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  1. Selling my G50x arm as I upgraded to a higher payload arm. Used only in a handful of shoots and bought in February new from Tiffen. Selling for 8000$ OBO plus shipping worldwide. Comes standard with everything you receive from the company including the arm bag.
  2. Hi All, I’m selling my reliable and sturdy Tiffen Steadicam Flyer LE. It is an excellent starter rig for anyone wanting to get into Steadicam and learn the basics and it is capable of taking some decent camera payloads (approx 8,5kg / 20 lbs). Included in the package is: - Flyer Sled 
(HD-SDI converted) 12/24 Volt - Flyer Arm 
(up to 25-30 lbs / 11-13 kg) with bag - Flyer Vest - Long Dovetail Plate 
 - (2x) IDX Powercube V-lock batteries (90mAh) - (1x) Dual V-lock battery charger 
 - (2x) BNC cable (0,4m) - (1x) Spare IDX V-Lock battery Plate - (1x) 3-pin Lemo - 4-pin XLR power cable - (1x) Dtap – 4 pin XLR power cable - Monitor Marshall V-LCD70XHB-3GSDI 7-Inch HD-SDI https://marshall-usa.com/discontinued/camera-top-monitors/V-LCD70XHB-3GSDI.php - 5/32” T-Allen Wrench 
 - Docking Bracket (Short) - Docking Bracket (Long) - Carbon Steadicam Stand (one locking section is broken, check pictures) - Soft Carry Case 
 For the record, it left the factory in 2010, was bought by a very careful man who cleaned it every time it went out, then I bought it 2 years ago to train at home. It must have been flown about fifteen times, which explains its condition, even cosmetically, almost new. The gimbal reacts very well, no friction, total fluidity. 3000$ + Shipping (can be worldwide), Located in Paris France Please let me know if you are interested, want more photos o have any questions or would like to make an offer. IMG_9436 1.mp4 IMG_9412.HEIC
  3. Hey guys, Career is heading in a different direction. For sale is an essentially brand new complete steadicam package. It's only seen practice sessions, not been on set. Everything is essentially brand new condition, ideal for someone starting out or looking for a complete secondary setup. Nothing wrong with the equipment at all, save a few thousand $ by buying extremely lightly used set. -M2 TOP STAGE TILT WITH DOVETAIL PLATE AND INTERNAL VOLT CONTROLLER -M2 GIMBAL 1/2", 3/4"" & 5/8" & VOLT MOTOR DRIVE -1.75 2-SECTION INDEXED POST (20.8”"-35.7""/528mm-908mm) -1.75 MONITOR BRACKET WITH UNIVERSAL MONITOR MOUNT -SWIT 7" Super-Bright Compact HD LCD Monitor -M2 V-LOCK DUAL BATTERY BASE 12/24V -M2 3rd BATTERY MOUNT V-LOCK WITH DOVETAIL 12/24V -Volt Padded Docking Bracket for M1 -GOOFY EXOVEST WITH LARGE SOCKET BLOCK & SOFTBAG -M-SERIES SLED & DOCKING BRACKET HARD FLIGHT CASE -Volt Drive Unit Rain Cover -STEADICAM STAND WITH WHEEL SET -2x 24 Volt XLR4 cable for Sony Venice -CABLE, POWER, 24V, 2B LEMO TO ARRI ALEXA MINI -2x Power Cable, 24V, 22"Right Angle 2B.303 to 2-Pin Fischer // ARRI Alexa + ARRI 65 (24V only) -Low Mode Bracket -Mounting Block Kit for Transvideo 6" Cine Monitor -VOLT PAN SENSOR, M2 GIMBAL -FLOWCINE X ARM with 2x blue, 2x orange, 2x purple springs -Weather cover for xArm -xMOUNT Mitchell boom kit -Armpost high/low mode kit 0.74” -Blackmagic 5” video assist low mode monitor -CAMJAM low mode monitor mount -Blackmagic HDMI/SDI converter Asking $53000 USD for the package. Items are located in Dubai, UAE. Buyer pays shipping. Cheers, Reid Cheers,
  4. For sale is my modified Ultra 1 sled modded by Stephen at APEX to have: -3x HDSDI lines -3x AB battery mounts -2 pin lemo, 3 pin lemo, hirose, multiple p taps on the bottom stage -2x 2 pin lemo, 3 pin lemo, reversable p tap, 3pin tiffen camera power(same connection as m1/m2), and hirose -Tilting top Stage -4x posts allowing the camera to scrape the ground or extend to extreme heights -supports full size cameras up to 70lbs -12/24 v support - power cable for arri film and digital cameras -power cable for panavision - case -2x camera plates - tiffen docking mount (not pictured) - original monitor mount (not pictured) - low mode bracket this post is 1.58 so it is compatible with volt but requires self installation along with m2 gimbal. If you decide to upgrade later I could put it on for you can ship at buyers expense Located in Orange County, near Los Angeles $12000
