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Found 2 results

  1. Selling my Clipper 2 kit. This includes: Steadicam Clipper 2 Sled G50 Arm plus soft case Ultra Vest plus soft case Docking bracket UltraBright 1 Monitor Cables HD - SD AJA Signal Converter Hard Cases Extra mounting plate Low mode bracket Allan tool Tool pouch Arm rain covers In good condition. Looking for US$16,000. Selling from NZ so can ship at buyers expense. Lastly, I am selling as I have upgraded to an M1 with a Volt which I currently use. I have also been on the waiting list for a Volt for this Clipper 2 since April. So whoever buys this rig can take over that place on the waiting list if you're keen to get a Volt. But buying this rig does not obligate you to get the Volt either. Just let me know.
  2. It's taken me over a year to sit down and place this ad. I haven't officially itemized my gear yet but this is the beginning of the end. ha. I'm selling my PRO I sled with PRO gimbal and also my back up PRO I with a CP gimbal. I use one rig as my hero and the other as lite weight or keep built in low mode. Transvideo super bright. Great cond. Two Preston I's complete with 3 motors, one motor is a lite weight for iris control. Very nice. Brackets and cables galore, all kinds of aks. Back up hardwire Preston single motor micro controller with M1motor. A Kenyon gyro system ( two fat four gyros) are included as well as a gyro battery pack pack. PRO Super post. New PRO vest. Almost new PRO arm with four extra canisters. Klasson wrap around vest. Excellent condition. It's heavy but I use the Klasson vest for longer or long lens shots. Lots of batteries. Two Pag chargers Two Preston chargers Lots of cases. Canatrans, A hi power custom transmitter, Modulous and Coherant transmitters. Lots of great steadicam parts and piece. Rubbermaid cart and a Yeager cart, customized by Backstage carts. I wish such a rig or deal was around when I pieced my rig together with blood, sweat and home equity loans. I have a very complete rig. The rigs are dated but this choc. bar system is really strong and I like the way they fly better than others. This is the perfect kit to jump into Steadicam and know you have back up gear. In the beginning you cannot fail. You may not get a second call. Having many back up parts and systems makes you sleep well at night. Believe me. I have nitrogen tanks for cleaning the sand at the end of the day, A Grip four way ball head (the good one) for mounts and car work, because you have to make yourself look good. Don't depend on anyone to have what you need. I've been in the vest for 25 years in Local #600 here in Los Angeles and also a Local #80 dolly grip for another 20 years before that, and it's time to move away while I can. Steadicam has been a dream come true. The best job on the set. It makes me sad to finally come to terms with selling my passion. But day in and day out it has gotten harder. And the new generation of digital cameras has taken it's toll on us. The Panasonic with the long lens with the spinner lens almost killed me. Give me a Panaflex LT and I could fly all day and night. At least you got a break every 4 minutes. I'm still camera operating studio mode on television shows and I hold the dolly down pretty well, but Steadicam is a job we cannot fail in. So much depends on the heart of the operator. This kit is ready to go to work. I'm very proud of it. I live in Los Angeles. Come check it out. We can discuss price. I'd like to sell but not in big hurry. Like a litter of cats. I want them to go to a good home. Hopefully both parties will benefit from this deal. Aside from Pro sports I don't know what gives a person such a rush. Pulling off a cool shot is what makes it fun. Enjoy the sweat. Make it your friend! Fly safe, but shit happens! Good luck. Let's talk. Ron Veto soc
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