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Found 2 results

  1. Viper 300 was released earlier this year; it was unveiled at BVE 2016. A zero-latency HD-SDI video link with innovative manual channel selection and zero interference issues, the Viper 300 is perfect for multi-camera productions. Optical Support sell (and rent out) the units with either single or twin receivers, with the transmitter simply docking onto any V-Loc battery plate - giving you the ability to turn a range of cameras into versatile wireless camera systems. Aside from being compact and lightweight (0.5kg per receiver/0.4kg per transmitter,) The Viper 300 allows for manual channel selection to avoid interference issues when working in a multiple-camera scenario. When coupled with its >300 metre range, the Viper becomes a powerhouse of a video link - even when compared to some of its more established competitors. The Viper 300 provides more range and less interference at a more economical price. Chris Jordan, freelance London-based grip, was more than happy when he took the Viper on a shoot - remarking there was "no breakup at all" and that the Viper has a "good size transmitter as well". Used these at the beginning of the year. Its up there with the teradeck 2000. Highly recommend for camera dept peeps https://t.co/wS9ZCHfCq1 — Andy Jones (@AndyJones53) June 7, 2016 The Viper 300 will be on sale at £3,500 (down from £3,995) for a single receiver package, or £5,000 (from £5,500) for the twin receiver package during the whole of June 2016, to celebrate our newest batch of Viper 300 units - which are now available for shipping!
  2. Canatrans 1W UHF transmitter plus DX400 receiver PAL model. I think it can be upgraded to Global Version. Very rarely used, Startup count is 1891. Bought it in 2007 for Hellboy II, used it on my cart to transmit to handhelds. Since then we used it on 1 job only, I believe, one local shoot. It had seen maybe a few days of daily use apart from that. The package includes: 3x antennas 2x 4XLR power cables 1x Pana power cable 1x RS power cable 1x IVS power and video cable original pelicase This unit has a bad screen. It does not affect the operation, and I believe its an easy fix, but I never bothered. Its in a fully working, good condition. I am including a DX400 diversity receiver, with 4 antenna inputs. It is the version with F inputs, not BNC. Included also some small dipole antennas and two Audio Technica wide band UHF high gain antennas. images: http://imageshack.us/g/1/9979725/ asking 2500$ OBO Canatrans 1W UHF transmitter plus DX400 receiver Global model. Can be set to PAL or NTSC. Serial number 1324, startup count is 2372. I also bought this in 2007, and used it on 3 shoot. On Hellboy but we used it only once on the whole shoot. Used it on La Rafle, Season of the Witch, and The Raven. The package includes: 2x antennas 1x 4XLR power cables 2x Pana power cable 2x RS power cable 1x IVS power and video cable 1x audio in cable original pelicase I am including a DX400 diversity receiver, with 4 antenna inputs. It is the version with F inputs, not BNC. Included also some small dipole antennas and two Audio Technica wide band UHF high gain antennas. images: http://imageshack.us/g/1/9979728/ asking 2000$ OBO The two DX400 are housed in a shipping case. In the case there is also 2 4-way antenna splitters and amplifiers. We used this so that we can use the same antennas for every receiver. The whole system runs from 12V or a mains power supply. http://www.videoassist.hu/pics/dx400-1.jpg If you buy both kits I include the case and two UHF handheld monitors with V-lock battery backs for free. Marell microwave. PAL/NTSC auto-detect. Bought it in 2007, only used as a backup. Two channel option installed. The transmitter is practically brand new. in 2010 we started a show where the director has requested a marell transmitter. On testing we found that the transmitter was loosing image, and the Marell guys replaced the whole unit. On day two the director decided he likes a different unit, so we never used it. Its been in the case since. This is a great unit, and I had great success with it on some places where the canatrans failed. Package includes: -transmitter -receiver -3x transmitter antennas -2x receiver flat antennas -1x 4XLR transmitter power cable -2x 4XLR receiver power cable -1x Pana power cable -1x RS power cable -1x 12V 1A power supply perfect condition images: http://imageshack.us/g/1/9979729/ Asking 1200$ OBO All gear is located in Hungary, Europe. Shipping worldwide. Please contact me off list for more info.
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