  5. Selling my Zephyr kit (V /Mount) Bought new from Tiffen and is less than a year old. I have had it on 2 jobs, but mostly just training. Like new condition. If you are looking for a Zephyr specifically then you know what you are looking at, this is a virtually new kit that includes an extra low mode bracket and a 10kg practise weight cage that breaks down into 2 x 5kg plates. Kit includes: Vest, arm, full rig, monitor, weights, plate, dock, cables, low mode bracket and practise cage/weight plates all in a purpose built flight case If you need more info about the Zephyr: It is a great rig for smaller set ups, it can take up to 10kg - so eg. an Alexa 35 or Alexa mini LF with basic build and super speed primes with room to spare. This makes it a perfect set up for entering the field, or as a second rig for flying smaller builds If you are using with lighter rigs such as a RED or FX6 etc I use half of the weight cage to bump up the weight (5kg) as I find it flies best at the upper end of the weight scale. My set up was to fix a quick release plate to the weight plate and add a low mode monitor to the front, I could then take the camera rig on and off with minimum adjustments in case of going to sticks or handheld. NOTE: low mode monitor and rods in pics not included, nor is the v mount battery. This is also a perfect rig for practise - If you have done a course, or just want to train yourself in steadicam, this is a perfect rig to get started, it is a really good price point and perfect for entry level jobs, often people start with this before upgrading to a larger rig a few years down the line. I have mostly used it for training, but during the course of this year my career has gone a different direction. So looking to move it on. I am based in London. Anyone local is free to come and check out the kit. I am sure there will be enough interest in the UK, but if you are desperate to ship it abroad you will be responsible for the logistics and cost of shipping. All in kit is GBP 6500 email liam@liamarthur.com Thanks. L
  6. Hello all! I am selling my Tiffen G70x It's a fantastic arm, no issues with it, flies wonderful and if you live in the Southern California area (primarily LA or OC) you can test it out before buying, just bring a vest and rig! Selling it as I currently own two arms and need to shift around funds for some future purchases. This listing comes with: Tiffen G70x Tiffen 6 inch 3/4 arm post Tiffen arm bag and I will be throwing in two of my conversion post as well, a 8 inch Jerry hill tiffen arm (3/4) to pro gimbal (5/8) with arm post collar and a 3/4 to 5/8 5 inch spin post! Price is $11,000 obo Priority will be to those who are in the LA/OC/SD area as I would like to try to sell locally first, then will be open to shipping within the US
  7. Selling my Tiffen G50X arm. Only minor cosmetic scratches everything else works. Only selling it because I upgraded to a new arm. The arm comes with a 1/2", 3/4'', and 5/8'' arm post, a bag, and a rain cover, the low mode bracket was sold. Located in LA and prefer to sell locally but willing to ship at buyers expense. Selling for $7500 obo IMG_6322.HEICIMG_6323.HEICIMG_6325.HEIC
  8. Hi everyone, I'm selling my [Tiffen Steadicam Package]: in excellent condition 1.Archer2 w/Volt $18,500 Just changed a new bearing from Tiffen, with maintenance and clean Brand new 702 touch Low mode monitor bucket + Ninja 5 w/ CONECT Volt rain cover 2.G50x Arm $7,500 My back up arm, never used since last time got the maintained and clean from tiffen. Rain Cover 3.Lx vest $2,000 Only used for few times. Located at Los Angeles, prefer local buyer There will be a small discount if you buy the whole package jiayulifilm@gmail.com Thank you all Jiayu Li
  9. Steadicam Zephyr Rig with upgrades and modifications. This package comes with the stock monitor and includes a 3D printed monitor yoke for a SmallHD 703 monitor. Also included is a 3d printed wide handgrip by SkyMagic, full set of bottom weights specifically designed for the Zephyr system, Low mode Bracket, and I'm throwing in a V-mount battery plate in case the buyer wants to convert the sled to V-mount. Perfect working condition. Minor scuffs from use. Asking $6500 Shipping within the US costs $150-200. I will include the stand for LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. Located in Philadelphia 1x Zephyr Sled 1x Dovetail Plate 1x A30 Arm w/ bag 1x Zephyr Vest 1x Zephyr Dock 1x Zephyr Case 1x SmallHD 703 Monitor Bracket 1x v mount plate 1x 3d Printed Grip Cover 6x Large weights 4x Small weights 1x Low mode Bracket
