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Found 1 result

  1. SELLING AS PRIVATE OWNED ITEMS, NO LONGER WORKING ON SETS AS AN AC, ALL NEAT AND MINT CONDITIONS: 1- CINETAPE REMOTE CONTROLLER Remote controller 1x 8’ cable 1x 25’ cable 1x 50’ cable NEVER USED - MINT CONDITIONS !!!! --->>> PRICE REQUIRED € 2750 The total value of this item is reaching $ 5300 (+/- € 4500): PLEASE CHECK IT: https://cinemaelec.com/prices/ ------------------------ 2- SCORPIO MOTION GENERATOR THIS IS A VERY RARE UNIT, TO BE USED TOGETHER WITH SCORPIO WIRELESS FOCUS UNIT MINT CONDITIONS this is an encoder system, connected to a geared belt you lay down on your tracks, and attach with (supplied) lock fitting Manfrotto/Avenger super clamps. The system gives you auto tracking to zoom/focus controls, very simply: just input a few track points and the system will then auto focus/zoom. The one and only very simple system yo allow a very precise zoom-in+track-back or reverse with a very accurate auto-focus as well if you link a focus motor. You can program up to 60 track positions if yo are using this system to achieve macro shots We used it several times and this has saved our life and all the crew was thanking us on set, not to multiply takes to a crazy amount and always crossing fingers that the next one would be "the good one". There are many Scorpio FIZ units available worldwide, you can rent one or use your own if you are a lucky owner of this "old fashion system from the 90's but still so reliable and TOTALLY free from any interferences in the 2.4 GHz bandwith (due to its unique duplex protocol). This Scorpio Motion generator is a MAGIC tool, it will save time, and you can rent it for quite a bit of money, being unique... IT COMES COMPLETE WITH: 1 encoder 2 belts (4m, 15m) (13', 49') 2 belt holders for super clamps 2 cables (to link encoder to scorpio motor driver box) (4m, 10ù) (13', 42') FOR FREE: I give you a Scorpio command cable (10m, 42') (ref #5407) which can be used if you have any radio interferences. it's also a great backup for your FIZ kit, if required (value € 250) SELLING for € 1350 -------------------- 3- HAWKWOODS REAL POWER ADAPTER PLATE FOR ALEXA'S THIS IS A V-LOCK "REAL POWER" HAWKWOOD 26v battery adapter Designed for ARRI ALEXA using (only) 26v on-board batteries This adapter fits a standard 12v V-Lock and gives you a way to hot-swap between 26v batteries (used to power camera) and a regular 12v battery by the time needed to exchange the 26v battery) Fischer-2 "ARRI" connector, angled 90° 2x "RS-3" output sockets to power additional accessories 3x D/Tap output socket BRAND NEW/NEVER USED this item cost +/- € 400 --->>> selling for REAL BARGAIN: € 200 ----------------- 4- 3D GOGGLES FOR SIDE/SIDE VISION ON A COMPUTER: NEVER USED BRAND NEW IN THE ORIGINAL BOX if you wish to know more, please visit www.stereoaids.com.au VALUE AS NEW: € 275 --->>> selling for REAL BARGAIN: € 125 ----------------- 5- AATON ORIGIN C+ TIMECODE MASTERCLOCK MINT CONDITTIONS --->> PRICED: € 150 ----------------- 6- ANTON BAUER VCLX-2 CHARGER AND CABLE THIS IS A BRAND NEW (NEVER USED) ANTON BAUER CHARGER AND CONNECTING CABLE, WORKS FOR CINE STYLE BATTERIES, TYPE VCLX-2 BAND NEW, NEVER USED MINT PACKAGE OPENED TO MAKE PICTURE ATTACHED ORIGINAL PRICE FOR CHARGER ONLY IS OVER € 850, and € 320 FOR CONNECTING CABLE, CHECK IT OUT AT www.bhphotocinevideo.com cine/vclx-2 charger = $ 970 connecting cable CS-GBC = $ 432 SOLD @ € 700 only ! ----------------- 7- ARRIFLEX SOUNDGLASS: This is an old trick used by semi-silent cameras to reduce the amount of noise going through lens towards front of camera: it's a donut (used to clamp MB16 ARRI) with a rubber mounted very thick soundproof multicoated glass, with a back end being 80mm a VINTAGE AND COLLECTOR PRODUCT --- sold @ € 150 ask for pictures if required --------------- 8- SD VIDEO SPLITTER: manufactured by LENTEQUIP (Canada) video splitter (SD) with 1 input, 4 output, auto terminated and amplified Powered by external source (XLR-4 socket) Selling (end user price) at $ 200 ->>>> sold @ € 120 A common mistake made in video cabling is the use of widely available BNC “T” connectors to distribute a video signal to multiple receivers (monitors, transmitters, VCRs, etc). This creates problems due to the 300mV reduction of signal strength incurred with each additional receiver – a reduction which results in a progressively dimmer picture, as well as the mismatched cable impedance resulting from multiple 75 ohm terminations on a single line – something which manifests itself as picture “ghosting”. The way to avoid such problems is by using a distribution amplifier to accurately boost and distribute the video signal, outputting a properly terminated, 1V peak-to-peak signal to every receiver. Our video splitter is just such a device – built into a compact, universally powered, connector friendly and easily servicable package. ----------------- 9- LENTEQUIP CABLE REELS LIKE NEW, MINT CONDITIONS MADE AND STILL SOLD BY LENTEQUIP (CANADA) USING "CANARE" VIDEO CABLE WITH SILICONE SLEEVE (NOT RUBBER) THIS MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE ON SET: THEY NEVER TWIST, NEVER FREEZE WITH THE (EXTREME) COLD ... TRUST ME: I USED THEM IN MONGOLIAN WINTER, BETWEEN -45°C AND -65°C !!! I LIED THEM ON THE GROUND, LEFT THEM FOR HOURS, AND ROLLED THEM UP AFTERWARDS YOU WOULD NEVER ACHIEV THAT WITH "CHEAP BNC CABLES" AVAILABLE LENGTHS: 1x 61m 3x 18m 1x 18m (thicker BNC cable, not Canare, from NEUTRIK) available (ideally) as a bundle ... please ask for price individually, they sell - nowadays- at Lentequip (Canada) at: 18m cable reel: $ 395 @ 61m cable reel: $ 495 @ cables are NEAT, as I have been cleaning them after each job, using heavy soap and detergent ! each reel comes with a 2m connecting cable from reel to your monitor/camera/video village pictures available, please ask: realtoreel@skynet.be ---------------- 10- TRIPLE BNC Cables lengths Various cable lengths: 4x 1m 2x 2m, 3x 10m 1x 20m This is a thick SILICON sleeve cable holding what was "one upon a time" called 3x "RGB" cables. Cables are so thinner than regular section used in 75 ohms cables but they are 75 ohms as well I do have SPARE (Neutrik) PLUGS to offer if you buy the all lot Each cable inside the sleeve is color coded with sleeves on the BNC plug: Red/Green/Blue (yes like "RGB") I have used them for multiple applications: * sending a camera feed to DIT and sending back a LUT corrected picture to camera * sending video feed to camera and linking cameras between then to SYNC * MOSTLY: on remote head cranes where you pull such a cable, and if any connector goes damaged, you simply connect next cable, and don't have to rewire the all crane length ... TIME CONSUMING and you look like a fool !!!! --------------- 11- HAWKWOODS V-LOCK ADAPTER PLATE THIS IS A V-LOCK TO V-LOCK PLATE WITH 2x REGULATED 12v output (2x Hirose-4 sockets), and 1x D/TAP (unregulated) this is an ideal tool when you have to power from battery plate any accessories which can NOT hold more than 12v, as your batteries nowadays are 14.4v nominal, which is nearly 17v when fully charged. Hirose-4 plugs cost considerably less than any Lemo, make you own cables for these accessories requiring 12v regulated power supply SOLD @ € 100 --------------- 12- HOODMAN sunshades: models available: 14" - 20" - 24" - H500 - H600 - H700 --------------- 13- CANOPUS "ADVC55" (SD ANALOG TO DIGITAL CONVERTER): converts SD analog signal to digital DV Link (FW-1) --------------- 14- CINEMATOGRAPHY ELECTRONICS "CINE CHECK" frequency meter for camera fps, HMI, internal power by 9v cell --------------- 15- Cineroïd adapter cables HDMI-MINI HDMI - complete bundle various CINEROID cables mini HDMI, NEW, IN THEIR ORIGINAL PACKAGING mini HDMI - mini HDMI ref HCRF07CRB - 0,7m (4x availables) mini HDMI - mini HDMI ref HCRB07CRB - 0,7m (9x availables) mini HDMI - mini HDMI ref HASN07CRB - 0,7m (4x availables) mini HDMI - HDMI adapter ref HASR01CRB - 0,1 m (2x availables) mini HDMI - HDMI (ref HASN12CRB) - 1,2m (1x) for any technical details, please ASK ME DETAILS, I'LL SEND YOU PICTURES each cable used to sell each € 30 a few years ago, they are NEW COMPLETE kit, as A BUNDLE: €200 PLEASE ASK FOR HIGH RESOLUTION PICTURES and prices FOR ALL ABOVE MENTIONED GEAR & ACCESSORIES using private message to: realtoreel@skynet.be originc+.bmp
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