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  1. Selling my Tiffen G50X arm. Only minor cosmetic scratches everything else works. Only selling it because I upgraded to a new arm. The arm comes with a 1/2", 3/4'', and 5/8'' arm post, a bag, and a rain cover, the low mode bracket was sold. Located in LA and prefer to sell locally but willing to ship at buyers expense. Selling for $7500 obo IMG_6322.HEICIMG_6323.HEICIMG_6325.HEIC
  2. FULL STEADICAM ARCHER 2 VOLT w/ G50x KIT Full Kit Price - $25k Steadicam Archer 2 Sled (V-Mount) Steadicam Volt Upgrade for Archer2 Steadicam Exovest with Large Socket Block Steadicam G50X Arm Bag for the arm Dovetail Plate 7x RED V Mount Batteries 2x RED V Mount Chargers Pelican Case For Batteries and Chargers Low mode bracket Long Arm Post Steadicam Docking Bracket Thermodyne Hard Case for Sled and Arm Steadicam Tally Cable VFA-2 Alexa Mini Viewfinder Adapter 1x 12V Lemo to XLR 4-pin cable 1x 24V Lemo to Fischer, Alexa power cable 1x 24V Lemo to Fischer, Alexa Mini/Amira power cable 1x Tally Light Cable Located in Los Angeles, CA Email: russelltandy1@gmail.com
  3. I’m selling my sled Artemis 1 Cine Broadcast 1.8in V-Mount after upgrading my rig to Trinity2/Artemis 2. The Artemis 1 was originally purchased from ARRI on October 2020 and it’s located in Dubai UAE. The set includes: K2.0010314 1x artemis Cine Broadcast 1.8in, V-Mount K2.0010319 1x artemis Docking Bracket, 1.8in K2.0010443 1x artemis Camera Dovetail Plate, 8in K2.0010436 1x Hex Key 2mm K2.0010437 1x Hex Key 1.5mm K2.0010471 1x Cam Power, Cine, 24V, Fischer 2pin original cable I’m also including this extra cables, accessories and case for the Artemis 1: Cam Power, Cine, 24V, Fischer 2pin spare cable Pelican case 1615 for TRINITY & artemis rigs Adicam Quick Release Plate Cable FFA 0S to D-tap F 35cm 2X Cable FFA 0S to D-tap splitter F 50&35cm Cable FFA 0S to 12V external power 25CM 2X Cable FFA 0S to D-tap F 60cm 2X Lemo 0S 303 to Dtap F 60cm ARRI CSS Post Tool for Artemis and Trinity Asking for 14000 euro or best offer. Shipping is on the buyer. I accept EURO, AED or USD. The steadicam has some cosmetic scratches in the gimbal but is working in perfect conditions. You can contact me on my email alex@alexsteadi.com or send me a message.
  4. selling steadicam M2 Volt gimbal including: - M2 Volt gimbal - Volt padded docking bracket - cam-jam monitor mount 10,000 USD OBO email: dani.dagher@hotmail.com text: +971557158191
  5. selling Betz Wave 1 including: - Wave 1 - hprc hard case - 3 power cables: dtap / 3 pin / 2 pin - XCS side to side plate 5500$ including XCS plate 4800$ excluding XCS plate dani.dagher@hotmail.com +971557158191
  6. Hi! I am selling my Steadicam Provid. ONLY IN SPAIN / Hola, vendo mi Steadicam Provid. SÓLO EN ESPAÑA COMPLETE KIT 3.800€ / KIT COMPLETO 3.800€ Kit includes / El Kit incluye -Sled Steadicam Provid -Steadicam Provid Arm -Steadicam Provid Vest -Monitor Neway LCD CK700SDIX -2x Dynacore V-lock batteries -Dynacore battery charger -Original Flightcase
  7. Hello everyone, I'm finally selling my trustworthy Steadicam Aero-30 kit along with all the accessories and extras. This kit contains everything you need to operate. List of kit contents : - 1 x Manfrotto Avenger Baby Steel 30 stand - 1 x Docking bracket Basic 1/2 Steadicam Aero-30 - 1 x Sled Steadicam Aero-30 avec with V-lock battery mounts - 1 x Steadicam plate with 2 x 3/8" screw and small flathead screwdriver - 1 x Steadicam 7" 3G-HD/SD/HDMI monitor - 1 x Steadicam Zephyr Vest - 1 x Steadicam Aero-30 arm - 8 x Balancing weights - 2 x V-lock Swit 14.4V / 88Wh batteries - 1 x Swit V-lock battery charger - 3 x Monitor power cable, D-Tap to mini-XLR including: 2 x 50cm length cable and 1 x 1m length cable - 4 x BNC right-angled to right-angled cables including: 3 x 40 cm long cable and 1 x 75 cm long cable - 1 x Steadicam Low Mode F-Bracket - 1 x Extra Monitor Bracket. - 1 x Bag. The entire kit (except the stand, the batteries and the charger) can be fitted into the bag. The kit is in very good condition and has been regularly serviced by Planning Camera in Paris. The vest and the sled show some signs of normal wear-and-tear but nothing that prevents the kit from working normally. Price: 5000 Euros (+ VAT) OR Best Offer The kit is based in Paris in the 15e arrondissement If interested, please get in touch with Bozo (aka Bruno Vildé) via email at : steadiboz@gmail.com and include « Achat Aero-30 » in the subject header. Thank you, Ahmed El Lozy for Steadiboz
  8. For sale is a mosespole Volt yoke with baby pin adapter and pin. You know you need this. low low price of 475 Shipping is on the buyer. thanks, Buzz Moyer
  9. Hi Folks, Hope you're all well. I have a brand new Trinity 2/Artemis 2 for sale. I purchased this for a movie that ended up getting shelved before the strike. It has never been on set. The kit has pelican cases for the head and the wheels but not the Sled. I was planning on doing a bigger custom case that I never finalized. It has all three axis wheels for when and if they ever come out with the pan motor for the Trinity as well as the wireless transiever to operate everything wirelessly. Everything is in great condition and works great and has only ever been built in a rental house. Pricing it for a quick sale at 80K, purchased everything for 90K from previous owner that basically transfered ownership from Arri to me that had purchased it for $95,745.99. Extra accessories from a normal Trinity package circled in red below. Located in Los Angeles. The items missing from the package are the CSS Long Steel QL plate 315 & 450mm and the 7inch and 5inch monitor mounts. I never used these as I rigged them differently. Please contact me for further information. All the best, Roham
  10. Hey everyone, I'm selling my Tiffen Zephyr Steadicam package (V-Mount). I bought this in January of 2021 during college (I am the 2nd owner of this kit) and dabbled in Steadicam for a few years but have taken a new path and would like to sell this to fund for other gear. The kit shows signs of wear and use but works without any issues. There is a scratch on the monitor but it's harder to notice when then monitor is powered on and does not affect the performance of the monitor at all. The tightening screw for the docking bracket is broken but it can be tightened down still, I just use part of my shirt to protect my hand from the sharp plastic when tightening down. All the latches on the case are in good working condition. Everything in the pictures is included except the C-Stand. Asking $7,000 or best reasonable offer. Located in Charlotte, NC -- hopefully looking to sell locally but will ship within the U.S at buyer's expense. Includes: Steadicam Hard Case Zephyr Vest Zephyr Sled Zephyr Arm Zephyr Dovetail Plate Zephyr Docking Bracket (1) 30in Right Angle SDI Cable (1) 20in SDI Cable (One end is right angle) XLR Power Cable for Sled monitor Zephyr Low Mode Bracket (Used) (2) 3-Way SDI Splitters (4) Right Angle SDI Connectors Blackmagic HDMI to SDI-3G Converter Assortment of screws for camera plate Bag of Wax Pencils (assorted colors) V-Mount to Gold Mount Plate Adapter (1) V-Mount Battery 98Wh (1) V-Mount Battery 190Wh (1) V-Mount Battery Charger If you have any questions, shoot me a message.
