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  1. Selling my Ultra II vest, IIIA arm and Master Series sled. IIIA Arm was serviced by Robert Luna 3 years ago. I have a new post from Luna to fit the master series sled as well. Arm comes with rain cover for both sections. Arm is in great condition. Vest is in good condition. There is a crack on the front plastic but that doesn't affect its operation at all. Comes in a Steadicam vest bag. Sled is an HD upgraded sled with AB battery plates. It has a cam jam monitor yoke on it with spacers for a SmallHD DP7. Comes with a bunch of accessories and a hard case. Willing to split items up. Price breakdown is as follows: Ultra II Vest: $2k IIIA Arm: $5k Cam Jam Monitor Yoke: $1k Master Series Sled (with docking bracket and a bunch of accessories): $5k Photos are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9ipbzgN2fQSLUF2TllFM0xXRzA?usp=sharing
  2. Upgrading, and selling my rig. Very well maintained and cared for. Package includes: Modified Pro 1 / 3A hybrid sled, luna upgraded gold springs arm, older style pro vest, and extras. Arm and Gimbal Inspected by Robert Luna in March 2017 and given “clean bill of health”. Arm assessed as “Pristine”, gimbal very clean. Sled inspection by Terry in March 2017 and given “clean bill of health” Arm: Gold Springs Arm, Luna Upgraded (carries up to 54lbs) *Comes with Arm Bag (not pictured) Vest: older leather model Pro vest with custom padding and backup straps Sled: Assembled and maintained by Terry West. HD/SDI lines down the post. 3A gimbal, Pro 1 top stage and upper electronics, 1.5” MK-V telescoping post, sachtler monitor bracket (compatible with cam-jam monitor yoke), modified 3A module w/ three AB plates. Can carry all cameras, as this sled was originally designed for heavier film cameras Batteries (V Mount): two 190wh, two 150wh and two 97wh v-mount batteries (6 total) with dual charger and all in perfect working order, comes with 2 AB to V mount plates for the sled Accessories: Decimator V2 down converter w/ 2 power cables, Low Mode bracket, 2X 1.5” docking brackets, 2X P-Tap splitter cables to power accessories off of sled, post grip, Bartech receiver bracket, and 5 camera dovetail plates. Tackle box includes arm posts, vest screws, spare hardware and tools Monitor: Pro CRT “green screen” monitor w/ rain cover Price for Package reflects all items EXCEPT the Pro CRT Monitor. I am including it for free w/ the purchase. Package comes in custom Titan Anvil case and Pelican Storm IM3220 case. Good starter rig. Asking 12,000 USD Located in New York, New York Please email me at tannerocarlson@gmail.com or call/txt at 5039191053 for more photos / info Thanks for looking :)
  3. WALTER KLASSEN VEST FOR SALE I'm waist 32 / 5'10 / 165lbs will fit if your close to that. 2400$ OBO email me for more more info albussi@videotron.ca Alexandre Bussiere 514-995-5525
  4. Steadicam Ultra 2 full package. This is the full blown version with motorized head and remote. Very good shape and all working. Used but well cared for. Six V-mount batteries (IDX) and 4 battery charger. A couple extras as well, vehicle mounting plate and low mode bracket. For sale priced to move. Everything you need to fly. Feel free to contact me with questions or offers. Asking: $34,500 (USD) Thanks Jon jonnye1970@gmail.com
  5. For sale, Ultra 2 Vest and Hard Case. The vest was just at Tiffen and got the Waist strap replaced and Tiffen said it is in very good condition. The full size socket block is in good condition. The case is also in good condition with all locks and wheels in working order. Asking $1,850 (USD) Jon
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for used vest, I think, my expected price is around.. from $1,500 to $2,500 If someone is interested , let me know the price and show me the picture (My e-mail is popowowo2@naver.com) Thanks for your attention Best regards, Yong
  7. Hi everyone, i'm looking for Ultra 2 sled/vest. And also looking for 3A Arm or Silver Spring Arm. Pls contact here or PM or thru email: tungle@50mmfilm.com Thanks
  8. Hey everyone, Been using the Steadicam Pilot for a few years, on a very occasional basis and I'm generally very happy with it. Tempted to upgrade to the Aero 30 as I'm now mostly flying Red cameras, but in the meantime the one thing I'd like to look at is upgrading the crappy Merlin/Pilot vest with the plastic chestpiece of doom. Any recommendations for something a little sturdier, not too expensive and that can easily take the pilot arm? Thanks all.
  9. Looking to purchase an Exo Vest in good condition. I'm located in NYC and I would prefer to deal with someone local, but I'm open to any available options.
