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Found 14 results

  1. TVLOGIC MONITOR KIT WITH DIGITAL LEVEL Purchased as a backup. Tested but never used on a job - TVLogic F7h Mark 2 Monitor - V-Mount Battery Plate - 2x Ptap to Monitor Power Cables - CamJam Monitor Bracket - Smart Systems Zen Digital Level - Ptap to 2pin Zen Power Cable $2,600 USD plus Shipping from Toronto, Canada 8BALL ROTATING OFFSET - 12" Low Profile Rotating Offset $850 USD plus Shipping from Toronto, Canada RATWORKS DROP DOWN OFFSET - Quick Change Portrait Plate - Z Plate Bracket - Drop / Offset Plate - Z plate Flight Case w. custom foam *note the action pics of the offset is from the Ratworks IG page as I don't have any. $850 USD plus Shipping from Toronto, Canada Steven French SOC camerasteve@gmail.com
  2. Looking to sell my backup sled from Smartsystem, their Matrix Sled Extreme - 3Stud (goldmount) version. New it's $10,499 + Import fees/Shipping. (Matrix Sled) This sled has only been used 3-4 times really. Only "issue" as seen in photo 4 is the plastic knob to secure the top plate in broke off. So I include a tool to tighten this screw down. It still holds fine and otherwise works great. Includes: - Sled w/ Monitor yoke and 3 Goldmount plates (one on buttom, 2 on back. - Dock for Stand - Rolling hard case with Sled cutout and Armx1 cutout below if you get their arm in the future - Two camera plates, one small one large. - T-Allen tool to tighten top plate. - Weights for bottom. *Monitor and Batteries not included Price is $9,500 OBO. Located in LA, California. Would prefer local but will ship if person covers shipping cost. Let me know if you have other questions or want other pictures! IMG_0892.dng
  3. Hi all, This is a repost because the package has significantly evolved. The steadicam was purchased in 2019 and was maintained by Smartsystem last year. It is in excellent condition with only a few scratches on the gimbal and fully accessorized. The sled comes with the Ronity Lite upgrade to fly a DJI Ronin 2 on it (not included). It is a Volt® upgradable sled. I'm selling it because I now have a second steadicam. Sled Matrix Extreme 12/24v with 3x Vlock battery mount. 33Kg/72.5lbs Max Payload (10115e) Top stage MK2 Matrix Core Matrix Gimbal Monitor Mount Separate Rods for Monitor Mount Intelligent Battery pack C-battery with counterweights x10 10x couterweights Matrix sled docking bracket Short Dovetail Plate Hardcase with custom foam at the first floor, and Pick n' Pluck foam at the 2nd floor R2 Lite upgrade (1727e) Couterweight plate for Ronity R2 Yaw Locker R2 Head adapter R2 battery Mount U-Bracket/Low mode bracket Addittional Accessories Low Mode Monitor Mount (200e) Long Dovetail Plate (346e) Sled to Tripod Adapter (352e) MUST-HD 703s monitor (500e) Cables 2 pin Lemo to DC12V (50e) Lemo 4pin to Alexa 35/Mini/Amira 24v (135e) Lemo 2pin to Lemo 2 pin (short) (81e) Lemo 2 pin to Lemo 2 pin (medium) (81e) Lemo 2 pin to Lemo 2 pin (long) (81e) Lemo 4 pin to Lemo 2 pin (C-battery) (92e) Lemo 4 pin to RED Ranger 24v (134e) Lemo 4 pin to Venice 1&2 24v (133e) Lemo 4 pin to RED DSMC 1&2 12V (134e) Matrix to Ronin2 battery cable (160e) Matrix to Ronin2 Head Cable (160e) Lemo 2 pin to 4x D-tap with rods support (50e) The price of the steadicam with the numerous accessories/cables amounts to more than 14,000 euros new (for more transparency I have put the price of the objects displayed on the Smartsystem website next to the objects listed) The sled is located in Lyon (69) in France, possibility to try it in Lyon if you want. Ship worldwide. Sale price: 9200 euros (or 9900 dollars) + shipping Contact: Nicolas FERRON nicolas-ferron@hotmail.fr +337 79 72 59 68
  4. Hi all, I sell my backup/spare rig. It's a Smartsystem Matrix Extreme with lots of additional accessories. It's a 3G-sdi 12/24v sled with 3rd battery plate and which can power a Ronin 2 at the bottom of the sled with TB50/55. Volt upgradeable. Sled is bought new in 2019 and serviced/cleaned by Smartsystem last year. Very good condition with only minor scratches. The only "problem" is the docking bracket screw which no longer locks but this does not prevent the good use of the docking bracket. Come with a lot of cables for almost all camera setup, screws and custom hard case. Do not hesitate to contact me for any additional info/picture Asking 9500 euros + shipping Possibility to try it in Lyon (69), in France Ship worldwide nicolas-ferron@hotmail.fr
  5. Hello lovely people, I am a quite new into the steadicam operating and I want to upgrade my current setup from time to time and piece by piece. Currently I am looking into a new and brighter monitor for the next upgrade. Does anybody had the chance to get their hands on this modded SWIT monitor from SmartSystem (SmartCAM SM7-3K-Z)? I am using their arm and I am very happy with that. I would like to know if it would be a reasonable purchase with the integrated ZEN system or if I should look into other monitors like the SmallHD 703 or best a Transvideo Monitor (which I think is a bit too pricey for my point of career). Maybe someone has some good advice or hands on experience with this monitor. Looking forward to hear from you guys. Until then happy shooting. Cheers Bastian https://www.smartsystem.com/product/smartcam-monitor-sm7-3k-z/
  6. Hi everyone! This might be interesting for some of you based in Europe! I was looking for lightweighed soft cases with riggid frames for every day transport of my gear! So I reached out to Sarbast at www.samascases.it! And what can I say - they really understood what was needed! The cases arrived today and are beautifully made from heavy duty Cortura - well - and my fully set up rig/arm fit nicely and should be protected! I think they haven’t put up anything on their homepage yet but I hope they will soon! What I have heard there also will be - beside the arm/sled cases - (rain) covers for the arm/sled/monitor and the Volt! Best regards from rainy Vienna Gerald
  7. Hi everyone! I always love perusing this site and reading about other ops journey and setups so I figured I’d finally give back a little and show my current set up. After years of being a gimbal op and hating how the ArmorMan 2 was on my body, as well as just the restriction of doorways and the absence of a good low-mode option, I finally pulled the trigger and got the SmartSystems Matrix sled with X1 arm…. And boy do I LOVE IT! I get the ergonomics and operability of a Steadicam with the roll control and smooth action of a gimbal. As well as being able to do some pretty crazy moves (with the execption of the trinity low to high jib mode in 1 shot - the tail gets in the way) + being able to switch to low mode in 15 seconds. :) Feel free to use this post to ask any questions of the setup or operation of it. I’m currently on a show that we are rocking the Venice + recorder + k35s + Preston … a 29lb camera package. With counter weights, the total sled comes in at 73lbs It’s a beast but with some workouts, smart operation, and taking care of my body, I’ve gotten exceptionally comfortable with it. We’re regularly doing 15-20 mins walk and talks + 100meter+ moves. It’s not for the faint of heart (or back) but neither is the Trinity or Omega. Happy operating and shooting!
