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Found 18 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm selling my Rainbow 7" monitor, like new conditions, it's a very good monitor, not the SBL model, but it's very good for every application. It's really in excellent working and aesthetic conditions, really like new. it comes with a transvideo PAG original V-lock battery plate (340 euro optional). The new price is 1700 Euro plus VAT for monitor and 280 Euro plus VAT for battery plate, I'm selling the hole package for 1200 Euro plus shipping costs.
  2. 325 euros Lilliput TM1018 S 10" monitor 3G-SDI & HDMI inputs & outputs hard case flip screen Gimbal bracket Velcro Sunshade Mini XLR to XLR Battery plates included for Sony... capacitive touchscreen including peaking, focus assist, waveform analysis The Lilliput TM-1018/S is a 10.1 inch 3-G SDI and HDMI field monitor featuring a capacitive touchscreen function for the features menu Monitor Specification Screen Size (diagonal) 10.1 inch Aspect Ratio 16:9 Maximum Resolution up to 1920 x 1080 Viewing Angle (degrees) 170/170 Brightness Ratio (cd/m2) 350 Contrast Ratio 800:1 Backlight LED Video Inputs 1 x 3G-SDI (BNC), 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x Composite (RCA) Video Outputs 1 x 3G-SDI (BNC), 1 x HDMI, 1 x Composite (RCA) Audio Outputs 3.5mm Jack output, 1 x Built in speaker (<1W) Touchscreen Technology Multitouch capacitive touchscreen allows for control of internal monitor settings Input Power 12V DC Operating Temperature -20 - 60 degrees Contents Of Box Product 1 x TM1018/S monitor Connection Cables 1 x Mini HDMI to HDMI cable Power Adaptor 12V UK, EU, AUS, or U.S upon request Mounts and stands Shoe mount adaptor Additional accessories Sunshade, battery plates Dimensions Height (mm) 170 Width (mm) 250 Depth (mm) 29.6 Weight (g) 630 Send from Belgium
  3. Hey there, i want to sell some Teradek stuff. in total: 1x Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI Set 1x Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI RX 1x Bolt 300 SDI/HDMI Set with 2 RX 1x Bolt Sidekick I This topic is just about the Bolt 2000 Set Retail Price: 8630€ selling for 5.000€ (with second receiver for 7.500€) very good condition! included items same as shipped by teradek originaly located in germany, will ship world wide.
  4. Hey there, Teradek clearance! in total: 1x Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI Set 1x Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI RX 1x Bolt 300 SDI/HDMI Set with 2 RX 1x Bolt Sidekick I This topic is just about the Bolt 300 SDI/HDMI Set with 2 Receivers Retail Price: 4205€ selling for 3000€ very good condition! included items same as shipped by teradek originaly located in germany, will ship world wide.
  5. Hey there, Teradek clearance! in total: 1x Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI Set 1x Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI RX 1x Bolt 300 SDI/HDMI Set with 2 RX 1x Bolt Sidekick I This topic is just about the Bolt Sidekick SDI (working with Bolt 300 / 600 / 2000 transmitters) Retail Price: 1770€ selling for 1200€ almost never used! included items same as shipped by teradek originaly located in germany, will ship world wide.
  6. Hello all again, I've recently built my rig part by part (pro) and I'm finishing up buying accessories. I know there will be a plethra of cables I'll be buying through out my career as there are different cables for different cameras and what not, but I was wondering what would you guys say is the standard cables to own as a new operator? Right now I have power cables for the alexa, amira, a p tap splitter, power cable for my monitor, and gonna buy a variation of lengths of SDI cables from Media Blackout. Also what other places do you guys suggest buying cables from (like power cables for Reds)? So the tldr of all of this is what is the standard cables a new op should own? Thank you for any info on this question, Joseph H.
  7. Hey there, i want to sell some Teradek stuff. in total: 1x Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI Set 1x Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI RX 1x Bolt 300 SDI/HDMI Set with 2 RX 1x Bolt Sidekick I This topic is just about the Bolt 2000 RX Retail Price: 4022€ selling for 2700€ very good condition! included items same as shipped by teradek originaly located in germany, will ship world wide.
