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  1. Steadicam Ultra 2 Steadicam Ultra 2 with G-70 arm. For sale! Runs on 12v and 24v Ultra2 Sled (Full Version) with motorized stage and 7’’ tv logic monitor HD plus a hard case. 8 IDX batteris+ chargerplus a hard chase. G-70 Arm plus Bag. Steadicam ultra2 vest plus Bag. Docking bracket. F-bracket. Combo stand. Camera mounting dovetail. power cable 12 volt. 2 hard chase one for the batteris and the author one is for the rigg. Soft bag for the Arm, vest and the docking bracket. TV Logic monitor. User and Manual. Every thing is in good shape and functional! (OBS sells only as one packets) The equipment is located in Sweden. Shipping and taxes is not included in the price. Receipt if wanted. For more information and pictures, please contact me on ether e-mail or by phone WR Daniel Ying Jareteg. 30586.34 USD. 28293.61 EUR. 300.000 SEK. E-mail Daniel.jareteg2@hotmail.com Cell +46739373243 Sweden
  2. FOR SALE Excellant Condition Tiffen Ultra 2 Vest. Rarely used as I have a WK backmount Vest. - Includes Xdrop for natural operators, and Tiffen Bag Located in London UK £1500- + VAT if applicable Please contact me: jt@jonathantyler.co
  3. Hi Gang, Today I flew my rig in the comforts of the rental house. After a couple of hours my arm suddenly started to sag and lose tension. I looked down to see how the rig was getting heavier and watched the lift knob (near the socket block) circle and loosen as the bottom section of my arm drop away. I proceeded to tighten it back to a comfortable operating position and started booming up and down. I could recreate the problem and found a ‘sweet’ (or not so sweet) spot where the lift would wind out. Has anybody ever experienced this before? Thanks P.S I was so in the moment I didn’t take a video
  4. Hello, Selling my Tiffen Ultra 2 vest. Send reasonable offers to ilana.garrard@gmail.com Thanks Ilana
  5. Hey Everybody, I'm selling my Steadiam Ultra 2 Vest. It was just QC'd at Tiffen in October and has not been used since. It's in great condition, and comes with 2 spare buckles. Located in Burbank, but happy to ship at buyer's expense. Please let me know if you have any questions. Asking $4000 USD
  6. Hi all, I completed my Steadicam Silver training in September and am looking to purchase my own rig. An Archer2 package with G-50x arm and LX or Ultra vest sound like they fit my needs and price range. I live in San Francisco and will be moving down to LA soon. Thanks!
  7. Looking for a used g50x arm. I'm in Brooklyn, NY and willing to pay for shipping.
  8. Steadicam Ultra 2 Package FOR SALE. Complete package with sled, vest, G70 arm and duplicate cables and accessories. Asking $28K. Pictures of the complete package at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a73dirw88uhev0l/AAAfXKfRW1X9lUjsneUanYgGa?dl=0
  9. Steadicam Clipper 324 Kit in excellent condition. I purchased this kit new from Lemac after a SMPTE show. Selling due to very little use, 3-4 times in year. Check out photo to confirm. Sell $25K USD Full genuine rain covers Extra cheese dovetail plate Extra screws Extra thin BNC cables F-bracket Manual UltraBright Monitor w/Level indicator & overlay Custom cables Quad Charger & Power Cube Batteries American Steadicam Stand Refer to photos for further details. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/so25iumlcwu8mo9/AADlq5eim0LhSMVl68qtWfUpa?dl=0
  10. For sale, Ultra 2 Vest and Hard Case. The vest was just at Tiffen and got the Waist strap replaced and Tiffen said it is in very good condition. The full size socket block is in good condition. The case is also in good condition with all locks and wheels in working order. Asking $1,850 (USD) Jon
  11. For Sale Ultra 2 Sled (Full Version) with motorized stage and 8.4" Tiffen HD UltraBrite 2 monitor. Package includes: -Ultra 2 Sled (Motorized Tilt Stage) -Remote Control -Remote Charger Cable -8.4" Tiffen HD UltraBrite 2 Monitor -Monitor Power and SD Video Cable -BNC Cables -Various Power and Video Cables -Docking Bracket -Stabilizing System: Vectran TM Line (Used for very high mode) -Camera Mounting Screws -Pot Adjust Tool This is a top of the line Full Size Rig, just in to Tiffen and found in good shape. Asking $17,500 (USD) Jon
