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Found 40 results

  1. Question about rig accuracy and balance: Howdy! I fly an older Clipper 24 with tilt stage, ultrabrite monitor and V mount battery hanger. I’ve grown to really like flying with a very slow drop time, sometimes almost neutral. Recently I’ve run into a problem: After trimming the rig it flys fine but after resting in on my shoulder or doing a larger tilt move I find it is thrown out of balance. It’s not drastic but enough that I have to retrim every time. Sometimes something as gentle as a drop time test will throw it off. It’s consistently in the direction that it tilt (tilt forward and the rig becomes front heavy). I have combed through every inch of the rig looking for a loose part and have found nothing. I’ve also tried balancing without the monitor or batteries and it still won’t hold balance. (Just to be clear I’m using a weight plate as a camera, which I have also checked thoroughly so it’s not a loose camera part.. it’s gotta be something on the rig). Top stage is tight, the plate isn’t slipping, monitor and batteries aren’t moving.. After pulling the entire rig apart and feeling very certain I’ve checked everything that could possible be moving, I raise the question: am I just asking too much of my (older) rig? Is flying with such a neutral drop time just not practice with an older rig? Wondering if anyone has any ideas or has run into anything like this before. Anything helps.. I’m stumped! Thanks! Sawyer
  2. I am curious to hear opinions on the Steadicam Archer - (not the Archer 2) I am looking to purchase my first serious rig and I am trying to determine if this one would be a good investment. It comes with the G50X arm and LX vest. Modifications would include HD wiring and 12/24v selector. My questions are: -is this rig still 'current' enough to start a career as a steadicam op with (in NYC)? -are there any known drawbacks or cons to the Archer rig? Or any notable pros or benefits? -any other considerations or thoughts on this rig in general? Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated. I am limited in what I can afford at this point, but I want to make sure I am investing in something that will allow me to create some momentum for myself, and that wont be a hinderance due to being old or outdated. Thank you in advance!
  3. selling my plate - $300 plus shipping
  4. Steadicam ULTRA 2 for sale : The Ultra 2 is an all encompassing system that is user-friendly and versatile. It’s designed to make the user’s operating more precise and hassle free. Have been very impressed with this system over the years and will be sad to see it go. The Vest is in good condition. It’s light and unobtrusive and works well with the body. It comes with its own vest bag and a thermodynamic case for easy transport. The UltraBRITE2 monitor displays HDSDI, HD component and composite video. - every format you need, directly. It’s very bright 8.4” monitor @1400 nits – perfect for daylight viewing. Anti-reflective coatings won’t burn out your eyeballs if you happen to catch a reflection from the sun or a big light.The Ultra2 monitor mount is strong, easy to flip for low mode, and boasts a wider range of positions, both vertically and horizontally. The revolutionary G-70 arm is light, strong, and it can lift 13 to 70 pounds. The boom range exceeds any other arm out there – 32”. The G-70 arm is by far the smoothest, most responsive arm I’ve ever owned. You can feel how the arm behaves, regardless of the weight carried. With the “Geo” feature, you can tune your arm to your preferences for each shot. Even the arm post system incorporates an adjustable drag that does not change when you change posts. Really can not fault it. The Arm comes with its own Arm bag to protect it while out of the case and is in good condition. This is a slimmed down kit containing: Case1 Ultra 2 Sled UltraBRITE2 monitor Case 2 G-70 arm + arm bag Vest + vest bag Upon inquiry we can supply case weights as well as additional detailed photos as requested. Our Purchase price is (USD) $28,000.00. We are happy to ship world wide at purchasers expense. These costs will be worked out depending on buyers location. All listings are sold as is, where is. Happy to answer any questions and provide any more detailed information or photos This listing is also listed elsewhere ​Equipment listed in New Zealand.
  5. Steadicam Masters Series - Complete Rig This full kit contains everything you require to fly full sized packages. Would be a perfect beginner rig for someone stepping up into an operator role or moving to becoming more established in the industry. The Sled is in good condition with only cosmetic wear and tear. It has been well looked after for its age. The post has been retro fitted with HDSDI and the monitor has been replaced with a new Panasonic high-performance, portable 9-inch LCD monitor. With its new IPS LCD panel boasts best-in-class 1280 x 768 WXGA pixel resolution. The LH910 utilized on the sled (duel rail system monitor mount) is perfect for field or studio work with 176 degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles, the widest offered by any LCD display, the LH910 delivers exceptional imagery and superb color accuracy, and professional interfaces including HDMI and 3G-SDI. For Full information on the Panasonic LH910 monitor please view the following link - https://na.panasonic.com/ns/22722_BT-LH910G_Brochure__PDF_-_.pdf The Sled has been upgraded to the Anton Bauer gold mount system and comes with 4 Anton Bauer Dionic 160batteries. Dionic 160 weighs 30% less than a HyTRON 120, has 30% more capacity. Comes with quad charger. The Real Time readout provides an estimate of remaining run-time based on the current power draw. We have made our own Lower Sled Weight system. (view photos attached) The Tiffen Mastersseries iso-elastic arm. Completely rebuilt by Tiffen. Feels like new. Provides even lift throughout larger range of lifting strength and position. The Master Series Vest is still in very good condition and has been continually well washed and spare vest clips should they ever be required. 