  10. Steadicam Zephyr Rig with several upgrades and modifications to this package beyond just the stock rig. This package comes with the stock monitor but includes a 3D printed monitor yoke for a SmallHD 703. It also includes is a 3d printed wide handgrip by SkyMagic and a mount for the 2nd battery plate allowing you to power 12v and 24v cameras and accessories. The package comes with a full set of bottom weights specifically designed for the Zephyr system and a Low mode Bracket. Stand is not included. This package was serviced by Tiffen in late 2021. Perfect working condition. Minor scuffs from use. 1x Zephyr Sled 1x Dovetail Plate 1x A30 Arm w/ bag 1x Zephyr Vest 1x Zephyr Dock 1x Zephyr Case 1x SmallHD 703 Monitor Bracket 1x 2nd Battery Plate 1x 3d Printed Grip Cover 6x Large weights 4x Small weights 1x Low mode Bracket STAND NOT INCLUDED
  11. Selling a 3 battery, 3 section, Tiffen M2 Volt Steadicam. It has been meticulously cared for and has been used in tandem with a non Volt rig for the last few years. See included items below: Docking bracket w 5/8 and pro spuds Two back up gimbal bearings Monitor mount spacers 3 volt cables 2 sled to mini cables 12 volt 2 sled to mini cables 24 volt 2 sled tilta power box cables 1 sled to 4 pin 1 sled to Pana 2 sled to Pana xl 2 sled to small hd and BNC Gimbal tool Price is $24,500 Thanks, John "Buzz" Moyer
  12. Hello! I am looking to sell my Tiffen Ultra which I purchased in 2017. It’s a complete and functional kit, ready-to-use. Because I am moving country, I can sadly not take it with me so I am not only selling the Steadicam but also offer any new owner their pickings of any of my gear that I used when operating free-of-charge. I bought this Steadicam in 2017 and believe I am the 3rd owner. It served me very well and has been regularly serviced. In my experience the Tiffen Ultra allowed me to fly any camera I was handed, anything from an ARRI Mini up to 35-milimeter Film cameras such as the ARRI Arricam ST as well as a Moviecam Compact. The rig was made for heavier cameras, however with some weighted plates the previous owner had custom made, you can bring the newer digital cameras up to a very comfortable operating weight. Furthermore, this Ultra has been modified with an HD line as well as comes with a Blackmagic Converter all already pre-wired so you can run the newer Cameras feed down to the rigs monitor. This kit is great for anyone looking to upgrade into a commercially useable rig without having the budget for a brand new one. It was my first “proper” rig and served me very well, allowing me to operate with all cameras that were given to me at an affordable price by giving away only a few creature comforts in comparison to a brand-new rig. While a little older, it still comes with quite a few nice features. The post is carbon-fibre and it has a motorised tilt-stage. It is tool-free and can take a max payload of 22kg (according to the manual). The rig is currently in Birmingham, UK to view. I am open to discuss shipping if needed. £ 15000.- OBO. If you have any questions, I am happy to answer. KIT INCLUDES: 1x Tiffen ULTRA Sled 1x Tiffen ULTRA CRT Monitor 1x Tiffen ULTRA Arm 1x Tiffen ULTRA Vest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Addition: 1x Blackmagic SDI to Analog 4k (Including SDI cabling between monitor, converter, and sled) 1x Custom HD Line from top of sled to bottom (wired inside of the sled) 1x Bubble-Level attached to back of the bottom sled part. 1x Tiffen ULTRA Docking Bracket 1x C-Stand 1x American Stand with large tyres (much more useful than a C-Stand. I have rolled this around in the mud and it works fine). 1x Sandbag for your stand ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXTRAS: 1x V-LOCK Battery 4-way Charger 4x V-LOCK Batteries (I have 6 additional batteries that need re-celling which you can have for free if you want). 1x Mitchell Mount (used to attach Steadicam arm to back of vehicles). 1x bag of various support rods. 1x bag of back-up BNC Connector wires 1x Bronze Weighted Plate (Heavy) 1x Iron Weighted Plate (Small) 1x Windbreaker for operating. (Foldable) X various tools and bits and bobs you might need to operate. (You make take or leave what you like). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRANSPORT: 1x Flight case for Vest and Arm 1x Flight case for Sled 1x Flight case for Batteries 1x Flight case for Mitchell Mount 1x Soft bag for Vest and Docking Bracket 1x Soft bag for Arm 1x Custom Hardcase (originally a rifle case) for the arm. (I made this because I didn’t trust the soft bag by itself and the large flight case for the arm and vest together is a bit large for every-day jobs.)