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for steadicam vest and gimbal, DB2 (for my 3a and master arm) If has it someone, just let me know (expected price and condition of them, and etc) Thanks a lot for your attention (My e-mail is lomoon5@naver.com)
  11. Looking to buy an LX or Ultra Vest ASAP Also, looking for an American stand. I already have 10" wheels so just the stand or small wheels are fine. American Grip is completely out of stock. Message me here if your looking to sell these things
  12. Hello! I'm looking to sell a LX-Vest in very good used condition. Comes in Steadicam Vest-Bag. It's based in Vienna, Austria and im looking to get 2650€ + VAT Cheers Ben
  13. Hi All, I had this vest up for sale earlier, with some damaged backing -- after further thought, I decided to get it repaired before selling it to anyone. Hopefully the mods are okay with this old vest in a new post... In any case, here's an Ultra 2 vest in used, but good condition. With all new backing! (pics included) No cracks or fissures in the back/shoulder strap plastic! Fully functional, and works as intended. It's got scuff marks, and wear from normal use, but the ratchet straps are still flexible and toothy, velcro is sticky and all the metal hardware is in good shape. There's one modification I made: I have it so that you don't have to unclip the crossback strap on the left side to exit the vest. Other than that, this is a standard Ultra 2 vest. $2750 (USD) OBO. Buyer to pay shipping, VAT, etc (if applicable). Paypal preferred (I ship to confirmed addresses only) Let me know if you have any questions! Beau
  14. Selling: Pro Vest George Paddock flightcase very good condition, first and only owner, €uro 3'400.-- / US$ 3550.-- Hard mount Baer-Bell attaches to a bazooka can be fixed on each ear pin, can be extended 5 inches €uro 280.-- / US$ 300.-- Dovetail-plate 10 inch €uro 135.-- / US$ 150.-- spare Socket block €uro 135.-- / US$ 150.-- central rotating F-bracket (for improved ergonomics) €uro 210.-- / US$ 220.-- assy docking collar €uro 135.-- / US$ 150.-- Jerry Hill Arri SR-3 Low Mode Bracket €uro 135.-- / US$ 150.-- Jerry Hill 435 Low Mode Bracket €uro 225.-- / US$ 250.-- I am located in Hamburg / Germany contact: chlanderer@gmx.de
  15. The package is worth over 30k new. It's only at $2000 in the bidding with buy it now at 10k and less than 24 hours to go. its about to end on ebay: http://r.ebay.com/R7oziP Thanks Tyler
  16. Full Glidecam Gold Rig upgraded for HD-SDI by Glidecam in Massachusetts. Sled with Anton Bauer battery plates, two monitors,3 types of low mode-f bracket and 2 S hooks, camera cage, two camera plates, dual battery charger, all kinds of cables nuts and bolts and backup replacement parts. Gold Arm very smooth and capable of flying DSLRS to full size film and Digital cinema packages Vest Sled Stand Hill Docking Bracket Does not include the magliner and post (just used it to display the rig and take pictures) customized pelican 1650 rolling case pelican 1610 rolling case The entire rig fits neatly in the two pelicans for travel. Sled has both 12 and 24volt capabilities for flying various camera systems. Has Red and Arri power cables or XLR for any camera out there. I had the entire rig looked at by Glidecam recently when I had it upgraded. The Technician told me it was the cleanest, well maintained rig that has come across his bench. This really is a nice smooth and comfortable rig for anyone looking to get into steadi or as a backup rig. Thank you Total Price $10,500 Tags: Arri camera Optimo Angenieux cooke zeiss moviecam camera arricam Panavision Red camera canon lenses motion picture lenses motion picture cameras oconner head steadicam glidecam remote head remote camera follow focus digital motion picture cameras HD cameras High Definiton camera digital video Alexa camera red epic red one red mx canon 5d mark ii Panasonic varicam sony f35 sony cinealta jvc camera 3D camera
  17. Great rig bought in late September of 2011! Kept it around as a backup/running rig with my G70x arm, but now selling it to buy more accessories for my Ultra 2. Besides a couple aesthetic scratches, a couple tape marks, and a little dust in the hard to clean spots, it's in great working condition. Zephyr HD Kit (V-Mount): Rolling Hard Case Sled Arm (used only for a few months) Vest Weights Docking Bracket Second Battery Mount Low Mode "F" Bracket 6" Arm Post for a G70x/G50x arm to the Zephyr Sled Socket Blocks for both the Zephyr Arm and a G70x/G50x arm With the extra Arm Post and Socket Block, you have the option of using the Zephyr Vest and Sled with a better Tiffen Arm. Please ask if interested in a Pelican Storm case, cables for this set up, or buying everything except the vest (if you want to use your own vest). Price for all: $8,750 Happy to take/send more detailed photos on forum or through email. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. All the best, Richard Volsky rkvolsky@gmail.com Atlanta, GA