Lightweight - Adjustable in all dimensions.
Reversible adjusting bridge with Steel Arm receiver socket 
Back transversal straps for ultra-snug fit & Quick release equipped All equipment comes in good quality hard cases. Steadicam Master Series Package Overview Case 1 - SLED 1 x Masters Steadicam Sled 1 x Panasonic HD/LCD Monitor 1 x Operators Manual Case 2 - VEST AND ARM . 1 x Masters Vest & Carry Bag (#199457V) 1 x Masters Arm & Carry Bag (#199413) 1 x Sled Docking/Balance Bracket Case 3 - HARDWARE . 1 x Scaff-Clamp Hard Mount 2 x Lower-Sled Weights & 4 Screws 1 x Red 1/4” T-Hex Tool 1 x 1ft Arm Post 2 x Long Camera Mounting Plates 1 x Black 12V-24V Step-up Power Converter 1 x Slanted F-Bracket 2 x Arm Rain-Covers TACKLE BOX – CAMERA SCREWS 4 x (3/8) Camera Screws 4 x (1/4) Camera Screws 4 x (3/8) - (1/4) Thread Adapters 4 x Low Mode Gimbal Screws Case 4 - BATTERY. 4 x Dionic (160) Lithium-ion Batteries 1 x Anton-Bauer Quad Charger (#10987) 1 x Quad Charger Power Cable Case 5 - STAND 1 x Steadicam Sled Stand Upon inquiry we can supply a complete case weights and inventory of all parts and accessories as well as additional detailed photos of all parts as requested. Our Purchase price is (USD) $10,500.00. We are happy to ship world wide at purchasers expense. These costs will be worked out depending on buyers location. All listings are sold as is, where is. Happy to answer any questions and provide any more detailed information or photos This listing is also listed on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Steadicam-Masters-Series-Complete-Rig/292605497791?hash=item4420a591bf:g:HNgAAOSwWfdbJGRT
  6. Steadicam ULTRA 1 Full package for sale This is a fantastic Steadicam ultra package, It comes with everything you need to operate onset. Preston, Teradek 300, ultraBrite2 monitor, and a large amount of hardware and tools. The ultra series set the bar high and has never let me down. The Vest is in good condition. It’s light and unobtrusive and works well with the body. It comes with its own vest bag and a case for easy transport. The UltraBRITE2 monitor displays HDSDI, HD component and composite video. - every format you need, directly. It’s very bright 8.4” monitor @1400 nits – perfect for daylight viewing. Anti-reflective coatings won’t burn out your eyeballs if you happen to catch a reflection from the sun or a big light.The Ultra2 monitor mount is strong, easy to flip for low mode, and boasts a wider range of positions, both vertically and horizontally. The Preston included with this rig is a very comprehensive kit, comprised of MDR2 and and HU2 which uses the Omnishot battery adapter for the HU2. Uses Sony style FM50 batteries. It has a large array of batteries and cables and all come housed in a laser cut case. 8 Steadicam Power Cube batteries and 2 IDX chargers housed in a laser cut thermodynamic case. Tera dek bolt 300 video link system The following is the full inventory list and case weights 1. (U1) SLED . 25 KG: 300mm(D) x 550mm(W) x 865mm(L) 1 x Ultra1 Steadicam Sled (#09020001) (Mod:252-0000) 1 x UltraBrite HD Monitor (#000177) 2 x .625” Monitor Rods 1 x Preston MDR-2 (#1285) & Transceiver Lid (#MT-1694) 1 x Top Stage Remote 2. (U1) VEST AND ARM . 24 KG: 400mm(D) x 430mm(W) x 750mm(L) 1 x Ultra1 Vest & Carry Bag (#06020072) 1 x Ultra1 Iso-Elastic Arm & Carry Bag (Mod:2527200) (#07020012) 1 x Sled Docking/Balance Bracket 1 x Hill Standby Cover & Bag 3. (U1) SET-CASE . 22 KG: 260mm(D) x 430mm(W) x 660mm(L) 1 x Preston FI+Z II Hand Unit & Neck Strap (#2624) & Antenna (#49694) 2 x Preston DM-2 Digital Motors (#2817) (#2819) 1 x Preston DM-1 Digital Motor (#1830) 10 x Preston Focus Scale Marker Rings 3 x Sony (Preston) Batteries (#NP-QM71D) (U1) PELICAN - MOTOR-COGS - 1 x 0.80M Output Gear 1 x 0.60M Gear (Fujinon) (Video, Focus, Zoom) 1 x 0.50M Gear (Canon) (Video, Zoom, Focus) 1 x 0.40M Gear (Fujinon) (Video, Iris) 1 x 48 Pitch Gear (Panavision Zoom) 1 x 64 Pitch Gear (Panavision Iris) Set of Gear Screws (U1) TACKLE BOX – CAMERA SCREWS - 4 x (3/8) Camera Screws 4 x (1/4) Camera Screws 4 x (3/8) – (1/4) Thread Adapters 2 