  12. Hi everyone, i'm looking for Ultra 2 sled/vest. And also looking for 3A Arm or Silver Spring Arm. Pls contact here or PM or thru email: tungle@50mmfilm.com Thanks
  13. Selling a never used Tiffen 3 pin accessory power cable to MDR3. $120 MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  14. Selling a used Tiffen 4 pin hirose to p-tap muti cable. Very useful. $100 MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  15. Selling my Ultra2 Vest. Used, some cosmetic blemishes but fully operational. - there are some minor and one larger (right shoulder) rip in the outer padding material. never bothered me and does not affect functionality so I never fixed it... - there are a few loose rivets on the hip straps. however whenever you tighten the vest they are pulled right into place and work as they should. If you want to go all out you can most probably buy an entire new padding set from Tiffen or just use it as is. Vest is located in New York City. High Res Pictures here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/da59a66aug99e9i/AAAog7mVOY1eIHZsOrJZI_48a?dl=0 Price: $1750 & shipping
  16. Hi all, I sell my ultra2 vest, it's located in France, Europe. Very good shape. 2 spare buckles. 2000€ Buyers pay shipping
  17. Brand new never used Ultra 2 steadicam vest. $4000usd Located in Vancouver B.C. Will ship worldwide. Contact: Christopherfilms@gmail.com
  18. Hi! I sell my Ultra2 vest. Socket block, pads, and everything in a very good condition! 2 spares buckles included. 2500€ It's in France, Europe. (buyer pays shipping) Please check the pictures below.
  19. I need my own vest, looking for used first. Let me know if you or someone you know is selling a PRO or Ultra2 vest.....or any other FRONT MOUNT. Thank you, I'm 5'10 33in waist Alex DiCicco alexdicicco@gmail.com
  20. Hey Everyone, I'm looking to Sell or Trade my Tiffen Ultra 2 vest. It's seen a good bit of use. It works Perfectly but cosmetically is a little rough. I do love this FM vest, but I'm selling it because I recently purchased a Walter Klassen Flex vest, and it suits my needs better. One issue would be a small piece of the velcro on the left shoulder strap under the shoulder latch that holds the padding on has become frayed over time, it doesn't effect the function of the padding at all however as it's only a small portion of the velcro, and would be a super easy fix. I never bothered as it didn't effect the padding and wasn't enough to cause it to move. I've never had any issues with the socket block, works perfectly. The vest is super comfortable, and can be modified to fit many body sizes. I'm looking to either sell the vest or would like to trade for, or put towards the sale of an HD monitor suitable for steadicam. Maybe you have a backup monitor you're looking to get rid of, or are making the jump to a newer model and are looking to part with an older model. Let me know if this interests you. I'm also willing to work into the deal a TIffen Black Hard Shell case w/ wheels that I used for the vest and arm. The case is in excellent shape and has a dense foam liner inside, with 4 solid case fasteners and lock holes on the outside. Excellent for travel. The exterior moulded shell says Steadicam as part of the casings mold. I also have an extra strap buckle and receiver for the vest that I'll throw in. Currently the vest is in my gear lockup, I'll be there on Tuesday and can take some photos if there's interest. PM if interested!! Thanks for looking. - Ian
  21. ULTRA2cine System Package Includes : Hard Case for Sled : 4 section Carbon Fiber Composite Telescoping Post with range from 28 “ to 71” ( 71cm to 180 cm ) Jerry Hill docking bracket Gorelock Auto Dock with extending Dynamic Balance post Newly engineered low-friction Gimbal with “Blue Whale” tool for precision adjustment Long Dovetail Plate Short Dovetail Plate (low mode) No Tools Tilt Head 1/4 “ T-handled Allen Wrench 8" Ultrabright2 HD Monitor Motorized stage Gimbal Transmitter Charge Cable, Gimbal Transmitter Battery Mount - V-Mount 3’ lightweight BNC video cable 12V Power Cable 24V Power Cable Power Cable Red Power/Video cables for monitor (+ 1 back-up) Power Cable Moviecam Power Cable Panavision Power Cable Millenium xl Power Cable Arri 24V Steadicam Dovetail plate Support rod 2 x 15mm Motor Rod CatGriller 2 x Screw, 3/8-16 Steadicam Operator's