  13. Selling my Archer 1 SE sled, 7” TV Logic monitor & extras. The sled is in good condition, I’m the second owner. Gimbal works perfectly. Sled converted to V lock by Optical Support and has an HD-SDI line. SE model has a tilting top stage. TV Logic 7” LVM071W with mounting screws. Monitor is in well-used condition but still works fine. There’s a very thin line across the screen when on (never been an issue for me). Other extras included is a Tiffen low mode bracket and Zalex longplate with hardware. Included - Archer 1 SE sled - Docking bracket - Archer dovetail plate - Zalex longplate with hardware - TV Logic LVM071W 7” monitor (with mounting screws & washers). It has a very thin line across the screen when on. - 1 x camera power cable (lemo – 4 pin XLR) - 1 x short BNC - 1 x flyweight BNC - 5/32 T handle allen key - Tiffen low mode bracket - Transvideo Titan TX & RX + cables (never used it, came with it when I bought the kit. Might be useful to someone.) - Archer 1 Manual £3800 ono Based in Bristol, UK. Can post at buyers cost.
  14. Hi all, I’m selling my Steadicam Zephyr - $8,000 (obo within reason) Local pickup in LA Details: Used, good condition. Serviced by tiffen last fall. The rear SDI on top of sled is a little faulty, but front SDI works great so I use that every time. Includes: -Zephyr Sled -Top Dovetail plate -V-Mount Battery Plate -Zephyr Arm (5-24lbs) -Zephyr Vest -Docking Bracket -Counter Weights -Marshall HD LCD Monitor -2x RED Power Connector (Epic, Red One) -2x BNC cables -12v Power Cable -Miscellaneous screws - Steadicam Pelican Case 1650 - F-Bracket/Handle Clamp Low Mode Bracket ($425 value) -Mitchell Base Vehicle Mount ($1045 value), -Generic Camera Cage -C-stand with wheels -Mini converter HDMI / SDI box. Please reach out with any questions, thank you!
  15. Selling my 'Ready to Shoot' Tiffen M2 Volt, G70x Arm, Flowcine XSpine Vest package. Great for anyone looking to upgrade from a beginners sled and looking for a full package that's ready to go. Kit is 'Like New', never been on set and only rigged up a handful of times. Purchased at retail cost, sales tax already paid. My loss, your gain. Can ship in the US at buyers expense. See spreadsheet in the folder for all components, accessories and more photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HKLnjR7foDu2EgYltWZ2tKJlJtHQPiA-?usp=sharing
  16. Hi I'm selling my Tiffen Shadow-V sled. Sad to see it go as it has served me so well over the years. I have had it from new and has been maintained by Tiffen. It's in great condition. Currently I'm selling without the volt (but its volt ready) and without a monitor. This is ideal for anyone wanting a robust sled that can handle a wide array of cameras, without compromise or anyone wanting a solid second sled. Please see below on what's being included: Included: Standard Tilt Stage with full size dovetail 3x HD-SDI lines, & 1x Composite Video Short Nosebox with Nosebox Bracket for 15mm bars (15mm rails not included) Camera power via 2B Lemo, 0b lemo for accessories. Internal tally wiring Ultra Gimbal with tool free clasp 1.58" diameter carbon fibre 2 stage post Upper and lower post monitor mount. Rod mounted Universal Monitor Bracket Shadow Base with integral composite FLG 12/24v VL dual battery system switchable 12v Parallel/24v Series Additional Battery Mount on Bottom Stage 2 x Docking Rings Jerry Hill Docking Bracket Rolling Hard case Volt Ready* with mechanical pieces already in place Shadow Sled - £11,000 + VAT UK (£13,200) Volt - The list price for the Shadow Volt is currently £5479+VAT. If you wanted me to leave the volt on I could so for £5,000+VAT UK (£6,000). Buyer pays postage, customs and shipping. Located in the UK. Any questions, please email me at: info@junioragyeman.com
  17. Hey guys, selling my Tiffen Archer 2 Sled (gold mount). Archer 2 Sled purchased new January of 2019. (Volt Compatible) (1) Thermodyne Case (1) Jerry Hill Docking Bracket (1) Jerry Hill Pro -> Tiffen Arm Post conversion (2) Jerry Hill Docking Rings (1) Tiffen third battery hanger dovetail.. (1)1.5 Gzoom Controller (1) Gfocus Amp + cables (1) Tiffen Tally Light / sensor cable. (1)Atomos Shogun Flame 4k Monitor Gently used, well stored. Asking $18,500.00 Located in Los Angeles.