x Low Mode Gimbal Screws 6 x Weight-Plate Thumb-Screws Assorted Spare Screws 1 x Ultrabrite HD Monitor Sunshade 2 x long Camera Mounting Plates 1 x Slanted F-Bracket (U1) MONITOR / BNC CABLES - (U1-1) Ultrabrite LCD Monitor Cable (U1-2) Ultrabrite LCD Monitor Cable (U1-3) LW BNC (800mm) (U1-4) LW BNC (800mm) (U1-5) LW BNC (800mm) (U1-6) LW BNC (800mm) (U1-7) LW BNC (400mm) (U1-8) LW BNC (400mm) (U1) MOTOR BRACKETS - 1 x 2-N-1 Motor Mount 1 x Arri Iris Rod Clamp 1 x Dogbone (19mm/15mm) & 3.5” 15mm Rod 2 x 7” 15mm Motor Rods 1 x 3.5” 15mm Motor Rod 1 x Gold (5/8) Spigot (U1) HILL - PAM BRACKETS - 2 x 19mm PAM Swing Arms 2 x 15mm PAM Swing Arms 3 x PAM Standard Clamps 2 x PAM Off-Set Clamps 2 x Blue Preston (19mm/15mm) Spacers 3 x 3” 15mm Motor Rods (U1) TOOLS - 1 x Bondhus Metric Allen Keys 1 x Bondhus Imperial Allen Keys 1 x Large Flat-Head Screw-Driver 1 x (4mm) Flat-Head Screw-Driver 1 x (No.1) Phillips Screw-Driver 1 x (No.2) Phillips Screw-Driver 1 x Tape Measure 1 x Dual Level 1 x Scissors (U1) WEATHER COVERS - 1 x Monitor Rain-Cover 1 x Lower Sled Rain-Cover 2 x Arm Rain-Covers 4. (U1) HARDWARE . 26 KG: 220mm(D) x 475mm(W) x 660mm(L) 1 x Scaff-Clamp Hard Mount (NZ) 3 x Weight-Plates & Dovetail Clamp 1 x Omnishot (Preston) Dual Charger (U1-3) 1 x Omnishot Charger Power Cable (U1-4) 1 x Omnishot Car Charger Power Cable 1 x 1/4” T-Hex Tool (U1) POWER CABLES - (U1-1) 24V Sony (U1-2) 24V Sony (U1-3) 24V Arri (250-0093) (U1-4) 24V Arri (250-0093) (U1-5) 12V Arri (250-0045) (U1-6) 12V Arri (250-0045) (U1-7) 12V Red (800-0106) (U1-8) 12V Epic (U1-9) 24V Amira (U1-10) 12V Genesis Dual-Battery Plate Cable (1.8m) (U1) COMMAND CABLES - (U1-1) Arriflex & Moviecam 3-Pin (4521) (U1-2) MDR2/PV Genesis (4533) (U1-3) Sony VTR (4435) (U1-4) MDR2-Epic (4546) (U1-5) Red Digital (4543) (U1) PRESTON CABLES -1 (U1-1) Preston MDR-2 Power Cable (U1-2) Preston MDR-2 Power Cable (U1-3) Preston Motor Cable (U1-4) Preston Motor Cable (U1-5) Preston Motor Cable (U1) PRESTON CABLES -2 (U1-6) 24V (Panavision) MDR-2 Power Cable (4472) (U1-7) 24V (Arri/Moviecam + 24VDC) - (3 Pin RS) MDR-2 Power Cable (4499) (U1-8) D-Tap - MDR-2 Power Cable (U1) ANCILLARY CABLES - (U1-1) HD Monitor RGB/Data (252-0116) (U1-2) HD Monitor RGB/Data (252-0116) (U1-3) HD/SDI Video Cable (Camera/Sled) (252-7922) (U1-4) STD BNC (2m) (U1) SPARE PARTS - 1 x Gimbal Remote Battery 2 x Lower-Sled Fuses 2 x Monitor Fuses 2 x Accessory Dovetail Plates 1 x Preston Iris Marker Plate 1 x Set of Preston Antennas 1 x Arm-Post Spring Clamp 1 x Docking Collar 2 x Vest Clamps 1 x Cable Connectors 1 x Tiffen Sled Tension String (U1) ANCILLARY TOOLS - 1 x (3.5mm) Flat-Head Screw-Driver 1 x (No.0) Phillips Screw-Driver 4 x Jewellers Screw-Drivers 1 x 3/8 Ring Spanner 1 x Locktite 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x 8” Crescent 1 x Genesis Dual-Battery Plate 1 x 1ft Arm Post & Locking Collar 5. (U1) BATTERIES . 20 KG: 245mm(D) x 290mm(W) x 580mm(L) 8 x IDX Power-Cube Batteries 2 x IDX Simultaneous Quick Chargers (Mod:VL-4S)(#K2-06809) (#K2-07422) (U1-1) IDX Quick Charger Power Cable (U1-2) IDX Quick Charger Power Cable 66. (U1) VIDEO-LINK . 6 KG: 160mm(D) x 320mm(W) x 410mm(L) 1 x Tera Dek Bolt 300 HD Transmitter (#720003651) 1 x Tera Dek Bolt 300 HD Receiver with V-Lock Battery Mount (#72501354G) 1 x Tera Dek Bolt 300 HD Receiver (Spare) (#72500419G) (U1) VIDEO-LINK CABLES - (U1-1) Tera Dek - Hirose Power Cable (U1-2) Tera Dek - 12V Arri Power Cable (U1-3) Tera Dek - (3-Pin RS) Power Cable (U1-4) Tera Dek - (Panavision) Power Cable (U1-5) Tera Dek - D-Tap Power Cable (U1-6) Tera Dek - (240V) Mains Adapter (U1) TACKLE BOX – VIDEO CONNECTORS – Various (BNC/RCA) Connectors 7. (U1) STAND . 10 KG: 250mm(D) x 250mm(W) x 1200mm(L) 1 x Steadicam Sled Stand Our Purchase price is (USD) $28,000.00. We are happy to ship world wide at purchasers expense. These costs will be worked out depending on buyers location. All listings are sold as is, where is. Happy to answer any questions and provide any more detailed information or photos This listing is also listed elsewhere Equipment listed in New Zealand.