  11. I’m selling my under-used GPI PRO Vest as I’ve just been using my Klassen vest as my main. Full of goodies including: Cinetex Ltd Padding in Blue (removable) (original waist band included) Cinetex Ltd anti-slip waist band WK iBaird 4” Drop Down mount (the original socket mount is included. PRO soft bag Tools and replacement screws. Waist 35” Height 5’8” London based. Looking for £4600 no VAT
  12. I am selling a complete Steadicam kit with a LX Vest, G-50X Arm, and a heavily modified Archer Sled. Complete kit for $13,000 OBO. Available near Times Square in Manhattan NY. Everything is in good working condition, this is a great starter kit! - It is complete with all basic accessories. Major Components: -Steadicam LX Vest -G-50X Arm (Label says G50, but bearings were upgraded) -Heavily Modified Archer Sled (Internal HD Wiring, 12/24v Selector, Sled base is modified-see photos, adjustable battery position ) Accessories: -Tv Logic Monitor -4 IDX V-Mount Batteries -V-Mount 2-Battery Charger -Low Mode Bracket -F Bracket for Low Mode -Docking Bracket -Sony VCT Quick Release Plate -Assorted Cables and small Tools (see photos) -Assorted bolts, zip ties, replacement BNC connectors (see photos) -Practice Weight Cage -Two large cases that fit entire kit Feel free to message me with any inquiries!
  13. Hello, I’m fairly new to the steadigang. I’ve been using the Archer 2 and the M2 rigs with a g50x arm from my school. I now have to get my own rig since I no longer have access to those. I’ve looked at the Zephyr as a first rig knowing I won’t be using anything bigger than an Alexa mini with Cooke mini series even though that’s pushing it a little. I’ve also seen a new steadicam “Rever One Stabilizer”. And I want to know if anyones heard of it. For a full Rever rig it’s about 13k and the weight capacity is about 42 pounds. I feel like it’s too good to be true for just 13k. I’ve contacted a few operators that own one through the companies IG tags. Some say they had issues and some say they do not. Does anyone own or use a Rever? If so, what are your thoughts. Or should I just go for the Zephyr? Thank you in advance!
  14. Selling a 3 battery, 3 section, Tiffen M2 Volt Steadicam. It has been meticulously cared for and has been used in tandem with a non Volt rig for the last few years. See included items below: Docking bracket w 5/8 and pro spuds Two back up gimbal bearings Monitor mount spacers 3 volt cables 2 sled to mini cables 12 volt 2 sled to mini cables 24 volt 2 sled tilta power box cables 1 sled to 4 pin 1 sled to Pana 2 sled to Pana xl 2 sled to small hd and BNC Gimbal tool Price is $24,500 Thanks, John "Buzz" Moyer
  15. Hello all I'm selling my Steadicam Flyer LE with the 19lbs arm capacity. I've used this rig for most of my career. It’s perfect for anyone starting out with steadicam. Well maintained and works best for small DSLR cameras to stripped down red cameras. I also had a machinist bend a piece of metal for me to make a yoke for my my Small HD monitor. I can add it to the package if you want it. I've had the sled upgraded to an HD signal by Chris Konash of East Coast Cables and upgraded the monitor to the Small HD DP-7 LCD monitor. My Flyer model includes: Standard Flyer vest Flyer LE sled, 12/24 volt with two AB - mount battery mounts upgraded HD Signal Rewired by Chris Konash Flyer LE dual articulating iso-elastic arm with bag up to 19lbs of weight Docking bracket C stand Dovetail plate 2 Anton Bauer batteries Soft transport bag 1650 pelican hard case Small HD DP-7 LCD monitor I am looking to sell this as a full kit for $6000 not looking sell parts individually. HC Batteries shown not for sale. Buyer pays for shipping+ email me at matthew@steadi-matt.com or by text (845) 891-5978
