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Found 14 results

  1. Alex Kornreich

    FS: Rickshaw

    Used rickshaw for sale. Comes with 2 seat height posts. Also has long vertical post for garfield mount, and short post if doing handheld. Located in Los Angeles. Asking $1750 OBO. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Alex
  2. $250 daily rental: Rickshaw $60 daily rental: Gorelink. $60 daily rental: Klassen Vehicle mount. $1000 daily: SteadiCAB includes delivery, set up and driver. Full advanced payment plus deposit and a certificate of insurance required on all rentals. Payment can be made online. www.CameraRickshaw.com
  3. Joseph Lindsay

    Rickshaw in Munich/Nuremberg?

    Hi All, I have a job in Nuremberg next week and am trying to track down a rickshaw that we can rent. Curious if anyone has an idea of where I might be able to rent one? Thanks! Joe
  4. www.SteadicamRickshaw.com & www.SteadiCAB.com
  5. Nathan Wong

    Rickshaw for Steadicam

    Whats the most rigid and versitale Rickshaw for steadicam at the moment? Is it still the Rickshaw Dolly from Hans Hellner or the Optical support Mantis? Or does anyone have experience with the backstage shot saver? Im looking to purchase one soon! Thanks!
  6. Jason Leeds


    Brand new compact rickshaw for sale. Mobile, quick setup, and a smooth ride. PM me if you'd like to give it a test. $2250.
  7. Rickshaw $250 SteadiCAB $500. Delivery and SteadiCAB driver extra Gorelink $60 Klassen Mount $60 www.SteadicamRickshaw.com www.SteadiCAB.com
  8. Brand new Rickshaw for sale. Smooth Ride. Works great. Easy setup, very compact, almost tool free. Heavy duty construction and wheels. Easy to load handles. Use for Steadi in high and low modes, tracking shots, walk and talks, ins and outs, step-offs(may require a minor amount of additional rigging), hand-held gimbal, etc. It's a smooth and comfortable ride with great results. Asking $2500. PM me if interested. If you miss out on this one there are more in the works. Thanks.
  9. Can anyone recommend a good engineer near London to help design and build a good rickshaw? Either that, or has anyone seen one (which isn't €12000!) for sale in the UK or Western Europe? Needs to be step on/off and seated and must collapse to a small size for roofbox style transport... Cheers!
  10. hi yall i am looking to rent a rickshaw for an overnight shoot tuesday night into wednesday morning. the shoot takes place in camden new jersey, very close to philadelphia. i will be leaving from new york city tuesday afternoon. i can issue a COI for the rental. please let me know! i think that this would be a huge asset to our shoot. feel free to email, call, or text me. Ill be flying this afternoon but will get back to you as soon as i can. brett. 12@brettmayfield.com 404.408.5951
  11. Chris Van Campen

    WTB: Rickshaw

    Anyone in the NE USA have a Rickshaw that's chewing up too much garage space?? I'm interested in picking one up that would be suitable for running shots, thinking 2 or 3 wheeled would be best. Thanks in advance... Chris
  12. James Layton

    Engineer in London

    I'm trying to find a good engineer in the London area who will be able to put some designs together for me. Anyone have any good recommendations? Steadicam knowledge and understanding would be necessary. Thanks.
  13. Janice Arthur

    Midwest Workshop and Expo

    Hi all; Steadicam Workshop & Stabilizer Expo April 20-21, 2013 We cover it all with all sizes of rigs from the full-sized rigs to the small camcorder rigs. Tiffen’s Pilot; Flyer; Zephyr; Ultra rigs; new Exo-vest; Sachtler; Glidecam; Actioncam; others (Operator garage sale too) We’ll cover; Set up; Theory; Balancing; Low-mode; Follow Focus, transmitters, Accessories; Sebastien Audinelle’s Rickshaw Location; Fletcher Chicago 1000 N. North Branch, Chicago, IL 8:00 to 6 daily Steadijan@hotmail.com to reserve a space Instructors; Janice Arthur 31 yrs experience; Sebastien Audnielle Chicago Steadicam Operator; others TBA Other manufacturers welcome too, contact me.