  8. Hi all! I'm looking for opinions on the Smart System Matrix Sled and the Arm X1. I tried it myself at BSC a few months ago. I was very impressed by the arm but not so sure on the sled. Have any more experienced operators than myself tried the sled, if so what did you think? The price tag is really tempting, it would certainly be an upgrade from my aero 30 rig. Any thoughts would be much appreciated, cheers!
  9. Hello! I’m selling my brand new horizon monitor system from Smartsystem. This thing keeps your monitor always in the same position even if you rotate the camera. Great for trinity or ronity ops. Or steadi ops who do a lot of dutching. It came with my Matrix Package and I just don’t find myself using it, and really could use the money right now. Truly brand new out of the case. Put it on twice to practice. Comes with all you see in the pics - weights, brackets, case + power cables that I forgot to take pics of. New price is $1600 $1100 and it’s yours I’d prefer cash & local pickup in LA, but I’m willing to ship for the cost of shipping.
  10. Hi everyone, I'd like to buy my first steadicam, and I was thinking about the Archer 2 steadicam set with g-50 arm, but then I found the Matrix One Ultra bundle from Smartsystem. Does anybody have any experience with the Smartsystem Matrix One bundles? Is it comparable with other professional brands (gpi pro, tiffen etc)? I prefer using it as a normal Steadicam. Ronin 2 compatibility is something like a bonus only. Did somebody try it with the Ronin 2 on it?
  11. Hello, I am a newbie in the world of steadicam, took a workshop last year, and planning to get rig by this year end. I would like to have your opinions on Smartsystem package which as Vest Lite, Armx1 and Extreme sled. I have seen a lot of operators using ArmX1 and few of them using Extreme sled with all of them very happy with it. I haven't tried these, also I don't see a chance to try this anytime before 2021 in expo.
  12. I’m selling my great Steadicam kit because I’ve just passed to M1 system. Everything is in a great mechanic, electronic, aesthetic conditions. My rig is in Italy but i can send it all over the world. For sale: Steadicam Tiffen Shadow V50 Sled with Tilt Head Steadicam Tiffen Monitor Bracket ( Quick change in low mode ) Marshall V-LCD70XHB-3GSDI 7" HD/SDI Monitor Shadow V50 Docking bracket Tally Sistem G50X Tiffen Arm Smart System Vest Cables: Power lemo for monitor , Tally, SD Signal to Video 12V Steadicam type lemo to xlr 24V Steadicam type lemo to xlr XLR TO RED ONE XLR TO RED EPIC XLR TO ARRI ALEXA 2 x SDI Steadicam Hard Case Steadicam Arm Bag Vest Bag 25.000 euro Buyer pay shipping If interested please contact me in private at: c.marceddu@gmail.com More pics are available here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmJUN6NQ
  13. Hi guys we are very happy to invite everyone to test or to touch with your hands our SmartCAM ARM X1, one of tiniest stabilization arm in the market but able to carry up to 70lbs and with the ability to change on the fly the springs and to adjust the dynamic response of the arm. We will carry also our Matrix Sled in its latest revision, our Vest Lite and other products and accessories at next CineGEAR in Los Angeles 31 May - 1 Jun. You'll find us at Booth 153B - New York Streets https://cge19.mapyourshow.com/7_0/floorplan/?hallID=E&selectedBooth=153B&shareguid=31D63443-E6F9-BBB1-7C4F03DD4B09F0E0 See you in LA!
  14. Hey all, I saw on newshooter.com post about this sled being released by SmartSystem about 7 months ago. First, I don't know the quality of their products, so how are their sleds? I know they are more a "budget" sled compared to some of the bigger brands such as GPI Pro, Tiffen, MKV, and Arri, but are they at least decent? I have the Glidecam X45 sled, and I feel it's pretty good for it's price point. I have a Ronin 2 already, so seeing this as my next step sled to get into a "poor man's Trinity" would be great. Plus, I like the option it can be converted into a standard sled for normal Steadi use, as well. If any one can chime in on this, that would be wonderful. Thank you!
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