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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there! Fairly new to steadicam, I have a zephyr rig and the arm post I was given was around 4 inches / 2.54 cm. I'm 4'11" or 149cm and most of the projects I have been on the subjects have been at 5'6" at the shortest. For the most part, I was just lifting my rig and barely putting weight on my arm in order to get to their eye level which makes the arm sort of useless. I was told by a friend that I should get longer arm posts and have found only one website on it so far but I could be missing something. Any tips on where I should start looking ? What's a good range of sizes for someone my stature? How I should go about traveling with several of these on me? I use a large pelican for the arm, vest, and dock while the sled I carry by itself. Thanks guys!
  2. Hey guys! I'm completely mystified. Last saturday I had a broadcasting job. I configurated my rig but one thing was different. The cable MON to video and power for my monitor did not work. So I used a V-Mount battery for the Marshall and continued the tests for the event. After we finished all this I had some free time and had the „great“ idea to test the cable once more. I connected the power connector and the BNC video connector to the monitor (which was turned off) and after that the other side to the "MON" connector of my rig. Right in that moment I heared a frizzle inside the monitore and smoke came out of it. I am not a hundred percent sure wether camera and wireless video were turned on or off. The monitor is destroyed. Wireless transmitter and camera are fine. The rig is going to be checked today, but it seems it is fine too. Camera was a Panasonic HPX 301. I use a Archer 2 rig. I made a picture of the configuration for you. Maybe this is helpful…. Has anyone any idea what happened? I am really confused and really want to know what happend. Maybe I did something really stupid?! Thanks a lot! Matthias
  3. Hello Everyone and Greetings from Hamburg, Germany! I joined this forum because for the last several months I've been very interested in purchasing a Steadicam. I've never used one and I'm lost with where to start. They are very expensive pieces of equipment, so I'm trying to gather as much information as possible first. A few notes about me and my upcoming project (in other words, my requirements): I am just shy of 5'-0". I am female and I am absolutely not flat-chested. It's important to mention I wear an F cup when considering vests. I've been working out at the gym three times per week for over two months (since June 2015) and though I am petite in stature, I have become quite strong within a very short time span. In the second week of October, I will be flying to Japan to film for one week and will be filming all day. It's an ethnographic documentary and thus there is no script and no detailed plan. I will be following around the main characters for one week and filming as much as I can while waiting for a story to unfold in front of the camera. So, where should I start? Throw whatever ideas and suggestions you have at me. I appreciate them.
  4. hey yall i have a smallHD DP7 OLED that went in for repairs a few months (apparently the main board fried out of nowhere) and after paying for that expense it has sat on the shelf for a bit but has seen some use. I used it last week and for the second or third time the Anton Bauer battery attached to the monitor's plate shorted while in use. The battery's display went blank and the monitor shut down. The battery was powering a teradek receiver via ptap and the smallHD via the plate and the included cables. Do yall know what could be causing this? It has for sure happened with different batteries. Id like to send it in to smallHD but it is pretty well in use for the next few weeks. While I dig the monitor and its features, i probably will not purchase another. anyways, any insight would be helpful. have a good one brett.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am a pro photographer, with the long term ambition of to learning how to use a Glidecam, either the HD2000, or the HD4000 for my video work. Unfortunately, I've just been offered a job photographing AND videoing a water park's equipment. I cannot do both, so I am looking for an experienced Glidecam operator who would be willing to use their experience and equipment to help us make a short video. Cameras will be provided (either the 5D MK II & III, or GoPro), no editing necessary, but you should be willing to get a little wet! The job is in Vaudeuil-Dorion on 11 July, or the 18th if it's raining. Transport provided from central Montreal, and a small 'gratitude' payment of $150. There is the prospect of additional work. Peter peter@fordography.com
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