  7. Selling my first and much beloved PRO - MKV hybrid sled. The best of both worlds here, this rig treated me well for a couple of years. Just recently got a new sled so looking to offload this one with some various AKS. It'll make a newcomer very happy with all accessories needed to start besides the arm, vest and monitor. Ready to fly. Gimbal is also VOLT ready. The Sled - MK-V 1.5" Carbon Fiber Two Stage Telescoping Post w/ V-3+ Electronics (Upgraded Post Cable) and 3 V-Mount Battery Plates - GPIPro Gimbal (S/N 294) - GPIPro DB3 (S/N 065) - XCS Dual Rod Telescoping Bracket w Cam-Jam Yoke (just need CG mount for your monitor, around 50 bucks) Cables - MK-V to Arri 24v Cable - MK-V to 4pin XLR Cable (use with AB Plate for universal camera power) - Various BNC Cables Brackets - Jerry Hill GAD 2 Docking Bracket w/ docking ring (BRAND NEW! Used on one shoot) - PRO Docking Bracket - Various Steadicam Camera Plates Cases - Sled Case w/ Monitor Spot - AKS Case Cart - Magliner Cart w/ Steadicam System (Mast, Pin, Cushion) Various AKS/Power - Matthews Hollywood Beefy Baby Stand - 3 IDX Flight Safe 90wh Batteries with Dual Charger - All Tools for the Gimbal, Sled and DB3 25k+ worth of gear. Make me an offer. Looking to sell as much of the full package as possible. NYC Local. Buyer pays for shipping. Will ship worldwide. Email me directly at rtoussieng@gmail.com for offers/questions. Thank you all!
  8. RED Edition ActionCam for sale with all original parts. Just serviced and cleaned. Great condition. - Zero-g Arm - RED Edition Sled - Back Mounted 50 lb Vest - Dovetail Plate - RED ONE power cable - Includes wheeled Explorer case for arm & hardware (no case for the vest) Looking for $9500 OBO Higher Rez Pics: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sov9u70sjexuqlj/IMG_2620.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/z6pb7encpteefb2/IMG_2627.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/71hkm2mn48ln3o5/IMG_2590.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/olivd89vpd0au7s/IMG_2591.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/dbqzzlnih40xeyc/IMG_2597.jpg?dl=0
  9. Hi Folks, Up FOR SALE is a complete Steadicam Master Series Package, Inc: 1 - Master Series Sled with MK-V bottom stage rebuild, HD Line through the sled and 12v/24v Power, Transvideo HD6 monitor 2 - Master Series Arm - Recently Reconditioned by Robert Luna in the USA 3 - Master Series Vest 4 - HP Video HD Transmitter 5 - 10 x IDX HL9s V-lock Batteries w/ 4 way Charger 6 - Preston MDR1/HU1 w/ 2 DM1 Motors 7 - Hardmount w/ Moy plate 8 - Matthews Stand,Jerry Hill Dock, Low Mode Bracket, Rain Covers/Hood, Other accesories This was my first Steadicam and allowed me to learn and work as an operator on small Music Clips, Corporate Vids, Short films and move on to larger TVC's, Television Series and Feature films. I see this package as a great way for someone to start as an operator. Learning and working towards bigger and better jobs. For this reason I'd like to keep it all together, however I can separate the kit if it gets it moving. Below is a more detailed description of each part and individual prices as well as pics. I'll try to list everything in as much detail as possible. It's priced to sell, but I hope its clear that this equipment was well looked after and cared for. Please contact me with any questions. Cheers! Jonathan Tyler jt@jonathantyler.co +61417428880 Sydney Australia Total Package Price $18,800 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) Shipping at buyers expense 1 - Master Series Sled with MK-V bottom stage rebuild, HD Line through the sled and 12v/24v Power, Transvideo HD6 monitor - 3 vlock battery plate - 1 large camera plate - Inc's 2 BNC Cables - Flight case $4000 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) 2 - Master Series Arm - Recently Reconditioned by Robert Luna in the USA - long and short post - Carry bag $6000 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) 3 - Master Series Vest - Carry Bag - Spare Clips included $1500 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) 4 - HP Video HD Transmitter - Inc Dtap, Hirose, 4pin lemo and XLR Transmitter power - V-lock and AC power for Reciever - Various Spare antenna - Pelican 1620 Case $1000 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) 5 - 10 x IDX HL9s V-lock Batteries w/ 4 way Charger - Pelican 1550 case $4000 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) 6 - Preston MDR1/HU1 w/ 2 DM1 Motors - MicroForce, Wired Iris Control w/ cable - 4 motor cables, Arri Roll Cable, Red Roll Cable (few more old ones) - Various marking rings, brackets - Spare Arials - 3 Re-celled batteries w/ fast charger - 12/24v XLR power, 2 pin lemo power (from sled) - Flight case $2000 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) 7 - Hardmount w/ Moy plate - Soft case $300 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) 8 - Matthews Stand,Jerry Hill Dock, Low Mode Bracket, Rain Covers/Hood, Other accesories - No price on this stuff as most of it goes with the sled.Or I'll negotiate as offers arrive
