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Found 4 results

  1. Hey there, I have a Tiffen M1 Top Stage with Tilt. 3 HD/SDI Lines, 2 D Tap 12V 5A, 2 lemo 3 pin 12/24v. Purchased August 2017. In excellent working condition, some small cosmetic marks. Brand new $6,375.00 USD asking $5,000.00 USD OBO. Buyer pays shipping. Located in Toronto, Canada. Please message or email mike @ mikeheathcote.com. Thanks! Mike
  2. I am regretfully selling my amazing starter sled, the Ultra 1. I am selling because I recently upgraded to a more powerful rig to eventually get the artemis trinity setup. I also am expecting a baby boy in april so I need to make some room! I bought this sled from James Baldanza a few years back and it has been nothing but great. I am looking to get $12,000 for the sled (and hard case), a steadicam stand, IDX Battery Charger, (7) E-HL9s IDX Batteries (one of which charging lights doesn't work anymore), a bunch of cables, and I am throwing in the IDX Camwave HD/SDI wireless transmitter which even though you don't see around anymore still works in a jam. The sled was recently serviced by Tiffen, I have had it upgraded with an HD/SDI line, as well as changing out the old gimbal to the new steadicam ultra 2 gimbal. There is a third battery plate on the bottom of the sled, and has three different options for battery placement for power. This sled is a super post (27" to 71") so it can go super high mode or super low mode very quickly and easily. It still has the fore/aft - left/right top stage wireless trim control which is one of the few sleds that still has this amazing option. The tilt stage works like a wonderfully and maintains dynamic balance regardless of where you want to angle the camera. I bought an HD/SDI wondland monitor to replace the super bright monitor from Tiffen because it was an older SD monitor and I wanted the HD. It is a cheaper monitor, but works wonderfully and I have rarely had a problem with the light. It can be powered off the sled or with an IDX battery on it's back. This setup also comes with three camera plates (two long and 1 short), three posts (12", 3.5" and 5"), the ultra 1 low mode handle which has been upgraded to work with this ultra 2 gimbal, a 12V power cable, arri alexa power cable, a few BNC cables, the redbyte decimator downconverter (for use with Tiffen superbright as a backup), cables for the decimator made by konash, and also power cables for MDR2 and MDR3 systems. Please feel free to call or email with any questions. Devin Ladd 860-237-0754 devinmladd@gmail.com
  3. Selling some parts I don't use. Would make for a good starter or light weight sled. Send me an email if interested. Open to offers 2 Stage 2" MK-V Post Betz Tools Tilt Stage Modified MK-V electronics - HD SDI line - 12/24 V Monitor Rods with monitor Mount Battery Rods Docking Collar Case Camerasteve@gmail.com Steve
  4. Hello Everybody, As promised on a recent discussion on the forums ( http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=17981&page=4 ) about super high mode conversion of Ultra2 rig, I share with you the video of me converting it to super high mode using its 4 stage telescoping post. Camera on the sled is a loaded magazine 435 along with 35mm Zeiss super speed MKIII lens and Arri clip-on matte-box. The conversion starts at 0:14. In total, going from normal to super high takes about 1 minute 45 seconds. Lens height achieved is 2,25 meters (I’m 1,75 meters tall) with the socket block raised on my Ultra2 vest and 23cm long arm post on my G-70 arm. If I were to put a 3rd battery and/or a dummy weight at the bottom of the sled I could have raised the camera another 15/20 cm using the full extent of the built-in super-post. The process of conversion is very strait forward. I first extend the telescoping posts fully –just shy of marking lines turning red- below the gimbal thus giving maximum amount of counter balance, then I extend the post located above the gimbal until I got neutral balance and I shorten it to give the rig a slightly bottom heavy balance. I check and correct the static balance using the motorized stage, do a drop test. And done! Normally I would also adjust the integral tilting stage; you can give me a time penalty of 15 seconds for it. This brings us to 2 minutes of conversion time from start to finish. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! PS for newbies: the drop time of 4+ seconds in super high mode might seem slow to you but with a sled this long you have huge amounts of inertia acting against the tilt and roll axis. So, a normal drop time of 3 seconds would be too bottom heavy for this kind of setup. PS for imperial system lovers: suck-it! Metric rules! Pun intended :) https://vimeo.com/64580595
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