  16. Arri Trinity 1 kit + Arri Artemis 1 steadicam + Artemis Carbon Spring Arm 26kg Trinity head with new style display, FomaSys serviced in June 2023. 24V both Trinity and Steadicam Everything is in perfect working condition, I have it since 2019. Around 5 minutes to change it from Trinity to Steadicam or reverse. -Trinity Head -Trinity Pendulum -Trinity lower part -Transvideo StarliteHD-5 ARRI oled -Trinity Joystick -tilt locking bracket - post centering tool - 3xbattery V-mount - 1xbattery bracket - Artemis Gimbal 1.8inch - Artemis Carbon Center post 1.8inch - 2xTop Stage Cine Broadcast - Artemis Docking Bracket - 1post extension 20 cm - windows 8 tablet for the system - 2xgimbal handle extension - Artemis Knurled Handle Gimbal Extension - 702 SmallHd monitor for steadicam with smallrig cage - Arri monitor bracket - Artemis Carbon Spring Arm 26kg + Soft bag - low mode bracket + 2arm posts Cables for ARRI, RED, SONY cameras ASKING 38000 EURO Preferably Europe with personal handover and 1 day workshop if need. IMG_3059.dng IMG_3058.dng IMG_3057.dng IMG_3056.dng IMG_3055.dng IMG_3074.dng IMG_3072.dng
  17. Hey gang! After having countless discussions on set about how to train for what we do, I decided to put together an article which outlines in detail; how to train and condition our bodies for the demands we face on set as Camera and Steadicam Operators! Please take a moment to check it out. Share it with fellow Ops! https://www.daviddesiocinematography.com/blog
  18. $5,500 Australian Dollars + Shipping located Gold Coast, Australia Contact: mangoqld@icloud.com NOTE: Buyer arranges and pays shipping. Manufacturer Quote Walter Klassen Flex back mount Steadicam vests features a hand molded carbon fiber shell, an ultra lightweight carbon fiber arm with end block tilt control. Our harness padding is made with high density foam with air bladder for maximum comfort and support. The lightweight Klassen FLEX provides all the comforts and benefits synonymous with a back mounted harnesses and can handle all your performance needs. Lightweight Easyrig adapter as option New carbon shell, providing flex for ease of movement Higher cut outs at the leg are better for running positions Reduced leather trim more lightweight aesthetic All the benefits features of a Klassen back mounted harness
  19. Selling my beloved Steadicam. I started my career with this Steadicam and it always performed without flaws. Very tough build, has traveled to many different countries. If you are looking for the next upgrade, to fly any weight capacity, this steadicam won’t fail you. The heaviest setup I did was probably the Arri 35 BL4. The Sled was designed to be used with the AR Revolution (Omega) Ring. Sled is located in Toronto, Canada *Buyer pays for shipping and insurance* Preferable local pickup Equipment List - 1 x MKV 4 stage post Sled 2" (telescopic) 12V & 24V (Gold mount) - 1 x 2” MKV Gimbal - 1 x Betz Top Stage - 1 x V2 Top stage Electronics- with HD line - 1 x V3 bottom stage Electronics- with HD line - 1 x Docking Bracket (full size) - 1 x Shogun 7 Recorder Monitor - 1 x Custom Monitor bracket. - 2 x Camera plates for Steadicam - 1 x Low mode bracket - 1 x Pelican 1745 case Cables and Miscellaneous - 2x 4pin female -> 3Pin male - 2pin Fischer 24v -> 3Pin male - Arri mini / LF / 35 -> 3 Pin male - 2x RED 12v -> 3Pin male - 10Pin Fischer -> 3Pin male - 2x 3Pin male -> 3Pin male - 2x Dtap splitter -> 3Pin male - Miscellaneous cables *Comes without Betz-tools wave, Transvideo starlight monitor, and low mode monitor bracket* Price: 19.000$CAD