  10. Selling my back up sled. It´s a great starter rig or a running rig. It flies like an angel. I bought it from Brian Nordheim some years ago and now is collecting dust. Let´s find him a new owner. He doesn´t deserve to be still in a closet. Located in Madrid (Spain). Will ship it worldwide. -Pro sled 1 serial number 041 -Pro Center Post telescopic -Pro SD electronic upper and lower junction box -Pro DB3 top stage -Pro DB3 top stage tool -Pro battery rack Gen1 -NOT Pro Gimbal -9 Chocolate batteries in good working conditios -PAG AR124 autoranging fast charger - 7 & 9 camera plates with bars -Monitor arm fixed -XCS TB6 Green monitor (The best monitor I have ever seen) -XCS Programable digital level plus - Mini Down converter SDI to Analog 4K -Pro Low mode Bracket -Rain/Dust Covers for Battery rack and TB6 Monitor -Lots of cables and extras -Hard Case included -9.000€ + shipping OBO. PM me if interested. miguelonsteady@gmail.com
  11. Steadicam Ultra 2 full package. This is the full blown version with motorized head and remote. Very good shape and all working. Used but well cared for. Six V-mount batteries (IDX) and 4 battery charger. A couple extras as well, vehicle mounting plate and low mode bracket. For sale priced to move. Everything you need to fly. Feel free to contact me with questions or offers. Asking: $34,500 (USD) Thanks Jon jonnye1970@gmail.com
  12. Selling my Glidecam Gold rig. Great solid rig for all types of work. Six Titanium springs allow the gold arm to handle a combined camera and sled carrying capacity of 56 pounds. For added strength and durability the vest and arm connectors are also made of Titanium. The arm and vest have Industry standard connector, so the arm can be used with other vests and the vest with other arms. The sled has an upgraded gimbal for even smoother performance. 1 Gold arm 1 Gold sled 1.5 " with Baer-Bel CamTec Gimbal and internal tally wiring 1 Gold series gimbal (extra gimbal) 1 Gold vest modified with additional straps 1 C-Stand 1 Glidecam docking bracket 1 Transvideo Rainbow II 6.5 SBL monitor with mounting plate 1 Redbyte Decimator 3G/HD/SDI converter 1 Pro VCT-U14 quick release plate 1 Pelican 1650 case Tally system, several connection cables and small parts Price: 8.000 € To speed up the communication, please contact me by e-mail if you are interested or have any questions: brenootranto@gmail.com
  13. Selling gear separately from my entire kit now. Asking 15K USD, OBO. Please feel free to PM me questions and offers. NY based. Link to more pictures at the bottom. The BFD attached to the sled will be sold separately in a later post. Cinetronic monitor is optional, it has some blemishes but works fine. SLED -GPI PRO GEN II top and bottom stages -HD cable upgrade -2” XCS post -2” Gorelock ring -XCS 1.5” docking ring -XCS monitor hanger -XCS Ergo gimbal and handle -Gorelock -2, Panna plates (1 long, 1 short) -4, GPI PRO jumper blocks -Cinetronic Gen 1 monitor w/ stock yolk. ACCESSORIES -Mikey -GPI PRO GEN I recorder mount arms -GPI PRO foot rest (gyro mount) -Bondhus handle (gimbal tool) -gimbal spare parts -spare HDSDI cables -bunch of camera to plate screws -Pelican 1650 (fits it all) CABLES -8 pin lemo - 8 pin lemo -8 pin lemo - 4 pin xlr Female w/ BNC -P-tap - 4 pin xlr Female -Pro - Arri (2 pin fisher) -2, Pro - RED Epic/Scarlet -Pro - RED ONE -4 pin lemo - 9V pin -Pro - 4 pin xlr Female -2, 4 pin lemo - USB power Pictures listed here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v9csrbi8e4wvdqk/AAA6Avg3-LmXCob6j6I7xCbXa?dl=0
  14. MK-V Nexus (4)-Stage Deluxe 2" Post V2 Advanced Gimbal w/Standard Handle Evolution D-Box Evolution J-Box Standard Topstage V2“ Docking Station Dual Battery Mount for Anton Bauer Single Battery Mount for Anton Bauer Nexus base system Soft Case Monitor Transvideo 6.5" 16:9 Superbright LCD monitor Hard case Cable pack Arri 12V Cable 30" Lightweight 36" BNC 48" Monitor Cable (Pro Comp.) 2 x monitor power cable Batteries 3 x Anton Bauer Batteries PL-5680 4-way charger Arm Silverrig Silver Spring Arm (range 13-63 lbs) Speed Crank tensioning tool Arm post Arm Bag All equipment is in superb condition and never hired to others. It is a complete system. This Nexus has been a reliable & trustworthy rig. The electronics are rock-solid, the gimbal super-smooth. Ideally I would like to sell the package complete. A Steadicam Gold vest will be added for free on top as it has a crack, but still can be used. Equipment is located in Austria (AT), buyer pays shipping costs. Package asking price: 16'150 Euro Only serious offers! contact: paul.horatschek@icloud.com Click on the links for more photos!
