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Found 9 results

  1. I am selling my steadicam zephyr due to a hip injury I got from running a couple of years ago and sadly I've been unable to recover well enough to return to operating... It's a sad day but time to let it go. Includes all standard zephyr equipment. All is in fantastic condition with the odd scuff here and there. Sled Arm Vest Docking bracket Dovetail plate Steadicam HD anti reflective high brightness monitor from Marshal. 6pin hirose to video/4pin XLR power (+tally) 3pin Lemo to 4pin XLR Original monitor mount HD-SDI cable Rolling case. Plus extras: 2nd battery plate (AB/Gold) enables 24v Weights Lowmode/F bracket Sky magic CG monitor mount Sky magic grip Camtec plate with 15mm rods and 3d printed extension (for broadcast cameras) 3pin Lemo to 4x Dtap 6pin hirose to 4 pin XLR 2x short HD-SDI DIY Tally system Arm bag Throwing in 2 swit batteries and charger but they don't hold a charge well so not much use for anything other than practice, they will power the monitor for a couple of hours but not much else. Camera and C-stand are NOT included. Based near Glasgow, UK. Looking for £6000. (no VAT)
  2. Hi chaps, I’ve been the sole owner of everything listed, and can vouch that every last screw has been lovingly looked after and is ready to shoot. Would love everything to go as one. £16,000 OBO. Based in London - you’re very welcome to come check it out on set or in my living room. Email emilio dot film at gmail dot com. Cheers for looking! 1) Sachtler Artemis Sled (1.8” post, HD-SDI, 12/24V, great condition) 2) Betz Wave 1 (boxed as new, with sled cables) 3) Transvideo RainbowHD 7” High-Brightness Monitor hybrid bracket (scuffs on the casing, a few scratches that disappear once the screen is on) 4) Transvideo Starlite 5” low-mode Monitor (boxed as new, with sled cables, low-mode bracket) 5) Sachtler Artemis docking bracket - frankly awful design, replace with Hill bracket ASAP :/ 6) 6 x IDX 146Wh batteries + 4-way Charger 7) Peli Sled Case (iM3100) 8) Cables, dovetail plates, brackets etc.
  3. Hi chaps, My Ultra 1 is up for sale. I'll be sad to see this one go - it has been my one and only rig for two years, and has never let me down. As you might expect there are some minor cosmetic marks in places like the arm covers or the vest's fabrics, but functionally everything is rock solid and flies smooth as butter. 24V or 12V power comes from V-Locks (not included), which means you can power any camera from the top-stage (cables for Alexa or XLR4 included, amongst others), and the HD-SDI cable I slipped and secured down the post in the beginning has never failed. I'm throwing in a venerable Transvideo Rainbow (SD) monitor, but you'll certainly want to make use of that HD cable at some point! The tilt-stage (un-motorised) and four-stage post are frequently useful features which I'll miss in my next sled, and the tool-free Master/Ultra arm will be difficult to top, honestly. So to sum up, the package INCLUDES: Ultra 1 Cine Sled (HD/V-LOCK/24V/Four-stage Post/Tilt Stage) Ultra 1 Arm (inc. 6" and 12" posts) Ultra 1 Vest Hill Dock Transvideo SD Monitor, Mounting Bracket Dovetail Plate, Power Cables, Video Cables etc. ASKING PRICE £12,000 (no VAT charged) EU delivery at buyer's expense, local pick-up in West London more than welcome. Contact me at emilio dot film at gmail dot com anytime if you'd like to make an offer, simply to have a look at the rig, or just for a chat. All the best, Emilio
  4. Hello, My beloved Ultra 1 vest needs a new home - £1200 (€1700). It is used, naturally, but in wonderful condition. Based in West London. Contact me at emilio.film@gmail.com All the best, Emilio
  5. Hello chaps, I'm putting my dear Ultra 1 Vest for sale - it's used, naturally, but in very good condition and ready for many more years of daily use. Asking £1650, no VAT charged. Not much more to say, it's been the most reliable part of my kit forever, I'm only selling as I'm going back-mounted. Happy to ship anywhere in the UK and Europe, or for someone to pick it up from me in West London. Drop me a line for any questions. emilio (dot) film (at) gmail (dot) com. Happy new year, Emilio
  6. HI all, Does anyone have any good suggestions for getting a good value cart in the UK? I've been looking at those garden trolleys with the big wheels but would like something with a top shelf too. Have been considering DIY'ing one but thought I would ask here before getting out the bodging tools ;) Cheers! rups
  7. Hello, I'm Quaid Cde Baca, a camera operator out of LA. Primarily a camera operator working on narratives and a newbie steadicam op, I also camera operate for Larry King Now, and am an editor for a Rolling Stone feature documentary. I will be in Ireland for 3 weeks July 20 - August 10. I would love to jump on a project as a PA or to at least help out in anyway to become familiar with the film industry in Ireland (with aspirations to make a move out to the UK for to wor)k. Will anyone will be in the area at the time? I would love to help out on set or buy you a drink and talk about film and camera/ steadicam stuff. Thank you for your time, Quaid Cde Baca +1(949) 412-7153 Quaidcdebaca.com
  8. STEADICAM FLYER LE FOR SALE - LONDON, UK £3700 + VAT I really can't justify owning two rigs (heavyweight and lightweight) at the moment so this one is up for sale. It is being sold as it was delivered when new, but with custom built focus unit mount included. Does not include batteries. V-Locks required. Kit includes: Vest Flyer LE arm in soft bag Post and gimbal Dovetail plate Stand Docking bracket Monitor (small dead area - very cheap to replace) 3 pin Lemo to XLR cable Allen key for gimbal Original soft case Home made monitor shade (don't get too excited - it's not fancy - but it does work well!!!) Custom built bracket to hold Preston brain. The rig has recently been serviced by Optical Support. Please contact them for confirmation, if required. It is in good condition. There are the usual scuffs that rigs get on the arm etc but nothing performance affecting. As mentioned the monitor has a small dead area on it. I can replace this or knock £200 off the price if you would prefer to replace it yourself. This may be a better option as you can choose one that may suit your purposes better. Send me a message if you're interested.
  9. Full Steadicam Rig made by Tiffen Steadicam. This takes cameras that weight anything from approx. 5-20 lbs.... so that covers everything right through from any RED, Alexa, Sony F5, Phantom Flex.... even a Canon 5D with some additional weights added.... this has flown them all! I'm leaving the UK in May to head off and travel for a year or two so regrettably I'm having to sell this to help fund my travels. It comes with the official arm, sled, vest, flat monitor, low mode bracket, 2 x batteries and charger, additional weight plates for use with lighter cameras eg. the Canon 5D. It all packs into the flight-case which has wheels and a handle to pull it along with. I've not had it out of the box for a while due to a career change but will give it all a good clean up ready to package, it's got wear and tear that you'd expect for a piece of kit that has been well used but it's a robust strong bit of kit, a little piece of the plastic casing has cracked on the arm but this is purely cosmetic this is just a dust case, there's a little knock on the back of the monitor too but as I mentioned this is just wear and tear. Overall it's in lovely condition please come and see it and make me a sensible offer. The model is ProVid2.... was £20k new.... happy to let it go for sensible offers in the region of £5,000. This item is advertised across multiple sites so I reserve the right to end the auction early should it sell elsewhere. I'm based in Leeds, England. Please call me on +44(0)7843952755 for more information. Will post worldwide. Please note the Red Rock Micro rig with rails and Follow Focus, Canon 5D and lens seen in the pictures are not part of this sale!
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