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Found 25 results

  1. GPI Titan Pro arm including 4 blue canisters for EURO 8800,- Arm is in excellent condition! Europe sales preferred - (Netherlands, Maastricht area) Included: - Bag with soft padding - J-Bracket for 5/8” post - Sachtler/Arri D-bracket for low-mode setup - Flowcine low mode grip handle - Allen keys for arm and canisters - GPI keys and spare kit for Titan Pro arm
  2. Hi there, I am looking for 2 black arm canisters for PRO Titan arm. Best Thomas
  3. Hello everyone!! I'm looking for an original GPI PRO Titan arm located in Europe, I'm based in Barcelona. I need 4 blue canisters and 2 black ones, although I wouldn't mind have 4 and 4. Will be nice if the package contains accessories like J bracket for low mode and different posts, but I'm not close to see some offers. You can contact me by here, or directly to my mail: hola@aos.camera Thanks so much in advance!! Alberto.
  4. For Sale: Titan Pro Arm 6 Canisters (2 black, 4 Blue) Custom Case 15,000 US Dollars
  5. Arm is in Excellent Brand New Condition. Also Included: 2 Black Canisters Arm Post and Collar Pro Arm Bag Spare Parts Priced at: $16,000 USD Shipping not included. Please text or call… 760-505-7011 Thank you.
  6. I'm regretful to post this beauty, the moment I completed this rig purchase (it took several months of shipping from different vendors) I was presented with another opportunity in the film business that was hard to pass up... :blink: I'm selling everything you see here including the bag for the Titan arm. Michelle from GPI was so delightful during the purchase process, I'm impressed with the quality of all this gear - however i'm unable to use it properly at this time. I balance a red camera on this one time and walked around my house - thats it.... Zero scratches, Zero wear, Zero use, zero issues - all brand new and sitting here in one package for your convenience. BRAND NEW: The big items include: GPI PRO Cine live sled GPI PRO Titan arm - 2 Black canisters, 2 Blue canisters GPI PRO Vest, marked 30" 8" Transvideo Cinemonitor HD8 X-SBL Cam-Jam monitor yoke Jerry Hill Mounting Bracket Steadicam FGS-900073 Stand + wheels 4x Brand new Anton Bauer 90s (New, Unused) Anton Bauer quad charger (new, unused) Cables for Arri Alexa, Red, Sony, Preston, and proper Monitor cable from Transvideo 2x Pelican Cases 1x Transvideo pelican case Can include Preston MDR2 Blue dot, DM1, and HU1 I'll post all the exact cables soon. PM me with offers , and if you need additional pix.- All of this stuff is in one place (Atlanta) and ready to go. Thanks! -Joel
  7. Hello All Selling my two Black Canisters. Less than a year old and honestly never used on set. Tested once at home with dummy camera. Since then only flew Greys in my Atlas. Now Upgraded to Titan and would like two Blues. So selling these two for $3000 Or would trade for two Blues. Thanks Will.lyte@gmail.com
  8. Looking for two used blue canisters
  9. Selling 2 black PRO arm canisters. New version w/o windows. Never been used. $6,600 new. Selling for $3500 or best offer. Will trade for 2 blues. NYC Local. Buyer pays shipping, will ship worldwide. Email me directly for offers/questions rtoussieng@gmail.com
  10. 2x GPI PRO BLACK CANISTER For Titan Arm Brand new (2017) never used ! Ok to trade for 2x BLUE CANISTER ! Located in Hollywood, California Come try it out when you want. Price : 6 000$ or serious offer Contact me anytime : Pierre Pascalie DOP / STEADICAM ‭‭+1 (347) 449-9405‬‬ ppascalie@mac.com
  11. Hi Everyone, Up for sale is a Transvideo 8" CineMonitor HD8 SBL RF. This monitor is ideally used in conjunction with the Transvideo TitanHD wireless system. With the built in receiver, this monitor can receive an HD image directly from the TitanHD. Alternately, the monitor can also be used as a straight monitor, with SDI, HDMI, and composite inputs. The monitor comes with a V-lock adapter plate connected, or it can be powered through an external DC source. It also comes with a Portabrace neckstrap for portable viewing. The monitor has signs of normal wear and tear. There are a few fine scratches to the screen which don't interfere with normal operation and disappear when the monitor is switched on. The monitor is SuperBright, with 1000nits of brightness, and comes in it's original Transvideo, Pelican style case. It's been a fanatastic monitor, like all Transvideo monitors. The monitor is located in Sydney, Australia, so there will be shipping charges to consider. I'm looking for US$2800, but am open to offers. Cheers, Nic
  12. Hi Everyone, Up for sale is a Transvideo TitanHD wireless video transmission system. This system has served me well and comes with the High Gain antenna array, which extends the transmission distance and the robustness of the signal. This system comes with the following: - 1 TitanHD transmitter, 1 TitanHD receiver - 5 reciver antennas - 1 High Gain antenna array (comes with 2 full sets of array cables - 1 cable needs soldering) The system comes in its original Pelican case from Transvideo. The High gain array will be shipped in a seperate padded cardboard box (this is how it was originally shipped from Transvideo) The system has scrapes and scratches, the usual wear and tear from everyday use. These don't interfere in the workings of the system. I'm looking for US$1500, but i'm open to offers. The system is located in Sydney, Australia, so there will be shipping costs to consider. Cheers, Nic
  13. Hello, I want to buy a rain cover for my Pro Titan Arm. If possible in Europe. (I'm located in Luxembourg) Thank you Greetings Oli
  14. Hello, I want to buy a GPI Pro titan arm rain cover. If possible in Europe. (I'm located in Luxembourg). Thank you
  15. GPI PRO TITAN ARM W/4 CANISTERS FOR SALE Arm is in Excellent Condition Includes: 2 Blue Canisters 2 Black Canisters Arm Post and Collar Arm Bag Tools Spare Parts Asking: $14,800 5 years old With minor cosmetic nicks on the top upper bone Located in San Diego, CA Please text or call... 760-505-7011 Thank you for taking a look.
