered the same kind of income as my day rate? My accountant says no, I believe him, but I figured Id come to yall, especialyl since I had a discrepancy on one payroll check. I realize that I can write off my purcahses for my kit, just wondering if anything changes with the income. Maybe its just wishful thinking. brett.
  4. HEY! Rare opportunity for a new operator who isn't sure if they want invest in big rig or for an operator who needs a backup rig. I've just started a business with a friend and I'm looking to take the next year away from the film industry to give the start-up business my full attention. Subsequently, I'm testing the water to see if anyone is interested in doing a yearly hire of my full steadicam kit. The kit includes - Steadicam Kit - * Sachtler Artemis EFP Pro HD-SDI (12volt & 24 volt) * Transvideo CineMonitor HD6 SuperBright * SteadyRig Silver Spring Arm (13-63lbs / 5.9-28.6kg) * Steadicam Master Series Vest * Preston HU2 w/ 2 x DM1 motors (11 focus rings) * IDX CamWaves HD v-lock * 9 x V-lock batteries (‘4 x 230Wh’ ‘3 x 160Wh’ ‘2 x 95Wh’) * 4 block charging station * post extension & J-bracket * wet weather gear for vest, arm, monitor, steadicam docking cover & sun guard * 2 x baseplates (including one with 15mm AC support rails) * 4 x camera screws, 2 x custom Alexa screws, various BNC adapters * vehicle mounts w/ scaffold u-bolts (2 inch) * travel case w/ c-stand hidden inside lid (with EXTRA sex appeal) Cables - STEADICAM CABLES: Steadicam to Panavision power cable 2 x Steadicam to Monitor cable (2-pin lemo – 4-pin XLR ‘12-volt’) Analogue monitor cable (BNC – 8-pin lemo) ‘12-volt’ Steadicam to Camera cable ‘24-volt’ Steadicam to Camera cable ’12-volt’ Steadicam to 4-pin XLR Steadicam to Bartech power PRESTON CABLES: 4 x Preston to motor cable (2 straight, 2 right-angle) Steadicam to Preston power cable D-tap to Preston power cable ALEXA Run/Stop cable PHOTOS ATTACHED 12 month contract, US$1,700 per/month, paid monthly (PLUS shipping & insurance). Available from August! Feel free to contact me with questions or for more information. Cheers, Glenn Clayton info@glennclayton.com
  5. I'm looking to possibly rent a full rig for this weekend, one that can fly an Alexa no problem. I can't seem to locate any rental houses in Los Angeles that have rigs that can support that kind of weight. Message me on here, or email me at Alex@alexvanputten.com
  6. Hello, I'm looking to rent a digital bartech follow focus for a shoot in Brooklyn, NY, Monday, 4/14 - Wednesday, 4/16. Let me know if anyone has anything available. Thanks!
  7. hey yall I am looking to rent a FIZ with 2-3 motors for a one day shoot this coming Thursday March 27 (and would like to prep with it Wednesday). I can pick it up from you in or around Los Angeles before Thursday and return it on Friday March 28. My preference is CVolution, but I would be glad to entertain a Preston or other device. I would be flying it on a CineLive, so it would be stellar (if a Preston) to have the frame and dovetail for mounting as well as a 3-pin Lemo for power from the sled. I am fully insured and can work on having a COI issued for the rental. Looking to rent for 250, but I can probably stretch that if it has all the parts needed. I am interested in giving an operator the rental, which is why I am reaching out here first. Feel free to reach me via the forum, email, or phone/text brett. 12@brettmayfield.com 404.408.5951
  8. Hey guys...i have an epic rental package ready to go at a really affordable rate. Have all my gear listed on the gear page on my website. Check it out. All my contact info is on there or you could send me a pm if interested. http://www.kevwelch.tv/read-me/
  9. I am interested in building a customer base to rent out my red epic. For that I am willing to rent out my entire package for only 500 dollars per day to the right customers. Please email me with some info about yourself and the use for the project. This message is to gauge the interest of the markets so if you are looking for this kind of deal please message me now to start up a business relationship. EF and PL Mount 5 inch touch display Red tactical cage Plenty of media Plenty of power Sliding dove tail Servicing the New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia markets Website to come: kevwelch.tv Please message kevwelch@mac.com to being a conversation
  10. Hi All, Just curious, I may be behind on reading all the posts here, but have we given away the standard gear rental rate of "$1,000 per day 3 Day Week & $1,000 for day play"? If we have collectively given it away then fine. I just would prefer not to come acrossed as a hard nose holding out for what I THOUGHT were the standards. I received a call for a hit ABC show and was told the rental rate was $600 for day play!? One thing I thought we were holding out on was $1,000 a day on gear. Sure our individual skill sets may affect the daily rate, but gear? Let me know if I'm crazy, but since I just did a day on another ABC show and got the $1,000, I smelled something fishy. Cheers
  11. Hello Everyone, We currently have two long term rental arms available at $4.50 per day. An additional one or two more arms may become available in the coming weeks. Regards, Hugo. admin@steadyrig.com www.steadyrig.com
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