  18. Hey everyone, I have my Tiffen Ultra 2 Vest up for sale. I've personally owned the vest for four years now after I purchased it used. It has the normal wear and tear you would expect. The back lumbar pad has some velcro that's worn out but I will have that replaced by the time the vest ships out. I have the original thicker pads for the shoulders and the new thinner pads as well. The vest only includes the thicker waist pad. I will also include the original blue rip chord in addition to the black one. $2,800 OBO, buyer pays shipping. E: aaron.gantt@gmail.com C: 704.322.6889
  19. Hi All, Selling my Ultra 2 vest -- she's used but in fair condition. Couple of things of note...this one has the slim pads, not the "life vest" type found on some of the older ones. It's also a normal size vest, not a compact. There's also the issue of the plastic near the shoulder clips being cracked. See pics below. Apparently this is a known issue with this generation of vest, and does not seem to affect the function of the vest overall. According to Tiffen, some ops have operated with these cracks for extended periods without much issue (although you might want to have it repaired/replaced just to be sure). I did get a quote from Tiffen to repair the backing, if you're interested in hearing about it. Other than that, I've modified the backstraps so that you don't have to un-clip them to get in and out of the vest. from the left side. There's some wear near the chest straps as well, from the velcro rubbing up on it. Looking for $2500 OBO. Buyer to pay shipping/VAT etc... Let me know if you have questions. Thanks! Beau
  20. Selling everything Steadicam. $34K for all, not including any shipping. It would be great to find a US East Coast Op looking to upgrade. Please PM me if interested or have any questions. Pictures are in a dropbox link below with a PDF list of the gear too. GPI Pro Gen II top and bottom, HD cable XCS 2" telescoping post XCS Ergo gimbal (bondhus tool) Gorelock docking ring 2" XCS low mode docking ring 2 Pana Plates sled rain cover- lower box and monitor Cinetronic Gen 1 - 7" monitor w/ yolk (2 slight blemishes, nothing major) Walter Klassen backmount vest (bag, spare parts, air pump, rain poncho) Silver Spring arm (soft case, tool, rain covers, 12" and 6" posts) Bartech Transmitter and Receiver (case, cables, gear pitches, rail adapter, rain cover, belt clip) Heden Motor Decimator II + cables to sled Peter Abraham Zalex tally light system Atomos HDMI to HDSDI (1 battery, charger) Paralinx Arrow Transmitter and Receiver + cables Marshall V-LCD70XP HDMI 7" monitor w/ handheld cage, sunhood (gold mount) 2 Q2702 quad chargers 5 Dionic 90's (re-celled by John Ritter) (3 Dionic 90's that need re-celling - one with a broken gold mount, 5 Hytron 50's that can be re-celled) Epic/Scarlet, Red one, Alexa, P-taps, quad P-tap, Pro to USB's, HDSDI's and HDMI's, converters, custom cables and cables and cables Pelican 1650,1600, 1500 Steadicam Jr. Cart (vest hanger, sled post, 37" utility trough, mitchell mount, tarps, cup holder) Jerry Hill Gorelock docking bracket XCS docking bracket American Stand nuts, bolts, dog bones, rods, dslr baseplate, VCT-14 plate, Mickey, Hill Vehicle Mount (Mitchell), Sushi Server, Sunbounce Pro Wind Killer(4x6), Janice Arthur Weight Plate Cage, knee pads, extra battery case, tarps, more and more and more. Pictures are listed in the drop box below. Please feel free to ask any questions. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ojlmegf8zb50fgk/AAAoR67cr4S-sDxr5UJ4omjGa?dl=0
  21. Steadicam LX front Mount Vest for Sale. Vest is in great condition. Only used as my back up Comes with a spare chest plate. $2200 Plus shipping Vest is currently in Toronto Canada any questions email me at camerasteve@gmail.com Thanks Steve
  22. Klassen vest has signs of wear but is in very good condition. It is a hinged vest and comes with storage bag, spare parts pouch and separate bag for the vest arm. My girlish measurements are 5'10" 200lbs. waist is 36". Asking $3000.00 plus shipping and PayPal fees. Contact me for questions at richfate02@gmail.com
  23. Hey there i´m looking for an used ACT2 Vest or maybe an ACT. regards
  24. Looking for end of the year tax write offs? My DP is donating her sled and arm to my alma mater but it's useless to them without a vest. If anyone is looking for a tax write off for their dusty, old vest, CSUMB can give you a non-profit donation receipt. Arm is CP. Please email me if you're interested. jeffersonfugitt@gmail.com
  25. I haven't used this rig since I upgraded last year, but its served me well over the last couple of years. I've upgraded the rig to have two HD lines, plus 2pin lemo and d-tap power at the base of the sled. It's a fantastic light weight rig that will fly a DLSR to an Alexa, this would be an awesome package for someone starting out or looking for a medium weight rig. Contact me on timotawalsh@gmail.com for prices, I would prefer to sell the kit as a whole but will take offers for individual items. Kit located in Sydney, Australia, buyer pays shipping. Cheers Tim Walsh +61(0)420783514 In the kit: •Steadicam Archer(+Steadicam Case). •Tiffen G-50 Arm. •Steadicam Vest(+Steadicam Case). •Dp7 ultra bright monitor. •Jerry Hill archer docking bracket. •4 x idx batteries and duel charger. •2x archer camera plates. •CamTec Alexa to Archer plate. •Paralinx Arrow 1:1 kit HDMI/SDI kit(plus 2pin,3pin,dtap,usbpwr and batteries). •MKV weight cage. •Plus cables +Stand
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