  20. Greetings All! I created a versatile kit that allows you to fly a big rig at a low entry price point and quickly swap to gimble, hand-held or sticks with the SOS plate and Slingshot. I took a modular approach when creating the kit, so when you’re ready you can swap-in other sleds while keeping the arm, vest and support tools. I bought this Steadicam in 2020 from the talented Lohengrin Zaplain (RIP). I’m the second owner and primarily used this for flying on my own indie productions. The rig was made for heavier cameras, but the package includes a 15lb (6.8kg) weight plate that allows you to comfortably fly newer digital and lighter cameras up to a very comfortable operating weight. The 3A arm can be modified by Robert Luna to open up the bottom of its range. This kit is great for anyone looking to upgrade into a commercially useable rig without the budget for a brand new one. While a little older, it still comes with quite a few nice features. Note that the Transmission, FF and batteries all work. Happy to work with you on pricing and payments. $12,999.00 All-in (Plus Shipping) INCLUDED: 1x Tiffen ULTRA HD Sled Super post, motorised head and HD-SDI line added - Custom Cut Armoured case on wheels - Tiffen 15cm 6" (short) plate - Tiffen 30cm 12" plate - Weight Plate 15lb/7kg Modifications: - removal of the tilting stage - removal of the top post (weak post) - HDMI conections added - 12/24 V electronics bypassed and wired for 12V (electronics are still there) - New double V-mount mount 1x 6“ Transvideo Monitor and Yoke 1x 3A Arm - Good condition. Can fly anything you throw at it! 1x Walt Klassen Rear-Mount Vest - W 32-36 x H 5’8” – 6’2” - New Waist Pads - Slingshot v1 (Gimbal/Handheld mounts) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additions: 1x SOS plate 1x FOLLOW FOCUS - Bartech Follow-Focus with DM1 motor, mount and cabling 1x TRANSMISSION - Bolt Pro TX/RX (with two backup RX) with cabling 1x Tiffen ULTRA Docking Bracket 2x IndiPro V-Mount Batteries 2x Ultra to 12v XLR Power Cable 1x Ultra to 24v XLR Power Cable 1x Ultra to Panavision 24v Power Cable 1x 4 pin XLR to Fischer 2 pin (arri Alexa) 1x 4 pin XLR to 2pin Lemo (teradek) 2x Tiffen/Hill 5/8 to ¾ arm posts -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. TRANSPORT: 1x Tiffen Flight case for Sled 1x Klassen Soft bag for Vest 1x Tiffen Soft bag for Arm 1x Klassen Soft bag for Slingshot V1 and front mount vest 1x 6“ Transvideo Monitor and Yoke 1x 3A Arm - Good condition. Can fly anything you throw at it! 1x Walt Klassen Rear-Mount Vest - W 32-36 x H 5’8” – 6’2” - New Waist Pads - Slingshot v1 (Gimbal/Handheld mounts) 1x Tiffen ULTRA Docking Bracket EXTRAS 1x TRANSMISSION - Bolt Pro TX/RX (with two backup RX) with cabling - O.G. but still transmitting image! 1x FOLLOW FOCUS - Bartech Follow-Focus with DM1 motor, mount and cabling - Bomb Proof! 2x IndiPro V-Mount Batteries Plates & Posts Tiffen 15cm 6" (short) plate Tiffen 30cm 12" plate Weight Plate 15lb/7kg 2x Tiffen/Hill 5/8 to ¾ arm posts Ultra Cabling 2x Ultra to 12v XLR Power Cable 1x Ultra to 24v XLR Power Cable 1x Ultra to Panavision 24v Power Cable 1x 4 pin XLR to Fischer 2 pin (arri Alexa) 1x 4 pin XLR to 2pin Lemo (teradek) 1x SOS plate TRANSPORT: 1x Tiffen Flight case for Sled 1x Klassen Soft bag for Vest 1x Tiffen Soft bag for Arm 1x Klassen Soft bag for Slingshot V1 and front mount vest *Front Mount Master Series Vest (?) Project Vest
  21. Selling my 'Ready to Shoot' Tiffen M2 Volt, G70x Arm, Flowcine XSpine Vest package. Great for anyone looking to upgrade from a beginners sled and looking for a full package that's ready to go. Kit is 'Like New', never been on set and only rigged up a handful of times. Purchased at retail cost, sales tax already paid. My loss, your gain. Can ship in the US at buyers expense. See spreadsheet in the folder for all components, accessories and more photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HKLnjR7foDu2EgYltWZ2tKJlJtHQPiA-?usp=sharing
