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Found 18 results

  1. Hugo has spent quite some time getting these right. They should fit any and every cinema products 3A style arm, no matter what serial number (apparently there were slight differences over the years). Refreshed look of a classic arm that will never go out of style. It's no PRO, but anyone who's owned one of these will surely agree, it's rock solid and always dependable. Now given a refreshed look, and for me, quicker access for user repairs (I have the toolless attachments made by Robert Luna, which now I no longer have to remove to get the spring covers off), and the spring tension window is longer for ballparking the weight. Give Hugo a shout if you need to replace your arm covers. admin@steadyrig.com
  2. Hello everybody We would like to let everyone know that Steadyrig will be closed from Friday, December 17th through to Monday, January 10th. Throughout the Covid lock-down period we have been quietly beavering away at developing many products. Some completely new, some old and some improvements to older traditional and conventional products, making good things better. Early February we will commence bringing these products to you, and for some of them, we will be seeking Beta testing operators. We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday with your friends and families. Take care, stay safe and healthy. Kind Regards, Hugo Rig Engineering Melbourne, Australia. Rigs Can Fly. T: +61-4-1356-1635 E: admin@steadyrig.com W: www.steadyrig.com
  3. Quick note to let you all know, Our Demo Arm is now on it's way back home from Canada to Janice Arthur in the States, and will be available from September onwards. In the meantime, Happy Flying to all of you! Kind regards, Hugo Langer Rig Engineering Melbourne, Australia. Rigs Can Fly.
  4. Hi everyone, i'm looking for Ultra 2 sled/vest. And also looking for 3A Arm or Silver Spring Arm. Pls contact here or PM or thru email: tungle@50mmfilm.com Thanks
  5. On March 14 I broke the return spring of my arm, today March 17 I have a new socket block in my house. I live in Spain. Hugo you are the best. Thank you very much
  6. Hello Everyone! For those of you with an SD Pro I sled, an HD-SDI Upgrade is now affordable and a real option. We have spent a considerable amount of time researching, developing and refining the installation of a very high quality upgrade, with materials and components sourced from only reputable companies from around the world. We have also negotiated with FedEx, a special rate so that we can move a specific item anywhere around the world. Upgrade Includes On the front of the upper-junction box, the LEMO socket marked VID/PWR will be removed and replaced with an HD-SDI BNC socket, which has been gold-plated for corrosion resistance by a German manufacturer. The original BNC to the right will remain. Center post/LEMO plug The surgery performed is not a bypass, but a transplant. Due to the nature of the upgrade, the Rig's Loom/Wiring Harness will be removed and replaced with a coiled, purpose-made cable assembly. The LEMO plug at the bottom of the coiled cable will have a new LEMO with HD-SDI insert installed. The Bayonet connection between the centre post and the lower junction box will stay the same. Lower Junction Box At the top of the lower junction box, the original LEMO plug socket parts will be replaced with new purpose-made components with HD-SDI. On the front of the lower junction box another gold-plated HD-SDI BNC socket will be fitted to the right of the Monitor LEMO socket, along with the installation of the new internal cabling. The original BNC in the rear of the lower junction box remains. Both the original upper-and-lower junction box BNC sockets can then be used for a standard definition video signal or tally light. Development We have consulted a number of operators who have worked with us on this project, and have had HD-SDI upgrades installed into their rigs several years ago that have performed flawlessly, and with their feedback we have now settled on this configuration. If you want more specific information regarding things like shipping, turnabout time, pricing etc. please contact us. Contact - admin@steadyrig.com -Hugo
  7. Hello Everyone! I am writing to announce that Rig Engineering will be bringing new products to the industry. Some of these products will be completely new, some will be improvements on passé old products and some will be essential Steadicam tools. Keep an eye out in the coming months. -Hugo
  8. Hi all Steadyrig Silver spring arm for sale. As you knows well, this is come from down there Hugo, nice craftship and good customer response. It's 13~63lb payloded to working between DSLR and fully loded Alexa Works fantastic by cost effectivity Male Steel socket block was changed to toolless block. What you see is what u get. Silverarm, 3/16 allen, speed crank handle(Hill products), 10" arm post, 12" arm post /w collar,padded arm bag 6800USD + shipping (ships in solar system) Email me at steadi7 at naver.com