  15. BETZ Rig Light HD 15 000€ Camera Mounting Platform (Stage)
Light weight but strong and solid. Stands for vibrationless tracking shots.
Self-locking “Quicklock“ dovetail-clamping with safety
mechanism. Fore/aft and side-to-side fine-adjustment
on both sides. Light-weight support for universal dovetailplate Junction Box
Standard Lemo/BNC connectors for power, tally ,HD-SDI
and analog video.
Colourcoded power outlets for safe and easy connection. Digital electronic bubble-level,easy
to set up, zero/ direction/ speed/ angle. Level icon reads
on-screen exclusively on Transvideo HD monitors.
 Post dia 1,86“ (50 mm)
The 2x telescopic post can be quickly extended from
50 cm(19“) to 33“ (85 cm).
Specially designed in-post wiring for HD-SDI, analog video,
power, and other functions, customized wiring on request.
Safety post clamp. No-tools handling. Gimbal
Frictionless self-centring gimbal with integral handgrip
and no-tools adjustment. Stainless-steel bearings. Monitor and "Quick Turn" Bracket
Any type of monitor fits with the Steadicam system.
Ted Churchill or Transvideo bracket allows quick positioning
of monitor and easy switch from high to low mode. RIG HD Light lower base 
Battery slide adjustment for proper dynamic balance.
12V/24V power switch.
Battery systems V-mount.
 Power and HD-SDI video outlets are Lemo connectors. Accessoires: Betz Dovetail Plate Dock Betz Betz Monitor Cable BNC Video Cable XLR4 Camera Power Cable manual: http://www.betz-tools.com/media/pdfs/rig-manuale.pdf Contact by email: Téva Vasseur teva.vasseur@gmail.com Paris (FRANCE) www.disquetteprod.com
  16. Hi, I sell my first rig when I started. It's a very good one for the small configurations. the list of the package : - telescopic sled (upgrading HD) - arm with 6 canisters (5 to 13 Kg) - back mount vest - monitor - camera cables - tools - docking bracket + stand - flight case It's in very good condition and was never in rental. Maybe it's possible to add two V-lock batteries + charger in the package Price: € 3.500 + Tax + Shipping (will sell worldwide, but Europe is easier of course as this equipment is based in France - Paris). Please let me know if you need more informations and/or photos and/or details. here is my contact : hello@staedup.fr best regards N.
  17. Backup equipment package for sale : the list of the equipment : - 1 Pro 2 sled + accessories (HD upgraded) - 1 XCS Gimble (perfectly centered) - 1 Luna arm + accessories (13-63lbs / 5.9-28.6kg) ( http://www.steadyrig.com/prod_Arms.html ) - 1 Steadicam Ultra2 vest + bag - 2 Tansvideo superbright cinemonitor III monitors (brightness : 1000 nits) - monitor support arm XCS - 1 electonic level bubble Marell - 1 up converter SD/HD AJA - batteries + charger - Scorpio FIZ 3 motors with 2 remote + many power and camera cables - 1 Tx/Rx wireless video Titan (upgrading 10 channels) - many cables - J bracket - 3 jumper blocks - recorder mount - docking bracket - stand - flight cases Everything is in very good condition and was never in rental. All packed in two Peli Cases with handmade inlays and one bag. Price: € 28.000 + Tax (€ 2.000) + Shipping (will sell worldwide, but Europe is easier of course as this equipment is based in France - Paris). If it's possible, I don't want to sell this equipment separately. Please let me know if you need more informations and/or photos and/or details. here is my contact : hello@staedup.fr best regards N. Attached Images
  18. Hello all! So I have been on a couple of steadicam courses and up until now have been the owner of a Ronin and an M15, but finally investing in my first Steadicam. I have had experience using the Steadicam Zephyr and have a budget of around £10,000. I won't be putting any more weight on than about 23lb (weight of the Zephyr), but could I get something better for my money second hand? Yes I am based in the UK, so prices are in GBP. Thanks in advance! Chris
  19. Steadicam Broadcast master Sled, Vest, Arm, Stand for sale in good working condition with green widescreen monitor and HD to SD converter. All in original casings. Complete £8,000.
