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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, selling my Tiffen Archer 2 Sled (gold mount). Archer 2 Sled purchased new January of 2019. (Volt Compatible) (1) Thermodyne Case (1) Jerry Hill Docking Bracket (1) Jerry Hill Pro -> Tiffen Arm Post conversion (2) Jerry Hill Docking Rings (1) Tiffen third battery hanger dovetail.. (1)1.5 Gzoom Controller (1) Gfocus Amp + cables (1) Tiffen Tally Light / sensor cable. (1)Atomos Shogun Flame 4k Monitor Gently used, well stored. Asking $18,500.00 Located in Los Angeles.
  2. Hi guys :) i'm searching for a wireless HD video transmitter with tally for a sony pdw-700 or/and sony pmw-800. I don't want a external tally light - i want to use the camera tally. ... maybe also with intercom - but not a must. I don't own a CCU for this cams. Is there a system less than 10.000$ on the market? The range should be about 650 to 1000 feet. Thank you and best regards!
  3. hey yall i recently picked up a SmallHD DP7 Pro OLED. It came with a 4-pin lemo - hirose power cable, which i wasnt planning on using, but then I realized that the 4-pin lemo fits into my CineLive Tally connector. The tally output on the sled (upper junction) is 12v. Is there any reason that this wouldnt work for my monitor? I am pretty ignorant about power, so I am hesitant to plug it in, as I just dont wanna fry this new monitor. If anyone has some experience with this, id love to know! brett.
  4. I am selling the GPI PRO Cinema HD Upper and Lower Junction Boxes. Will only be sold as a set. They are the Cinema HD (formally HD-Upgrade) electronics housings. These Have the Tally Option . And the Lower electronics housing has 12 volt out on the recorder lemo, instead of the 5v or 9v of the past. I use this to feed SD video and power a program monitor for live broadcast shows. I will include a Tally cable for the top that I had Terry custom make that has the sensor, as well as two other LED lights op top, so you can tape the sensor to the camera, and tape an LED to the top or bottom of your Lens shade/Mattebox, and have another LED to place on the side of the camera facing you while you operate so if your looking up when your camera goes live, you can react faster. At the bottom is a Cable that has a 90 deg Lemo for the bottom of the sled and a Bright LED you can tape or Velcro to the top of your monitor. Both Housings are in perfect working order. Condition is like new. You can purchase an HD Center Post cable from PRO for $665 and you're good to go. Pro sells the Cinema HD set for $5165 + $800 for Tally Option, Terry charged $250 to make the top and bottom Tally Cables, So we're talking $6215 plus shipping. Price for everything is $4700 and is available for immediate shipping. Located in Miami, prefer local sale. Will ship international at buyer's expense. I accept cash. I can also accept a credit card/PayPal payment with a 3% transaction fee. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Email me off the forum for a faster reply. Ozzie@silverafilm.com
  5. On an MK-V V2 Genesis, I'm flying with a Ruige TL-s700HD monitor. The monitor has a tally built in, but the tally input is a VGA plug (15 pins). We have a photoresistor on the rig that runs to a seperate Tally light, but we use that for talent. That is the tally direct form Howard at MK-V. We have a few rigs in our studios and we use all photoresistors for our tally lights, including our pedastle cameras. After lengthy ammounts of research, I found that to active the tally, you simply need to close the contact between the ground and a pin, but the Ruige website is not user friendly and I can not find a manual that has a pin out for the plug. After testing with jumper wires, I found that pin 5 and 11 activate a green tally. Of all the combinations that worked, I couldn't get the red(which it is suppose to have) to work. Today I wired a photoresistor I had to a vga cable and tested the wires to see which ones worked. I got it to work, but I feel that there must be a better solution. My question is this: Does anyone have experience with this monitor, specifically using it with a tally. Is there a way to run a VGA cable but only wire it up with 2 wires (and I would put a sensor on the other end). My information may be a little confusing, I'm sorry for that. Thanks in advance!
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