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Found 11 results

  1. I have a Steadicam Pilot and always struggle with it’s payload. I can get a Steadicam Mini which has a higher payload, but from what I have been reading, the arm that comes with the Mini is not that great. Will it fit when I use the Mini with the Pilot Arm and vest? Will the Pilot arm fit into the Mini Gimbal? And when using the Mini sled and gimbal, will I get the higher payload with the Pilot arm or is the Pilot arm the limiting factor for a higher payload? Hope someone can help me out here.
  2. Steadicam Pilot upgraded to HD The wiring has been upgraded with a strand of Belden 179DT to be shielded enough to carry HD signal. The video line terminates at the base of the post and top stage using DIN connectors instead of RCA. The topstage power connector has been replaced with a Lemo 0B 3 pin connector for a more secure connection to match larger rigs like the Flyer. The monitor has been replaced with a SmallHD Focus monitor (brand new with film over screen... the project I planned for it fell through and I already have another rig). The monitor is paired with a Small HD D-Tap dummy battery for power off of the V-mount battery plate. A short RG179 cable is also included for a clean connection from the DIN connector to the BNC on the monitor. This is set up with a V-Mount plate right now, but if you prefer a gold mount plate I can swap it before shipping or include it for later. See pictures below. C-Stand not included. Asking $1350 + shipping
  3. Hi, I recently just made a custom mount for my Steadicam Scout rig to make it looks more like a professional rig. I designed a simple bracket and I found a CNC machine shop to mill the parts for me. But they usually build parts in a reasonable quantity. So I built 10 of them. The bracket for to clamp a pair of 15mm rods on the Steadicam pole is finished and worked flawlessly. I'm planning to design a monitor yoke too. But it is not quite economical to build 10 sets of them while I only need one. The benefit of this modifcation is that the monitor position are now more flexible and independent of the battery position like the Zephyr. Not only that you can adjust the height of the monitor too. Also it is now possible to adjust the moment of inertia of the rig. So I'm looking for people with a Pilot rig or Scout rig to see if anyone would be interested in this modification. I'm not looking to earn any money I just want some people to share the production cost :D Each set should include: 1.)15mm bracket pole clamp 2.)Adjustable monitor yoke for Marshall/Steadicam 7" HD Monitor. 3.)A pair of 15mm rods And I believe the cost for each set + Shipping should be under USD$150. Please tell me if any of the Pilot and Scout owners are interested in this. If enough people are interested then I will design the monitor yoke and build it. There will be around 8 sets available because I will be building 10 sets and I will keep one set for spare. The picture above showing the modification. I don't have a monitor yoke yet so I used some 15mm bracket and a ball head to mount the monitor. I didn't want to take the picture in the toilet. But it is the only place here with a bright background lol.
  4. Hello fellow Steadicam users and OPs. Before going on let me introduce myself. I am 20 years old, I am not a film grad nor am I going to college for film; Although I do know a little bit about camera work and film already by experience. I've been working for a wedding production company for about 5 years and Using the Steadicam Pilot for 4 years. I wanna start getting more into the film area of work but I was wondering where I should start. Should I start by buying a bigger Steadicam? What is a good place to start looking for jobs? What kind of things should I be expecting with what I have. Should I focus more about my reel first? Any tips or critiques are welcome and any contractors are too (I'll work for dirt cheap if needed, whatever gets me in) Sincerely a passionate Pilot User.
  5. Good day, I am considering buying the pilot. However, the vest (which looks very flimsy and cheap) and arm look somewhat mysterious. Should I buy the sled only and go for a cheaper arm and vest like Glide Gear 6001? Or buy a used flyer vest and arm? Or even a chinese knockoff arm and vest? Any suggestions?