  22. Hello, I'm selling my steadicam vest. I bought it 2 years ago as my first vest. The vest is in very good condition and has a lifetime warranty from the seller / smartsystem.com . For more info on the vest, here is the link: https://www.smartsystem.com/product/vest-lite/ located in czech republic / europe. I am asking 1600€ + shipping
  23. Selling my Archer 2 w/ G-50x and Ultra Vest. Included is: -Archer 2 Sled w/: Low Mode Bracket 3rd Battery Plate Jerry Hill EVF Bracket Atomos Shogun Flame Monitor (2) 12v Power Cables (1) 24v Power Cable (2) SDI Cables Set of Screws -G-50x Arm -Ultra Vest -New Cinelevel (only used a couple times) -All-in-one Tiffen Travel Case (fits sled, arm, and vest) -Docking Bracket -Modern Steadicam Stand -(4) Anton Bauer Digital 90 Batteries w/ Dual Charger and Case Does not include wheels for stand or an SOS plate. All of it is in great condition, and is the perfect complete rig. Asking $24,000. Located in Los Angeles, prefer to sell locally, but will ship at buyers expense. Feel free to text me at 417-631-5599, or email at jmachdp@gmail.com. Thanks! IMG_5144.HEIC IMG_5145.HEIC IMG_5147.HEIC IMG_5149.HEIC IMG_5151.HEIC IMG_5152.HEIC IMG_5153.HEIC IMG_5155.HEIC IMG_5157.HEIC IMG_5161.HEIC IMG_5163.HEIC IMG_5165.HEIC IMG_5168.HEIC IMG_5171.HEIC IMG_5173.HEIC IMG_5178.HEIC IMG_5179.HEIC IMG_5182.HEIC IMG_5186.HEIC IMG_5187.HEIC IMG_5188.HEIC IMG_5191.HEIC IMG_5193.HEIC IMG_5194.HEIC
  24. Cleaning out the closet and parting way with an old friend and workhorse. Was my first rig and got me through more than what it was made for. Hopefully it will go to the next beginner or someone fresh out of collage. It's been modified to be more versitle in the field with the added lower battery hander to accept HD SDI and a third central battery hanger for better balance with heavier Camara Packages. Flyer Kit includes: HD Steadicam Flyer Gold Mount Flyer arm capable of 15ish lbs camera builds Flyer vest - hip pad support is cracked and you'll see in the pictures the... "Surgery" that was done on it works for me but tiffen sells replacements if you're interested in fixing. Top Stage - I replaced the factory dovetail locking knob with a lever for extra tightening Bottomed battery bracket has upgraded wiring Top plate on swivel mount feeds the 2pin lemo on the top stage Bottom plate on swivel is an on hand backup plate but also adds as extra balance Center plate feeds the monitor via DTap I have the original pieces from steadicam that I'll include. Docking tripod - including SKB travel case Low mode bracket Pelican iM2950 case - custom foam that fits all but the stand. Super convenient not having multiple cases to lug around. *Batteries not included ASKING $3,000 (without monitor) $3,900 (with monitor) Atomos Shogun 4k 60p full kit Sun hood 4 batteries DTap adaptor x3 SSDs with reader x2 chagers EXTRAS INCLUDE: Redrock Micro Wireless Remote - $250 Wireless hand unit x1 Motor Basestation Focus finger wheel Extra Redrock Micro Basestation - $100 BM HDMI to SDI converter - $50 Large InnerSpace Case - $1,250 s
  25. The V2 2″ Nexus System (MK-V AR ready) I'm selling my trusted 'Ready to go Steadicam.' This has a 4 stage post system with Advanced Gimbal and Monitor, Spring Arm and Vest. It in good condition. See photos for details of condition. Everything you see in the photos comes as a package. This has a Carbon Fibre 2″ 4 stage post system with V2″ Advanced Gimbal and V2 Monitor arm. V2 D-Box and J-Box, Standard Top stage and Dovetail plate and 15mm bars. 1 x Dual and 1 x Single PAG battery module of your choice. V2 Docking Station, Full cable pack, Flights case Silver Spring Arm - with Case Small HD DP7-Pro HD 7" Monitor Steadicam Vest This is FULLY Upgradeable to the V3+ Deluxe Nexus and is MK-V AR ready Price $9,000
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