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  1. Looking for a complete used Steadycam Archer kit! Would be great to find someone! Please post or Email: burz@n.zgs.de Best Andreas
  2. Steadicam Flyer For Sale Flyer Sled 2 V-Mount Battery Rack (12 volt only) Flyer SD monitor Custom HDMI cable through the post if you wanted to mount your own HD monitor. Or if you prefer I could remove this before the sale. Flyer Arm w/arm sleeve Low Mode Brackets Flyer Vest IDX 2 Bank Sequential Charger 2 IDX Endura 80S Batteries SteadiStand and docking bracket Flight Case w/custom foam that fits everything. contact me at hello@adammillerdp.com
  4. Pro II SD Package for sale: Pro II SD Sled Pro II Donkey Box New Style Telescoping Centerpost Pro VZ Gymbal Pro II Battery Hanger w/ video mount Pro monitor arm + extension XCS TB6 Greenscreen Duoframe Monitor XCS Digital Level Plus (3) Power Blocks (10) Dionic 90 Anton Bauer Batteries (2) Anton Bauer Dual Chargers (1 w/DDM) w/ cables and hard case (2) sets of Pro to Camera Power Cables for most major camera systems including RED Camera Plates 7", 9" Hard Case Decimator 2 Downconverter w/ Pro Cable Pro Superpost SD w/ soft tube case Pro Titan Arm (4) Blue Canisters (4) Black Canisters Canister Soft Case Arm Soft Bag Arm Tools Pro Vest Fitted for Medium to XL Operator ( 2 Waistbands) Modular 51 Soft Case Preston FIZ H2 Complete w/ 3 motors MDR 2 HU2 Digital Microforce Short and Long Zoom cables (2) DM1X Motors and Hill brackets (1) DM2 Motor for Iris and Hill brackets (1) Preston Battery ( 2nd battery is bad) Preston Battery Charger Omni Shot adapter w/ Large and Small Batteries and charger (2) Sets of Run Cables for most major camera systems: PV, Arri, Wired Remote Iris Control w/ cables (operated by plugging into HU2) (4) Motor Cables Pro to MDR Power cables Pro MDR mounting bracket (3) 5/8 Hill motor arms (3) 15" Hill motor arms (3) 19" Hill motor arms (1) PAM Panavision FF to Preston Bracket (10) Marking Rings Pelican 1600 Case American 3 Riser Stand (black) w/ hard casters & brakes Hill Docking/Balancing Bracket with Gorelock 1.5" Gorelock Docking Bracket for cart/aux (2) Gorelock Clamps/Rings Hill Garfield Vehicle Mount w/ socket block Antlers (no telescope) w/ Riser from Brent Fagan MK-V DSLR Cage for steadicam w/ Anton Bauer Battery Mount Raincovers: Camera Essential PVLW, Arri SR III Pro II Sled Raincover by Camera Essential Pro Arm Rain and Dust Cover Harrison Standby Cover w/ stuff sack Practice weight 23 lbs aluminum block w/ camera plate holes threaded into bottom and DSLR quick release on top Pelican case (2) Modulus 3000 SD transmitters w/ cables to Pro (2) Sharkfin Antennas Sony SD Video Tuner/Receiver w/ AC/DC cables Transvideo Hermes Receiver w/ cables and antenna Hard case Misc Accessories Would prefer to sell as a complete package. May consider piecing it out. Total = $65,000 USD Located in Los Angeles. Price does not include shipping. Contact: nct1965@gmail.com
  5. Selling my well cared Universal Walter Klassen Backmount vest. It is a medium fit, around waist size 32" (will fit between 30" and 34") height 5.7 It is in very good shape and it comes with its own original Walter Klassen Vest bag which has never been used as the vest has always been kept in a hard case. The carbon fiber arm also come in its soft leather bag. The usual accessories are included (air pump and some spare parts in a soft bag plus extra padding for different fits). It is single side hinged (more rigidity compared with double sided) Located in the UK Asking 2800£ or equivalent. Shipping at buyer's expenses Email me or PM me if interested/for pics.