  16. Hi all, I bought a brand new Titan Arm last summer. After 10 weeks shooting in Morocco, it needed to be cleaned up. When I built it back after cleaning, and screwed each canister in his bone, I've seen some trouble with 2 of them. On both higher and lower section of the arm, the upper canisters are jiggling. Before that, they always had been stucked in place, no jiggling. Of course I've tried different canister in different arm section. It's always the upper canister that is moving. I can't find a way to fix this. Any idea's welcome! Thanks!
  17. Hi all Transvideo TX & RX kit comes with small pelican case 1 x TX,RX each unit 1 x AC to DC adaptor /w power cable 2 x Lemo 4p to hirose 6P power cable 2 x Antennas Works great! Email me at steadi7 at naver.com 650USD + buyer pays shipping ( ships in solar system )
  18. Hi all, I'm on my pro forma invoice, kind of in a hurry, and I hardly can't find my titan arm serial number...? Neither on the invoice, nor on the arm itself. I know I'll look dumb at your first answer guys ;-)
  19. Hi, I own a G-70. I've worked a lot with Titan. I usually fly typical Alexa setup on my Ultra2. When operating with Titan arms, my arm post can rotate totally freely if I unscrew the locker. Whereas, with G-70, it looks like I can't get it as smooth and free. My G70 forearm always want to go in the same line as the handle. To do so, it litteraly pulls the armpost away from my body (hope my english is good enough so that you guys can get what I mean ;-) Besides, with the G-70x, this doesn't seem so accurate, and it feels way better than the G-70. I love to work with a totally free post, the sled feels way easier to move around, with a light pull in I can see my monitor,... As any of you ever noticed this move in the Tiffen arms? Is there a way to avoid this?
  20. Hey fellow ops, im planing to buy Gpi pro Titan arm with 4 canisters after selling my G50.I want to fly from small cameras like dslr to heavy cameras like alexa with all accessoires. Which 4 canisters do you advice to buy 4 blues? or 2 blue 2 blacks. I just can afford for 4 canisters not more. i know having them all is a great idea since they sell it for higher price if i decide to buy them seperately later on,and i also saw the weight chart on their website. just want to take some advice from fellow operators who use the arm, and are experienced. Thanks
  21. I'm looking for an arm - either PRO Titan or Atlas, Masters Series, or one of the Tiffen Steadicam G-x series. Thanks! Matt Lingerfelt Atlanta, GA
  22. Hi all, I'm selling my Transvideo Titan SD kit. Bulletproof. Still in great shape. The kit include: Titan Tx Titan Rx 2 x antennas 1 x extra long antenna 2 x Pro power cables 1 x power AL 1 x XLR to power cable Transvideo case Asking 400£, Shipping worldwide, Ship at buyer's cost
  23. Hi fellow readers and operators, I'm researching modular products and currently looking at the PRO lineup. I don't have many if any local contacts in the industry so hopefully this forum is the place to start for such a request. I would like to ask any PRO Titan or Atlas owners in southern Ontario Canada if I could try their rig. I have several years of experience on the various systems I own (X10, Flyer), SOA trained, and could also get some referrals from some top operators. My ideal setup to try would include the following: - Front Mounted Vest (Pro or Steadicam) - PRO Titan or Atlas arm I'm not too concerned about the type of sled, just something to test out the arms. If you have a PRO sled as well that would be bonus but not my primary objective to look at. I would only need about 10-15 minutes with the rig although I may take up some additional time asking questions related to the rig or industry if time permits. I will work around your convenience. Please PM me if you can help me out with an opportunity. Thank you very much, Mitch
  24. Looking for a second hand Steadyrig Silver Spring Arm! (Also PRO Titan arm is welcome but for some reason people dont want to get rid of them..) PM me for offers!
  25. Hallo! Transvideo Titan, for anyone interested. Very nice condition, Price at 600 Euros. For any details, email me to: kalothetos@me.com Thank you! Stefan. :)
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