  20. Hello, For sale is a Steadicam Zephyr HD AB sled, with original arm, vest, HD 7" and rolling hard case. This item is in beyond good condition, a few minor scratches just from casual use. It was purchased by me from B&H at the end of June of 2014, and I can count on two hands the number of times it has been used. I am based out of Metro Detroit and willing to ship lower 48(shipping is on me), as well as be available for local pick up. I am looking to get $6,500 OBO for it as it's still under two years old and is in pristine condition. Below is a list of included items as well as photos of the rig. You can contact me by email at ab@brighterflight.com Steadicam Zephyr telescoping centerpost/sled Adjustable iso-elastic arm w/slip cover for storage Steadicam standard vest Anton Bauer gold mount battery plate Dovetail plate Steadicam rolling hard case Docking bracket 4 middle weights 4 starter weights All necessary power and BNC cables
  21. GPI-Pro II rig for sale, including: - PRO II SD Sled: DBox + JBox + SD Telescopic Centerpost + Pro guimbal + Battery Rack + original monitor arm + Recorder mount + plate - SteadiRig Arm ( up to 63 pounds ) . - Pro Vest - Super post. To super high mode or super low mode. - Kit follow focus: Bartech with m-one motor. Kit of brackets, rings, cables, etc. - 3 gold mount batteries and twin charger. - Monitor. Transvideo Cinemonitor II SD. With bubble level - Wireless video transmiter PAL Teletest. - 2 T handle allen wrench (guimbal and arm) - Tools and spares. - Cables: 2 monitor cable ( power and video from the lower box ), AUX PWR ( lemo 2-pin to XLR4 upper box ), 2xCAM PWR (lemo 3-pin to xlr4 upper box ), Power tap to xlr4 ( from baterrie power out ), 2 BNC, and more xlr4 power cables… - Cases: 1 small peli case for follow focus kit. 1 1650 peli case for arm and vest, 1 anvil case for sled all of them with foams and handmade inlays - Docking bracket - tripod This a complete kit ready to go and it’s in very good conditions and never was rented. We do worldwide shipping. If you are interested we can do an sled upgrade from sd to hd, but this upgrade is not included with the price. Price is 29500 € or best offer. Tax and shipment are not included. We are based in Barcelona, Spain. Please feel free to call or email with any questions or offers. Mail. carlos@rocksteady.es alex@rocksteady.es tlf. 0034 659536694
  22. Steadicam 3A batteries, Seven batteries in total, four have new cells, 3 need to be done. Pag Charger and cables...
  23. So I got a crazy good deal on Flyer rig used... Huzzah! The only problem is the entire thing smells overwhelmingly of cigarette smoke! I'm trying every old wives trick in the book so if anyone finds this remotely interesting (or entertaining!) I can post about my methods if it works out. However, per my inital question, IF all of my efforts and spells and incantations fail- could I purchase a new Scout Vest, (probably a compact vest because I am a smaller framed girl anyway) and would the new vest be compatible with the rest of flyer rig? Thanks in advance! PS- if anyone out there is/was a smoker and has had this problem, it would be lovely to add some new ingedients to my list of possible concoctions!