  6. Hello, I am a novice in the Steadicam arena but would love to ultimately own REAL (40K-60K Equipment). Right now I fly my GH4 with battery grip & Rokinon 14mm on my Glidecam HD-2000 with GlideGear's Vest & Arm. The payload is 2-6 lbs. I am ready for a real rig. I have been eyeballing the Pilot for a long time, as well as the Scout. Then I had this phase where I was mainly concerned with Came-TV's chinese knockoffs. Knowing they were probably crap, I still heavily considered buying one of their rigs. Not to fly on set right away, just to practice framing, horizon control, etc. However, after spending frivolously on Camera, Lenses, Cages, and Rigs over the past two years I want to really take my time before I purchase a Steadicam Rig. I have been told there are more rigs out there than Tiffen's. I have seen MKV, GPI pro, ActionCam, Movcam's and Sachtler's Artemis's websites. There was another brand named EEMOV??? Has anyone heard of these rigs? Are they decent?? Bottom line is I am caught between Pilot SD Sled only with AB mount. I feel like the Vest and Arm that comes with pilot is just not worth buying, when I can purchase a cheaper vest/arm from one of these chinese knockoffs (Laing, Wondlan) and still fly the Pilot. That is one conflict. The other is should I just forget flying the pilot and look for a Scout. I know I am always going to want to add more weight to the rig. There are a lot more compact cameras today but I still would like to eventually fly a heavier rig. If I buy the pilot should I buy the whole system with Pilot Arm and Pilot vest? Or should I just buy pilot sled and maybe a less expensive vest and arm? Or should I buy this less expensive arm and vest and buy EEMOV's EG-11 sled?? Or should I see about selling some of my current gear, save up, and purchase the complete Scout system?? --Thanks for your input
  7. I'm selling my lightly used Steadicam Pilot that's been sitting in the closet for the past few months. I bought it new on May 8th from BH and used it a few times before purchasing a Steadicam Flyer. Since then, it has seen no use . It performs like new and is in very good condition. I'm selling to fund a big rig next year. Item Location: Newport Beach CA If you're in SoCal and you'd like to take a look at the rig in person, please ask and we can arrange a time to meet up. Steadicam Pilot-AA Pilot Vest Pilot ISO-Elastic Arm Stage Plate with 1/4-20 screw Steadicam 5.8" NTSC/PAL LCD monitor (SD) All original counter weights Pilot Backpack Pilot Manual Docking Bracket BNC Cable T-handle allen key Steadicam Quickstart Guide Warrantee Registration Card (blank) Call/Text or Private Message 847.946.3054
  8. I have been working with the Steadicam Pilot that my school purchased fairly consistently for a few months now and one of my professors has recommended me to a colleague who is producing a film. I have only ever worked on student film sets and my training was fairly rudimentary so I have some anxiety about being on a professional set as an operator. I was wondering if anyone out there had some suggestions for the questions I need to ask before filming, preparations that I need to make with my rig before filming and while on set, good workflow for when I am on set, any faux pas to avoid, and a good workflow for breaking down my rig after filming has wrapped? any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! -Vertullo
  9. Action!Tiffen Steadicam Pilot Sony PMW F5 CineAlta Zeiss Compact Prime CP2 Distagon 28/T2.1
  10. Hello folks, I have a Steadicam Pilot and a couple of different cameras to use with it - a Sony NX3D1 and a PMW EX1. The EX1 would be the preferable camera to use on it but so far I've had little luck getting it balanced (certainly in the way that all the pro users get it balanced!) While being a newb with this piece of kit, I've spent a good couple of days tweaking gimbal height, mounting on the cheese plate, setting balance points with the bottom post and the stage and different configurations of weights. I'm thinking that I'm missing something obvious to do with how to set it, or perhaps I'm just being too impatient with the process of setup. I have found that I can tweak and adjust the sled to the point of getting the cameras rested upright and balanced but as soon as I touch or move the camera, it fails to right itself back to that perfect point. I am also finding if very difficult to get the camera balanced in such a way as to avoid the pendulum effect of stopping when wearing the rig. I was wondering if any of you EX1 users out there could share configurations of gimbal height and weight-placement that you find give you a nice static/dynamic balance? Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated! Kind regards, Richard
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