Handbook Hard Case for Vest & Arm : Cordura bag for Vest & Arm Ultra Vest with steel connector G-70X Iso-Elastic arm with No-Tools Ride and Lift adjustability. Lifting range from 12 – 70 lbs ( 5.4 kg – 31.7 kg ) Gimbal Post, Gimbal Post, 12", G-70 ARM Ultra Arm Protective Covers, Dual Section Ultra Bottom Sled & Battery Protective Covers Vehicule mount, MIitchel-base - Socket Block Hard case battery : 6 x Power Cube battery Charger IDX VL-4S Cover set 1 Hill Pana Bracket 1 Hill 2-n-1 Motor mount, with SR5", 15mm Rod 1 6mm I.D. to 3/8-16" O.D. Thread Apaptor 1 Arri Dovetail Rod Clamp 1 Square to Round 15mm, 3.5" long Iris Rod 1 Square to Round 15mm, 7" long Iris Rod EFP Instructional video, 30.000,00 € Michel Rodas Steadiriders Paris, France
  22. Looking to buy an Ultra 2 sled very soon if one is available. I will also be selling my Zephyr HD (less than a year old) in the rare chance that the seller would want to throw that into the deal. I can provide references from operators on this forum upon request. Thanks, Richard Volsky rkvolsky@gmail.com
  23. 10" Tiffen Steadicam Plate $150 includes shipping to lower 48 states.
  24. Hello Everybody, As promised on a recent discussion on the forums ( http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=17981&page=4 ) about super high mode conversion of Ultra2 rig, I share with you the video of me converting it to super high mode using its 4 stage telescoping post. Camera on the sled is a loaded magazine 435 along with 35mm Zeiss super speed MKIII lens and Arri clip-on matte-box. The conversion starts at 0:14. In total, going from normal to super high takes about 1 minute 45 seconds. Lens height achieved is 2,25 meters (I’m 1,75 meters tall) with the socket block raised on my Ultra2 vest and 23cm long arm post on my G-70 arm. If I were to put a 3rd battery and/or a dummy weight at the bottom of the sled I could have raised the camera another 15/20 cm using the full extent of the built-in super-post. The process of conversion is very strait forward. I first extend the telescoping posts fully –just shy of marking lines turning red- below the gimbal thus giving maximum amount of counter balance, then I extend the post located above the gimbal until I got neutral balance and I shorten it to give the rig a slightly bottom heavy balance. I check and correct the static balance using the motorized stage, do a drop test. And done! Normally I would also adjust the integral tilting stage; you can give me a time penalty of 15 seconds for it. This brings us to 2 minutes of conversion time from start to finish. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! PS for newbies: the drop time of 4+ seconds in super high mode might seem slow to you but with a sled this long you have huge amounts of inertia acting against the tilt and roll axis. So, a normal drop time of 3 seconds would be too bottom heavy for this kind of setup. PS for imperial system lovers: suck-it! Metric rules! Pun intended :) https://vimeo.com/64580595
  25. Hello guys, I decided to make a little mod on my Ultra2 and before I go ahead I’d like to have some input from U2 owners. I want to get rid of the upper monitor mount on the post3 in order to be able compress the rig another 3 inches or so. Since I bought my rig last June I never used the upper mount. In normal use, I place the monitor as down as possible. Even when I setup the rig to the extreme high or low mode the upper mount never seemed useful to me as it places the monitor too up high to my taste. But when I fly lighter loads like an epic, not being able to shorten the rig another 3 inches translates to either less space to move the gimbal down on post2–harder to go to low mode- or too much space above it. Also when I put a codex or OBI-1 deck at the base of the sled while shooting Alexa/Raw setups, the up-down weight ratio forces me to collapse the rig fully and every inch counts! Even if an unpredicted situation presents itself, I can have another 15cm or so to raise the monitor by placing the monitor rods in reverse. In order to take the mount out I have to undo the wires in the stage which is not an everyday job. That’s why I’d like to hear your input on the subject. Do you use the upper mount? In which situations?
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