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Found 5 results

  1. Steadicam Zephyr Rig with several upgrades and modifications to this package beyond just the stock rig. This package comes with the stock monitor but includes a 3D printed monitor yoke for a SmallHD 703. It also includes is a 3d printed wide handgrip by SkyMagic and a mount for the 2nd battery plate allowing you to power 12v and 24v cameras and accessories. The package comes with a full set of bottom weights specifically designed for the Zephyr system and a Low mode Bracket. Stand is not included. This package was serviced by Tiffen in late 2021. Perfect working condition. Minor scuffs from use. 1x Zephyr Sled 1x Dovetail Plate 1x A30 Arm w/ bag 1x Zephyr Vest 1x Zephyr Dock 1x Zephyr Case 1x SmallHD 703 Monitor Bracket 1x 2nd Battery Plate 1x 3d Printed Grip Cover 6x Large weights 4x Small weights 1x Low mode Bracket STAND NOT INCLUDED
  2. Hello! My name is Carlos Hernandez, I work primarily as an Assistant Camera for mostly reality based content in the Tampa Bay area. I've been intrigued with Steadicam since 2015, the delightful shots and the physical ability enticed me. However I wasn't able to get experience with a rig until December last year, with a very kind NY operator. I'm very grateful for that opportunity because it solidified my curiosity into desire. I then scheduled a Tiffen Silver Workshop in Burbank. It was scheduled in March, I almost canceled due to Covid-19 but took the risk. We all social distanced and took best practices at the time, and to my knowledge no one was exposed to Covid-19. Instead we were exposed to the extensive knowledge from Rey Reyes, Tyson Galland, and Nic Somera. They were all very helpful and encouraging. And my peers were very pleasant and impressive operators. It was a very enlightening and fun workshop, I wholeheartedly recommend it. Then after arriving home safe, the pandemic had set in. So I haven't bothered reaching out to local Florida operators, however I know there are many productions up and running in Florida. I have two negative test results already and plan to be tested again. Is there any op in Florida that is willing to let a newbie get in their rig? Of course, with proper safety measures taken. I definitely need more practice, so any time in a rig at all would be very helpful. I will soon be buying a rig for myself. The Zephyr has been recommended to me, which I'd like to buy used if possible. Does anyone disagree with the Zephyr as a starter rig? Any things to look out for on a used one? Do you know someone selling theres? Any and all advice is welcome, I would love to hear from my seniors.
  3. Hi Folks, I’ve been oping on and off for a few years and I’m finally looking to buy my own starter rig. I would love to find a used Zephyr rig or comparable. I appreciate any info or feed back. Thanks!
  4. I'm getting ready to purchase either a used Flyer LE or a used Scout. I have flown the Flyer as a rental many times and feel comfortable with it. I have never flown a scout. I understand the Scout is a newer / updated version of the Flyer and may have some improvements over the Flyer and is generally newer and more modern. My concern with the Scout it is designed to only mount one Anton Bauer battery to the bottom of the sled, the two battery design of the Flyer seems to add more counterwieght. I understand the Scout is designed to balance with screw on "Merlin" weights. Perhaps the scout is a no-brainer in terms of just going with a newer system but just wanted to get some advice from people with more experience with both. Sometimes newer is not allways better in my experience. Thanks! In a world full of brushless gimbals, I'm excited to become a Steadicam owner. No gimbal will ever replace the Steadicam concept for long tracking shots.
  5. Recently, upgraded my rig! I have the following for sale! Steadicam 3A Electronics and other bits. see pictures. 3A batteries for sale here.. . . http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=22225
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