  9. GPI-Pro II rig for sale, including: - PRO II SD Sled: DBox + JBox + SD Telescopic Centerpost + Pro guimbal + Battery Rack + original monitor arm + Recorder mount + plate - SteadiRig Arm ( up to 63 pounds ) . - Pro Vest - Super post. To super high mode or super low mode. - Kit follow focus: Bartech with m-one motor. Kit of brackets, rings, cables, etc. - 3 gold mount batteries and twin charger. - Monitor. Transvideo Cinemonitor II SD. With bubble level - Wireless video transmiter PAL Teletest. - 2 T handle allen wrench (guimbal and arm) - Tools and spares. - Cables: 2 monitor cable ( power and video from the lower box ), AUX PWR ( lemo 2-pin to XLR4 upper box ), 2xCAM PWR (lemo 3-pin to xlr4 upper box ), Power tap to xlr4 ( from baterrie power out ), 2 BNC, and more xlr4 power cables… - Cases: 1 small peli case for follow focus kit. 1 1650 peli case for arm and vest, 1 anvil case for sled all of them with foams and handmade inlays - Docking bracket - tripod This a complete kit ready to go and it’s in very good conditions and never was rented. We do worldwide shipping. If you are interested we can do an sled upgrade from sd to hd, but this upgrade is not included with the price. Price is 29500 € or best offer. Tax and shipment are not included. We are based in Barcelona, Spain. Please feel free to call or email with any questions or offers. Mail. carlos@rocksteady.es alex@rocksteady.es tlf. 0034 659536694
  10. Looking for a Silverspring arm? I sell mine! It is in good condition. Bought it brand new from Hugo at Steadyrig in Australia back in 2008. Not been used the last two years. It is located in Sweden. It has been up here for sale before. Therefore the reduced price. Price: $6000 $5000 + shipping cost (Speed Crank included.) Send a mail to crooken@gmail.com
  11. I want to share this with the community and especially with the new operators who consider buying a new arm. (disclaimer: I do not work for the manufacturer/company I'm referring to - sure would like to - but I don't) But there's a company called Rig Engineering in Australia who manufactures Steadyrig Silver Spring arms that stems from CP's IIIA arms. They look kinda alike, are based on the same design but the engineers have made quite a few tweaks and redesigned parts. The arms are all new (made in Australia) so even they're not just refurbished IIIA like you'd first think. - Silky, noiseless, smooth operating, no cluncks in the end, the arm really does it's duty - carries the load for you (13-63lbs / 5.9-28.6kg) - Slim profile, very nice to use with back mounted vest that makes you wide as a rhino. - Friction control knob for arm post, easy to adjust in advance if need to get through tight spaces. - Simple design, weatherproof. If dirty, just disassemble and wipe of the tar and feathers. Otherwise maintenance free. - Exceptional customer care. And this is how things work out when you deal with great people (please prepare yourself with a cup of tea/coffee/Red Bull): I've been a service technician in a rental house now about eight years and among the cameras I've been rebuilding and servicing random rigs and arms. While overhauling this kind of gear, testing them, hearkening to chinks and cleaning up coke from bearings I've had a chance to try on all kinds of stuff. Then it was time to buy my own gear. I thought it would be easy after all this but it sure wasn't. Knowing what I want and knowing that I dont have the $$$ for it put me in a sticky situation so I started to gather my gear piece by piece. After reading all the posts in steadicamforum regarding the user experience it was pretty clear that GPI Pro's Titan was really popular as well as Tiffen's G-70x. I had my budget but neither of these could fit into my it so I started looking for used ones without success. One day wandering in the great internet I bumbed into this arm by "Steadyrig". Sounded like one of those Chinese companies selling .. umm.. rather 'interesting' rigs in eBay but this one seemed a decent stack of aluminium with some steel springs in. So I looked it up but found very little about the company or the arm but everything I found was very positive and that got my attention. I went through forum again looking for second hand Steadyrig Silver Spring arms and found one - emailed the guy asking for price but his answer was that he had decided to keep the arm. That got me very interested.. I sent an email to Steadyrig and later my phone rings - it's this man with a slight Ozzie accent, introduced himself Hugo Langer, calling from another side of the world asking about my needs current situation and tells me about his plan to start this "rent-to-own program"* (which I didn't completely understand in the beginning but later learned that it ment leasing). He said that he understands my financial situation and that he could help me out(!). I was like.. "where's the catch..?", called my accountant and told about the terms and she said it's more like installment plan than leasing since I'd own the arm after the signing the papers. So I ordered one without further hesitations. Had never tried on a Steadyrig's arm so it was like a dive into a murky creek wearing shackles. Anyhow this arrangement made it possible for me to buy the rest of the gear I was lacking. Without Hugo's kind offer I would still be without an arm, monitor, batteries.. It's a great help for operator starting up business. A lot of bills to pay in the beginnig but yet not enough jobs to make cash to cover it all. The arm was delivered in pieces (by my choice) which didn't freak me out since I had been playing with arms and powerful springs without