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Found 7 results

  1. Hey All. I'll be in LA attending the Bronze Workshop at AbelCine in Burbank this December 6-7, 2022. We are staying in Culver City near Venice and Motor. If anyone is also attending the workshop and would like to carpool, I'll chip in for gas and get coffee. Thanks! Bob
  2. Hey everyone! I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in doing a meet-up and practice, in Paris, France? I'm still a newbie, so I'm trying to get more time in the rig practicing with other ops to help give/get tips, advice, being the subject and vice versa, etc... Helping us mutually. The city of Paris is full of place to do rehearsals. Please let me know! Don’t hesitate to contact me. Marc
  3. Hello, just wanted to post this about our upcoming Steadicam Course: This special 5-day course follows on from the GBCT’s 5-day introductory workshop and has been designed to teach further operational skills for those undertaking work using Steadicam and camera stabilizer equipment to achieve a certain set of shots as required for productions. This workshop-style course will teach Intermediate Steadicam skills to existing Operators and those who need/want to refresh or upgrade their existing skills having previously attended training in Steadicam and using camera stabilizers. Course dates: MONDAY 12 - FRIDAY 16 DECEMBER 2016 LONDON If you are interested please visit for more information and application form: http://www.gbct.org/courses
  4. Hi Guys n Gals, I have previously been using a hdge n podge glidecam for a fair while to reasonable success for my own things and then moved onto a 1st gen Steadicam Flyer. I have now got myself a Steadicam Zephyr and I am keen to increase my skills. I have the Steadicam operators hand book, read it through a bunch, don't do enough practice as I might. So I am keen to improve but want to aslo do it the most efficent way possible. Not trying to be lazy but I just don't have a lot of spare time. I love doing steadicam, I don't aim to be a steadicam op for other peoples productions, really just my own. My day job is I run a small production company in Sydney with a few employees. We mainly make corporate videos and TVCs. Last year in colaboration with some industry friends we made our first feature and we are keen to do more. This is what I'd like to be able to be a decent steadicam op for, our own low budget features. Most often the feedback I see is to do a workshop. I'd love to, thing is after speaking to Brett from Tiffen I get the impression that there is not much chance of a workshop in Sydney. So... 1. I bumped into a Steadicam Op at Lemac recently and got chatting. Is it a good Idea to hire some one like him to come and give a day lesson? Is there any pitfalls with that idea that I havent thought of & how do you determine who will be good at teaching you? 2. Are there any workshops going on in Sydney that I have not found yet that you peeps know about? 3. Any tips for improving other than Workshops, The hand book, and keep practicing? What I currently have trouble with: Offten I have a slight side to side wobble trying to keep the frame centered. Getting dynamic ballance I find very frustrating and some times elusive. A sense that I could be set up better/I am making simple mistakes I am unawear of. I feel that the glidecam route of learning has imbued me with bad habbits or areas of miss information. Any advice is appreciated. I have read through alot of post on this forum so happy to be pointed in the direction of something I have missed. Nat J
  5. ** Last Minute Opening ** Advanced Aesthetics and Stabilizer Systems Workshop Five Days - June 8-12, 2015 - Los Angeles (Post CineGear) Real Rigs! Real Cameras! Real Studio Sets! Real Actors! Real Lighting! Real World Training! 2:1 Student to Instructor Ratio Maximum of four students Our rigs or yours Due to an unfortunate family situation / cancellation, we have one very last minute opening in this highly customized workshop . Requirements: 2-3+ years active working on-set experience minimum. This workshop is for owner / operators who already have a solid command of the rig and are at the point that the physical operation of the rig is second nature. While we will certainly offer tips and techniques to refine your operating techniques, there will be no “line dances” unless you want one to warm up on. Our focus is on creative shot design, choreography, interaction with DP, Director, actors, other departments and the use of various stabilizer systems to create the perfect flow, emotion and composition to deliver the scenes. We will incorporate hands-on training with new stabilizer systems and