  8. moin moin! i am selling a Teradek Sidekick SDI ("Companion Receiver), which is barely used. (compatible to Bolt 300, 600 and 2000. (latest generation)) including: 1x Teadek Sidekick SDI 1x SDI Cable 1x P-Tap Cable (should be the original content) located in germany 1.900 USD or 1.700 € +shipping (+VAT if necessary) i try to make some pictures within the next days also available: 2nd Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI Receiver Teradek Sidekick Companion Receiver SDI viele Grüße, Karsten
  9. Guten Tag! i am selling a Bolt 2000 Dual-Input (SDI&HDMI In/Outputs) TX+RX Set in a very good condition. including: 1x Bolt 2000 TX 1x Bolt 2000 RX 1x P-Tap Cable 1x Power-Supply 7x Antenna 1x Case 1x SDI Cable 1x HDMI Cable (should be the original content) located in germany 7.500 USD or 7.000 € +shipping (+VAT if necessary) i try to make some pictures within the next days also available: 2nd Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI Receiver Teradek Sidekick Companion Receiver SDI pfiats eich, Karsten
  10. Hello All, I have been having an issue with my Steadicam Zephyr. I have recently upgraded my monitor to a Shogun Flame and sometimes when im in a RF intense area (near audio antenna's) my Shogun seems to drop the video signal and when i leave the area, the video comes back. I did modify the original Hirose cable that came with the Zephyr from the 4 pin xlr to a barrel plug so i could power through the same connection.. The SDI cable on that Hirose cable is pretty thin and i believe that it could be that cable that is being affected by interference. Im also suspecting that that maybe its the SDI cabling throughout the rig itself. if anyone has any information on what the issue could be i would greatly appreciate it! Heres the cable that i'm talking about. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/875135-REG/steadicam_807_7510_02_monitor_cable_for_7.html
  11. I am selling my two(2) IDX Camwave CW-7 transmitters with V-lock battery plates. Transmit uncompressed 422 1080p HD-SDI up to 330'(100m). They have a bit of cosmetic wear but they are in great working condition and have never had an issue. Both sets have had firmware updated by IDX to the latest version which allows the DFS mode (stronger connection) to connect and re-connect lost signal in a couple seconds instead of the original 60 second link time. Original boxes and manuals included. Range and connection compares to Teradek Bolt 300 Pro. Asking $1250 each or both sets together for $2000. Shipping included. Message me for more info and pics. nick.malcolm@icloud.com
  12. Up for sale, a Paralinx Arrow + 1:3 kit. Its first gen, so its good for line of sight out to about 300', and 150' otherwise. This kit has (1) tx and (3) rx. Included are the power cables for all, and remotes for the rx's. ( There are only 2 IR plug-in receivers for the RX's.) Also included is the Crossbow, which is an HDSDI to HDMI converter (the RX fits into the chassis of the Crossbow). Power cables included are DC to 2 pin, and DC to D-tap. A side note : Crossbow does not pass embedded audio, nor does it transmit PSF framerates. So if you've got a Sony camera that does PSF, this probably won't work for you. Everything works fine, but is sold used, as is. Looking for $1300 for the entire thing. Drop me a PM an email at beau800@Gmail.com. Thanks for looking!
  13. Looking to sell my Zephyr. I am based out of San Francisco…. lease let me know if you are interested. Rig was bought from the amazing Brian Sergott last September. Rig was put through a thorough quality control check from Dan Ikeda at Steadicam prior to my purchase. ASKING: $6250 + Shipping email: brettaaronsims@gmail.com More details: - Steadicam Zephyr with Marshall HD Monitor - Low Mode Bracket - Extra V-Mount Battery Mount - Steadicam Handbook and EFP DVD - Mini C-Stand - 2 Dovetail plates - Docking station - Hard Case
  14. Selling my almost brand new Blackmagic MiniConverter SDI to Analog 4K. The unit is in perfect working condition with the only damage being purely cosmetic (a scratch or two with some light damage to one of the dip switches; does not affect any functionality). My reason for selling is that I need some extra cash and this is my backup downconverter. I am also including a P-Tap cable with a built-in 12volt DC regulator (built by Terry West, so you know it's quality). The regulator is a must; the converter only runs below 15v so unless you deplete your charge to under 15v you won't be able to power the unit from your sled. Brand new, the unit is $280 and the cable was around $200. Looking to get $420 for it, OBO. Buyer pays shipping, or we can arrange a pickup (located in Van Nuys in LA). Email: aaron.gantt@gmail.com Cell: 704.322.6889
  15. -Looking for a HDMI to SDI converter. -Magliner JR steadicam accessories. -MDR-2 and MDR-3 power cable to PRO
  16. Hi, Some of you may know me as a fellow steadicam operator. Since a few months i am colaborating with Rebotnix Technologies, a uprising german company for wireless video solutions. After a long time of development and testing we are happy to release the unique long range wireless video system RB-2. A goal was to unify as many features one might need working on broadcast and feature film sets in one single system. Just to name a few: - up to 900 meter range (with standard omni-directional antennas) in line of sight - over 1.5 km range using patch antennas (we did not test that distance to its limit yet. -we will update that information as soon as we found enough space to do that :) ) - 40ms delay (1 frame @25fps) - full duplex intercom audio connection - timecode transmission (coming soon) - 3G-SDI - FullHD (no downsampling or similar processings) - Multicast on as many Receivers as you need - Multicast on tablets (Android only, Ipad coming soon) or computers (WiFi enabled, PC/MacOS) in full 1080 included (no additional hardware needed) - V-Lock battery plates (AB Lock coming soon) For further details please check out the Rebotnix RB-2 product page. http://rebotnix.com/?page_id=2735 Here is a range test video we shot a few days ago: If you are interested in the RB-2 System or if you are missing some features don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to receive your feedback soon. Best regards from Germany, Karsten Jäger
  17. Hey guys, late notice I know but I'm hoping to see if anyone has a monitor that is somewhat viewable in sunlight. Now I'm not expecting a $5,000 Transvideo but I'd like to keep the budget somewhere close to the $1000 mark (hence a realistic semi daylight viewable). I've seen the 7" Marshall V-LCD70MD-3G 800 nit advertised for around $1100 here in Australia, just nobody seems to have it in stock. Would prefer a seller in Aus as I have a shoot on 5/6 of October and as always, time is a factor. So on the off chance that someone is looking to offload such a device, please hit me up quickly. Thanks for reading. Michael.