damage so far. Hugo even called me to help with assembling and after the phone call it took me less than 15mins to put it together (while watching telly) but nowadays it takes me 15mins to disassemble, clean it from dirt and to assemble it again.. First I was a bit suspicious about the need of the allen key to adjust the springs (Steadyrig arm comes with a speed crank that makes it whole lotta easier) - however after the first gig I noticed that there was no need to do adjustments later. I was so used to twist the knobs to tune the lift perfect for the shot. Now the load could get a bit heavier or lighter and the shot change dramatically and still wouldn't need to adjust. The arm is very forgiving like GPI Pro Titan. Here, see me thrilled: Hugo calls me every now and then and we chat about .. stuff.. business related and not business related stuff. And note: it's 3 a.m. in Melbourne when 6 p.m. in Helsinki so he must set an alarm clock to perform a phone call?? First of all I feel safe and know that if a truck drives over my arm I'll have a replacement in a day from Sweden (Hugo has one ready in every continent e.g. Janice Arthur's in the US). Whenever I test other arms at my work I'm having this sour face.. because I miss my own.. Silver Spring is pure happiness. Thank you Hugo for helping me. BR, Tuomas
  12. Baer-Bel HD System Packge for sale. This equipment has only been used by me, never rentals. Baer-bel Sled HD, 2” Titanium Post, 12/24V power capabilities, x2 Volt meters, x2 dovetail plates -x3 Support rods (Bracket for lens control unit), Gimbal, monitor arm, x3 Battery mounts with multi combinations, x2 4 pin XLR power camera - x2 BNC, x1 pelicase 1650. Transvideo monitor Super Brightness. Separe parts Rods, screws, gimbal tool, etc.. Sony plate Arri plate The sled was purchased in 2008 Steadyrig arm, Adjustable weight range of 13 to 63 pounds. The arm is the black edition, this arm is identical to the normal version black/blue. x2 arm posts, Speed Crank, rain covert, soft bag. The arm was purchased in 2008 Steadicam Master vest leather Vest and arm travel in soft cases Pag charger x 3 Pag batteries , recycled 1 1/2 years ago, in good condition x 1 Pag batteries, this batteries is deas, is only for weight Focus control VFX + cables + mp26 hedén motor Low mode bracket. Case for batteries. Tripod for equipment. The equipment has little use. The asking price for this whole rig is 18000 € plus shipping OBO Located in Spain. Please get in touch with any questions. victorlop@hotmail.com you can make me serious offers More pictures: http://www.ipernity.com/doc/341565/album/459511
  13. Hello Everyone! After extensive research, I have come across this dovetail plate which stands out for me, to be the best option. Although expensive, I made the purchase. Very happy. Thought I would share with you all: http://www.cameragak.com/products/61-ARRI-Alexa-Steadicam-Baseplate/ Camera Positioning Systems www.cameragak.com Kind Regards, Hugo Langer Rig Engineering Melbourne, Australia T: +61-3-9898-6298 F: +61-3-9898-6218 W: http://www.steadyrig.com/
  14. The garage sale has commenced!. And after a lot of work we have started uploading the products. More will be uploaded over the coming weekends including: Sleds, Battery Hangers, Centre Posts, Arms, Vests, Monitors etc. Keep an eye on the ebay page! http://www.ebay.com/sch/steadyrig/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact! Kind regards and Happy bidding Hugo
  15. Hello Everyone! A quick heads up. Watch this space! Rig Engineering will host an "Out with the old, In with the new" Garage Sale. Gimbals, Centre Posts, Arms, Junction Boxes, etc - Steadyrig, GPI Pro, Cinema Products and others. This will be found on Ebay starting on the 27th October 2013. If you are interested in any items please email myself or Christiaan, otherwise Personal Message us here on the forum. Happy Shooting. Kind regards, Hugo admin@steadyrig.com Steadyrig.com http://www.ebay.com/usr/Steadyrig
  16. Hello All, Steadyrig is selling off one of our one-off OB watersport Arms, it is an upgraded Cinema Products Arm. We modified this Arm to have the capacity to lift larger weight range from 15-53lbs -Able to fly an ARRI Alexa (with no accessories attached), The trunnions have been treated with a Rust Proof finish, a Steadyrig D-Link with stainless steel sealed bearings that receive the arm post and a Break that provides variable resistance, and MKII Steadyrig spring covers - Weatherproofed. This arm is pretty much "Bullet Proof" used on Australian Iron Man series and Pro Surfing Competitions, on the rear of a Jet Ski. (See: ) Refurbished at STEADYRIG Melbourne, Australia. If you have any interest in this sale please visit the Ebay link below or contact us directly at admin@steadyrig.com http://www.ebay.com/itm/190916402644?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_983wt_958 Kind Regards, Hugo
  17. Looking for a second hand Steadyrig Silver Spring Arm! (Also PRO Titan arm is welcome but for some reason people dont want to get rid of them..) PM me for offers!
  18. Hello Everyone, We currently have two long term rental arms available at $4.50 per day. An additional one or two more arms may become available in the coming weeks. Regards, Hugo. admin@steadyrig.com www.steadyrig.com
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