  6. We have a spare Ultra II vest from an Ultra IIC sled that went with a Walter Klassen setup. It's in great condition. This has never seen a feature or extended production work. Worn maybe a dozen times to supplement some smaller sleds with a nicer vest. We don't own any big sleds now so this has no place with us and needs a new home. Here's a complete detailed review of it: The key block has a couple of small, very light spots on the metal from use (purely minor cosmetics). Couple of minor scuffs on the shoulder latches. No major frays in the fabric, all velcro is solid, the foam has no dents or deformations, and the main chest plate is flawless. This is a great vest for someone looking to save a little but get something in like-new shape. Please reference the photos to see any further details. Includes the bag (slightly dusty from being shelved but never used). Give us a ring or email with any questions: $4000 + Shipping we prefer Paypal but can accept any major credit card. Open to offers or trades. Link to photos on Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lnyi2dajogy8eqf/Zx4G786lYB CONTACT: 912 Nine Four Four 6111 info AT meddinstudios DOT com Ask for Jason
  7. I sell used female socket block which is used on vest bridge assembly for connecting vest & arm. Price: 250$ USD teva.vasseur@gmail.com www.disquetteprod.com
  8. Hi fellow operators I am looking for a new rig to invest in and I have looked into a few for sale. And now on the marketplace there is not so much for sale so if someone have anything for sale or have thoughts of selling please tell me, I have no experience of pro or mk-v and I'm a bit curious in those I work mainly with film so it need to be able to take heavy cameras If its a complete package with vest and arm or just sled it doesn't matter Cheers
  9. So, I recently got a Pilot, and as I'm getting used to operating it, I finally figured out why it was putting a lot of strain on my lower back muscles. I have a somewhat protruding but muscular upper abdomen combined with a sunken chest, which puts the vest center bar and arm mount at a backwards angle when I stand with the rig weight balanced over my center of gravity. Standing so the lower pivot point is perpendicular to the ground and the arm swings freely involves leaning forward, which involves a bit of back strain. So, is there a kit or something available to make the fore/aft arm mount angle more adjustable than the small amount afforded in the thumbscrews in the mount itself? I'd like to figure out how to use this thing for longer periods without worrying about muscle exhaustion.
  10. Hello All, I have just let go of my Klassen back-mount and am in the market for a previously owned Ultra Vest. M-E. Casado marceric.casado@gmail.com 718.473.7500
  11. Hi again, Another missing piece to my puzzle. I am looking for a Vest, preferrably of the Ultra or Master variety. I will consider other offers too. Of course I'd love to stumble upon an used PRO vest, but those are never on sale when I'm buying. Thanks and Happy New Year! Mike
  12. Looking for a full rig (arm, vest and sled) for 10-12k, large enough to fly an Alexa, for example. Thanks!
  13. Looking for a decent 3A or master series vest at a fair price. Anyone looking to sell ? Tim
  14. Hi, I am an Engineer/Researcher at NASA Langley in Virginia and i very recently won a Steadicam kit in a government equipment auction. It was in a lot with several Sony cameras (DSR300AL,DXC3000A) which I plan to resell. AND, I thought it was just a couple of tripods for the cameras in a nice padded case. I get the lot home and packed very nicely in layers of notched out foam is a bunch of "Steadicam" components {vest, monitor, gimbal....}. These are some incredibly nice components. I am in the aviation industry and know good engineering, machining and materials when I see it. I see "Tiffen" and "Steadicam" all over the case and components so I googled a couple of videos of it in action and then find this forum. I got to admit it I am overwhelmed and inpressed by this group and industry in general. I am a sucker for things that are high tech AND require special skills/training, like Aviation. I am primarily a still photographer and not sure this will do much for me but sure looks like nice suff. It seems to be used entirely for video/film photography, correct? Would it help for air-to-air photography? So I am asking for help because I am a total newbie with this equipmkent. I wasnt even sure where to post this. (Please re-direct me if it is not the place to ask). I need to 1) to figure out what I have and 2) figure out If I am equiped to utilize it properly. If not, 3) figure out what the value is and how can I sell it. I couldnt find a model that exactly matched on the steadicam.com site. Everything looks in brand new condition. I found some paperwork with at 2005 date. It is a "Certificate of Compliance" from Tiffen to B&H photo. It has serial numbers for Arm, Sled, Vest, & Monitor. The model number written in is [sC721 SK-2 AB "NTSC"]. Couldnt find a match for these numbers. The vest (and case) is blue/black nylon type material that is well padded with a waist/hip pads and an aluminum chest piece that the straps clip into. It looks to be a carbon fiber tube with a red aluminum grip below the gimbal. I managed to put everything together like I saw in the videos and tried it on. Amazingly smoth gimbal action, but it wasnt ballanced well as I dont have a battery to counter the monitor. There is a very stout tripod stand to hold the whole deal and a nifty bracekt on top that I suppose you use to get the balance right. There are a bunch of nice annodized aluminum machined parts, brackets and cables. The monitor seems to be a basic monichrome display and has a minor scratch on the glass. Any help is appreciated. Does this model have a name? Does it have much value? I can answer any question and can take pictures if necessary and post if this forum is capable of it. Thanks Much Kevin Yorktown VA Jeez, sorry for the long post.
  15. Hi guys, I`m selling my beloved WK backmount vest with a straight carbon arm, that comes with 3 different vest mount brackets (left, right and neutral) to rise or lower the arm attached in the back of the vest. It also comes with an airpump and 2 bags made of leather. One armbag and a small bag for the extras. The vest is in an excellent working condition, usual wear and tear. I bought it in 2009 from Betz-Tools in Munich, it has the serialnumber #72 and is a size small. My weight is about 176 pounds (80kg) and height is 5 10" (1.79m) Summing up: -WK backmount vest -carbon arm straight -vest mount brackets (left, right, neutral) -airpump -leather armbag by WK -small bag for the extra stuff The vest cusioncovers will be washed again before selling. Price is 3,800.- $ or 3.000,- € Feel free to contact me: steadicam@peterschmehl.com located in munich, germany. shipping worldwide!
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