  24. I'm a college student just starting off- everyone's heard that before, no? I rent out my school's Zephyr rig often and work on many thesis films with full F3 rigs that almost max out the rig. I also have a video production company with a few of my guys from school and we plan on moving out to LA to continue our company. Our company has a Dragon with nice lenses, and a bunch of lighting and grip equipment. The Dragon weighs a ton, which the Zephyr can't really handle. I've built up a decent reel with all of this footage I've accumulated over the past year or so of oping, and I'm looking to purchase my own rig but don't want to start small like most people do because I'm already beyond that. I need something that can fly the fully outfitted Dragon and even an Alexa because that's what some ad agencies in the area are using. It's taking a bit of convincing on my end for my folks to help me with this sort of investment. Basically, they want guarantees in an industry where guarantees are hard to make, especially at my point. I was wondering if people could share their advice and answer a few questions I have about things. Here they are: -What does the average steadicam op make a year? Without telling me what you personally make (because no one likes to do that, I completely get it), just throw me some numbers; Is it enough right out of school with a killer real to meet other expenses such as owning a car/place to live and eat? -If Im looking to fly a fully outfitted Dragon and even an Alexa because that's the stage that I'm at right now, then what equipment should I really be looking at that won't absolutely break my wallet like a $50k GPI Pro system? I really want to do front mount and like the feel of a larger post like the action cam and GPI systems. Should I mix and match components to build what I need and what would you suggest? -How in the fuck do I finance something like this right out of the gate without any guarantee I can make it back? What are some of your stories- surely not everyone has $50k lying around to finance the best rig right out of the gate- yet how can you compete with these jobs and in the industry if you aren't right up there with the big dogs? -Does getting a loan from your family as well as a loan from the bank and then going to different businesses/agencies and asking for upfront money really work? It seems to me that if you talk to an agency you don't know then they wouldn't want to give you money up front to do a job- it's basic business. Any stories from people who have successfully done this? The problem is I don't have anyone I know in the industry to ask these questions to- questions that I really need to know in order to go into the field because I really love the job and the creativity it brings. I love how everyone on set knows you by the end of the shoot and you feel like you accomplished some huge feat at the end- which might actually be true haha. Can anyone lend me a few minutes with a response to one or some of these questions and help me out? Thanks. -Brendan
  25. Hello guys, 
I’m selling my beloved steadicam set. Several decisions and other job opportunities are forcing me to sell my rig, with pain in my hear. It has never been rented and always well taken care of. Items are located in Belgium, but I’m willing to ship worldwide. Everything (and more) you need to start going! I’d prefer to sell it as one package, but splitting is an option if there are several people interested. I paid a little over 62 000 USD for this. Every reasonable offer is considered! More photos can be found at this link: http://checkthis.com/pir7 Some items in the description are not in the pictures but are included in the sale! Email me or call me with your questions: jules (at) pain-perdu.be or +32 499 25 81 18 Best regards, Jules Debrock STEADICAM SLED PRO donkey box III PRO gimbal with MK-V tool-less modification (old GPI PRO module included) MK-V carbon tool-less post MK-V V3.5 HD J-box & D-box + post cable (with HDSDI video and special PRO cam power connector) Lightweight base (carbon rods) with one double vertical V-mount and one single V-mount XCS dual rod monitor support arm PRO 2”x5” wrap grip PRO 2”x2” wrap grip STEADICAM ARM PRO (Titan) arm 4 light (blue) canisters 2 heavy (black) canisters PRO canister bag PRO arm carrying bag 4 arm posts with collars (4”, 6”, 8” & 10”) PRO ‘D’ handle low mode bracket raincover for arm VEST Tiffen Ultra 2 vest Cinema products 3A backup vest DP7 PRO HB MONITOR DP7 Pro High-bright monitor Aluminum trim for screen protector SmallHD 2GB USB flash drive DP7 Pro LCD screen protector Sunhood Neoprene sleeve Hirose to D-tap power cable V-mount plate + adapter kit MAGLINER, STAND & DOCKING ACCESSORIES Magliner Junior modified for steadicam Mag steadicam riser unit Mag steadicam vest holder Mag steadicam swing handles Magliner umbrella + clamp adapter Magliner Ipad holder Mag 5/8” nose pin Jerry Hill gorelock 2 docking bracket (complete system) + 2 docking rings 2 PRO docking bracket II Avenger low-boy stand with lockable wheels HARD MOUNT Walter Klassen aluminum tilting endblock Mitchell adapter plate with tie down Elemack (euro-mount) to mitchell adapter Manfrotto clamp Hardware and tools POWER 4 Globalmediapro 160Wh V-mount batteries (Li160S) 4-way simultaneous V-mount charger WIRELESS VIDEO Teradek Bolt set (updated version) - transmitter + receiver D-tap power cable mains power Steadicam AUX power cable Alexa bracket for transmitter Stand bracket for receiver REMOTE FOCUS RTmotion MK3 FIZ hand controller Small receiver 2 motors + 19mm rod clamps (15mm inserts included) Rail bracket for receiver 5 marking rings Cable for wired operation D-tap power cable Power cable to sled 3 batteries + charger Arri run/stop-cable Micro USB cable CABLES AND ACCESSORIES Long panavision rig cover Spare padded dividers for Pelicases BNC video/antenna cables Assortment of thin HD SDI BNC cables in various lengths XLR-XLR power cable Alexa bracket Artemis camera dovetail plate XCS 3/4” camera dovetail plate with 2x 15mm 8” rods XCS 1/4” camera dovetail plate PRO camera dovetail plate Derose camera dovetail plate Assorted mounting screws for all major camera systems 2x Panavision Small 2-pin (XL) camera power cable 2x Panavision large 2-pin (Flex) camera power cable 2x 24V Arri/Moviecam power camera power cable 2x 12V Arri camera power cable 12V high-speed Arriflex camera power cable RED ONE camera power cable 2x LEMO 8 video cable All tools for sled & arm service components for sled & arm Set of Klein T-hex drivers in all sizes Practice camera cage 2x AB to V-mount adapter plate Various BNC adapters Various Jerry hill bags Tiffen Steadicam standbag CASES Heavy duty sled case (sled + monitor) Pelicase 1650 (vest + arm) Pelicase 1610 (accessories) Stormcase iM2075 (remote focus) Pelicase 1400 (hard mount) Pelicase 1520 (batteries + charger)
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