  18. SALE Steadicam G70X arm. Purchased februari 2022 Just got checked & serviced by the Tiffen factory. Includes: 1x 3/4 arm post 6'' 1x 3/4 arm post 12'' 2x 5/8 arm post 6'' 1x Tiffen original rain cover 1x carrying bag The arm is in very good condition and looks almost brand new. New + Accessories: €14.700 Price: €12.000 (+ Shipping) Location: Amsterdam. Shipping worldwide. DM if interested
  19. Tiffen M-2 package M2 Top Stage Flat with dovetail plate and internal Volt controller M2 Gimbal 3/4", 5/8", 1/2" and Volt Motor Drive & Cable Additional 28" RA-0B.308 Volt Motor Cable 1.75 2-Section Index Post (20.8"-35.7"/528mm-908mm) 1.75 Monitor Bracket with Universal Monitor Mount (Monitor NOT Included) With Monitor Mounting Block Kit Transvideo 8" Cinemonitor 2x 36" 1B.308-1B.305 12V Monitor Cable 8-Pin LEMO to 5-Pin LEMO (Transvideo Monitor Pwr) M2 Gold Mount Base 12/24v With 3rd Battery Gold Mount with dovetail 12/24v M-Series Padded Docking Bracket iM2975 Pelican case with Custom Foam MDR-3 15mm x 60mm Mounting Bracket 2x DOVETAIL PLATE, M2 W SCREWS & BUBBLE X 11.5"/ 29cm (bubble level in one of the plates) 2x 8pin lemo to 3 pin lemo 24V Alexa Mini Power Book price is over $35,000 USD Selling for $ 31,000 USD (RIG is 2 years Old great condition) Buyer Pays shipping
  20. Considering selling my lovely Archer2 with x-upgraded g50 arm. No faults, everything works and in great condition. Archer 2 sled g50 x-upgraded arm, fresh from big service TVlogic monitor and new bracket c-stand & docking 4x 190wh batteries + IDX 4ch charger Zoom/focus 2x HPRC2760w All you need of cables, tally etc. no vest, DM for info, questions or making an offer
  21. I am the 3rd owner of this arm, G50 with X upgrade. Upgrade was done by Tiffen by the previous owner. Arm is in good condition with some minor scuffs and blemishes to the paint. Plastic tip on tightening bolt for arm post chipped off last year but still functions normally and does not impact functionality. Upper section of the arm sticks at maximum boom height. Sticking can be reduced by adjusting lift and ride knobs. This arm was sent in for repairs and tuning June 18, 2021 to Tiffen, and while Tiffen did attempt to fix the sticking, they admitted it sticks due to a manufacturing defect with the G50 Arms. Included: 1. G50 Arm with X upgrade 2. 1/2" arm post standard size 3. Tiffen weather sleeves with case, kept in top part of arm bag 4. Tiffen arm bag with padding Asking $6250 + shipping Based in Atlanta, GA
  22. Hi all, I am selling my Tiffen LX Vest from my Archer 2 kit. The vest is really comfortable and has the standard socket block size. It is barely used with minimal usage after only be used on 2 projects. I am in SW London, but willing to ship nationwide OR inside Europe (before 31st December) if the buyer pays shipping. I am only selling because I am buying a back-mounted vest. Price for the Vest + UK Shipping: £2150
  23. Finally upgrading out of my zephyr. Great learning rig for beginners and aspiring ops. Comes with everything in the list. Great condition! Pros: Affordable price point Tool-less arm tuning Solid hardware Guided 2-stage post Vest is great for any size Cons: Small payload (up to 25lb) smaller post size, higher inertia Small arm, limited range INCLUDED: Steadicam Zephyr Sled [V-mount plate] Steadicam A-30 Arm Steadicam A-30 Vest 7" Feelworld UltraBrite Monitor Drop-in Dovetail Plate Docking bracket Low-mode J-bracket 12V power cable for DSMC 12V power cable for Alexa Additional Bottom stage Battery mount Microfiber Arm sleeve 3D Printed Monitor Yoke w hardware 3D Printed V-mount release safety cover Rolling Hard Case
  24. Never used. Brand new. Came with my M2 Volt gimbal for my Pro 1.5“ sled Buyers pay shipping. 750$ USD
  25. Flyer, Flyer LE, Zephyr, Aero. 50€ + shipping
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