technologies including Ronin to rig and other multi-axis systems. Intensive experience on all aspects of mobile platforms including rickshaws/variants, vehicle mounts and real camera cars! You will also work directly with gaffer and author Craig Burnie Burns of Burnie's Grip and Lighting and his crew during scene design to solve complex lighting challenges you will face in the real world. Four days of this workshop will be held at Silver Dream Factory in Anaheim using custom standing sets that include a hospital, police station and jail, diner restaurant, home interiors, retail shops and a Main Street style backlot. One training day will be a location based. Professional working actors in full wardrobe/makeup with pre-rehearsed scripts are included. Each scene will be choreographed, rehearsed, recorded and reviewed. All footage and stills will be sent to participants within two weeks or less. Bring a drive with you and we will ship it back to you. Lunch and craft services provided. You will leave this workshop with many new skills, new skills on new systems, a heightened awareness and understanding of shot choreography, camera motivation and the ability to offer a higher level of creative solutions to DP’s and Directors. Most importantly you will leave this workshop with the knowledge and confidence that you can meet most any challenge presented to you. Cost: $5,000 USD - Credit cards accepted and I may consider a short split payment plan to qualified individuals. Due to the very short nature of this opening / cancellation please contact me directly at robert@starling.com or via phone at 702-810-5707 - SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE! Thank you!
  6. Continuing our commitment to provide the highest level training, rigs and accessories, I am very pleased to announce our new strategic partnership between Teradak Wireless HD Video and The Stabilizer Workshops. Teradek designs and manufactures a complete range of traditional RF HD and WiFi HD transmitter solutions from portable sled mount devices to rack mount location and studio applications. The Stabilizer Workshops will initially feature the Teradek Bolt systems and eventually add their WiFi based CUBE as well. Specifications on the Bolt include: The only fully integrated and affordable zero latency wireless video transmission system 4:2:2 color sampling and support for all standard resolutions and frame rates up to 1080p60 Multicast capable up to 4 receivers simultaneously (Pro version only) Mix/match HDMI and 3G-SDI transmitters and receivers, even in multicast setups 6-28V Lemo power Up to 300ft line of sight transmission distance Built-in Li-Ion battery in the TX Timecode, metadata, and record flag pass-through coming soon to Bolt Pro SDI via free firmware upgrade Bolt Pro SDI starts at $2490, Bolt Pro HDMI starts at $1790 In my personal experience with the Bolt in very very complex and crowded RF environments such as NAB, the Bolt held and maintained a solid signal up to about 100 feet where our other HD transmitter system could not even get a signal lock. The small size of the transmitter and receiver make it a natural and affordable choice for Steadicam and handheld applications. Teradek also makes sled specific power cables or the flexible PTap to Lemo power cable. They also have active involvement and a presence here on the Steadicam Forum where they are directly available for questions, comments and suggestions. Teradek joins INOVATIV Carts, GPI-PRO Stabilizer Systems and Division Camera as key partners to help us provide you with a unique full featured workshop curriculum, small classes and personalized training using big rigs, real cameras and complete accessory packages for your workshop experience. For more information visit: http://www.teradek.com Or contact me via email, phone or PM. Robert http://stabilizerworkshops.com
  7. Greetings all. Tiffen International have great pleasure in announcing the first Steadicam GOLD Workshop to be held in Istanbul, Turkey. This will be a major event headed up by Garrett Brown and Jerry Holway in the stunning Village Park holiday resort an hour north of Istanbul. The price for the workshop is GB£2,300.00 which includes full board accommodation (room, meals etc.) dated are 5th to 10th May (check out on the 11th). For an application form or more information please e-mail me robin.thwaites@tiffen.com or my colleague Danny Hallett at dhallett@tiffen.com. Also look for more information at www.flysteadicam.com or Facebook page FlySteadicam. Places are limited and several went within 10 minutes of our advance e-mail announcement so if you are interested don't delay! Robin
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