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Found 9 results

  1. Selling my 2011 Porsche Cayenne Turbo camera vehicle as I'm focusing on other work. The car has a website, check it out here: www.shootseeker.com Serious inquiries email me at nickramey985@gmail.com 500hp V8 Turbo 0-60 in 4 sec Immaculate interior with many add ons. 67k miles Matte Black wrap with ceramic coat done this year (black paint underneath) Front and rear mounting for black-arm style rigging Custom 1" aluminum top racks built to accommodate a variety of Russian arm types (powder coated) Custom backseat rails ready for wheels, joysticks, monitors (powder coated) Custom racing seat in the trunk with mounting for monitor Custom NACA duct in the window for cables Custom power system for 12v accessories directly linked to the electrical system 8 - Houdini Clamps (cheeseboro replacement) 2000w power inverter for backup BNC splitter for redundancy Spare 21" rim and tire IMG_2226.MOV
  2. Hi. I’m looking for a Garfield mount. Mitchell to hard mount. Socket is for masters arm. I’m based in Vancouver, Canada. Happy to buy international. Email me at info@kimberfilm.com if you have one for sale or are thinking of selling one. Many thanks in advance. Scott
  3. Garfield/ vehicle mount -4.5" high-hat/ mitchell base -vehicle mount with complete socket block -U-bolts for two diameters of speedrail -anvil hard case Almost new condition. $850 plus shipping (from Indianapolis, IN)
  4. Looking for a Klassen Vehicle Mount. B side configuration. Thanks all!
  5. Looking for a garfield mounting Grip with U bolts
  6. Hard mounting a gimbal to a vehicle usually results in shake footage due to vibrations from the road. This vibration isolator helps remove those vibrations by suspending the gimbal on bent wire rope assemblies. More info can be found here: http://www.stratus-productions.com/cinema-vibration-dampener
  7. hey yall I have been doing a lot of location shoots with limited power resources. I realize I can grab a genny, but I really dont like burning gallons of gas throughout the day near my gear just to keep batteries fresh, power a laptop, download cards, etc. Typically I will run a laptop off of a Versa battery, plug batteries into the moho, or come up with the typical methods for powering gear throughout the day, but I am considering a few electrical modifications to my 4Runner to make it a more well-rounded tool in my kit. First, are there any power inverters that you would recommend for use in 12v power outlets in a vehicle? I have one (Vec024CA )and have been using it for years, and now it is blowing a fuse in my truck, so I am looking for recommendations based on our profession's/community's needs. Second, I am thinking about installing a second battery into my vehicle, maybe a motorcycle battery, and running it on a constant setting so that the vehicle does not have to be on in order to use the power. Then running wire towards the back of the vehicle and installing a standard wall outlet for powering batteries, laptops, etc, unless a cigarette-outlet style is required. This way I can recharge the battery with a trickle charger overnight, as I do with motorcycles, or maybe there is a way of having the vehicle recharge it. has anyone modified their vehicle to be more power efficient for the use of equipment? I have been reading a lot of posts on T4R.org as well as other 4Runner forums, but I am interested in what other operators have done. brett.
  8. Hi yall I have a vehicle shot on Saturday and am wondering if anyone has a garfield mount that I can use to put on a mitchell base. Ideally it would also have a socket block...I am located in Los Angeles and willing to drive out a bit if need be. I would love to pick it up on or before friday so that I can prep with it. I can return Sunday or at your convenience. Feel free to email, call, text, or get in touch via the forum. Have a good one! brett. 404.408.5951 12@brettmayfield.com
  9. Hey yall I have a vehicle shot coming up and putting together my COI terms for the production company. We are going to use my personal vehicle and another operator's vehicle-mount for the rig. I will have a COI issued to the operator for the mount, but how does my COI change with the inclusion of my vehicle? Are these terms correct? Additionally Insured for $ 1,000,000 liability Loss Payee for $100,000 (combined and rounded number for vehicle plus steadicam equipment) on the Miscellaneous Equipment endorsement. What do I request for the Automobile Liability? Any Auto, All Owned Autos, Hired Autos...? Hope youre havin a rad new year! brett.
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