  18. As more and more HD digital cinema cameras are trickling out, so too is the market growing for accessories and tools to work with those cameras. Inevitably, the question of backwards compatibility and multi-use comes up: does that onboard recorder receive SD? SDI? What tools do I need to make it work as many places as possible? Since I get a few questions from time to time (and I seem to be the resident geek, what with Afton working and being a Dad and all), I thought I'd write up a small primer. Let's start in the past: the film cameras you're (probably) accustomed to working with had a video tap that gives analog video, or composite video. Read the following if you're a REAL nerd: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Composite_video Composite video is an analog signal, as in it's a modulated video signal carried over the cable from camera to your monitor. As a modulated signal, it's susceptible to attenuation, noise, interference, etc. Otherwise, the signal itself IS the video. Since it attenuates over distance, often times weak signals were amplified by adding a video distribution amplifier to "beef up" the strength of the signal. As the wiki article says, let's called this CVBS. Now, we have all these fangled HD digital cinema cameras, and usually their monitor or video outputs HD (some cameras don't have a specific "MONITOR" feed, so we just tap one of the video outs). Now, the camera itself is digitizing the image, sending the video to internal storage as well as video outputs. They come out in a format called HD-SDI. HD-SDI is digital signal, in that it is not a modulated signal like CVBS, but rather a stream of data whose signal constitutes a transmission of images. To use a household analogy, your old school telephone line is an analog signal. Your internet connection, ethernet cables, etc are a digital signal. So, HD-SDI signal carries an HD video image, and connects to an HD-SDI input on a monitor, recorder, or some other bulkhead jack with a receiver in mind. To any receiver not expecting a serial digital interface signal, it won't know what to do it and disregard the signal. Likewise, to any receiver expecting a modulated signal, be it NTSC, PAL or SECAM, it won't know what to do with an SDI signal and ignore it. Now, for some confusion: SDI, being a digital signal, can carry standard definition much like it can carry high definition. The signal carries less data, but it's a digitized signal all the same. Lots of accessory manufacturers sell things and say, "Yes, our product transmits/records/handles SD as well as HD!" Technically, they're not wrong. Yes, that device does transmit/record/handle standard definition, but they handled it in a digital format: NOT CVBS. Their product is already set up to handle a digital interface, regardless of the resolution. What their product is generally not set up to do is handle an analog signal (unless they specifically say that it does). Most of us think of our world in HD or SD: HD means HD-SDI and SD means CVBS. What we're thinking of is 2 different technologies, but in our heads, it's just a video feed. Many accessories out there will say, "Yes, we do SD!" and we think it to mean "Sweet, I can use this on my film camera jobs with an SD video tap as well as my Alexa jobs!" IT DOES NOT. Products I've seen that are misleading in this way include: Decimator MD-DUCC - Specifically says it cross-converts SD to HD, HD to SD, HD to HD, SD to SD... but in actuality, it only does all those cross conversions in SDI. Yes, it still has HD to SD down-converting, but even I made the mistake thinking it would convert CVBS to HD-SDI. Nope. Atomos Samurai - a few operators have told me that the Atomos people have told them it records SD. Again, that's correct... it records standard definition when inputed as SDI. No, it does not demodulate an NTSC analog signal, convert it to digital and then store it. Switronix Recon - I think a few operators bought one, expecting it to transmit SD. Yes, it transmits SD-SDI, but not CVBS. To my knowledge, one of the few transmitters I know that transmit CVBS and HD-SDI is the Boxx Meridian. Just some thoughts to keep with you this Christmas shopping season, as well as going into this digital future we're facing. If you're considering buying a tool or accessory, and it has anything to do with the video signal, MAKE SURE you ask the sales rep to distinguish if it works with CVBS, SD-SDI and HD-SDI. p.s.- I kinda hate the new post editor. What does it leap back 5-10 words randomly when I hit backspace!?!
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