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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, Due to live circumstances I’m leaving steadicam behind and selling my kit. Preferably selling as a whole kit but open to discussing a split if I get buyers lined up - don’t want to sit on bits. Looking for £40k + VAT Whole kit is in great shape - feel free to reach out for questions. Not checking facebook that often, so send me an email for fast replies: Contact@simeongeyer.com I got a full list of pictures and all attached below but here is the short version: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PSBv0CX6BkEzCAEdlrj9SgwFS7cTV5eS PRO Sled - DB 3 Top Stage - Gen2 Top electronics with HD upgrade done by Betz in Germany - Telescoping Post - Gimbal with VZ Grip - Cam Jam Quattro Monitor Mount - Transvideo HD6 SBL Monitor - Gen2 Lower Electronics with HD upgrade done by Betz in Germany - Gen2 Battery Rack (Gold Mount) - Hill Docking Bracket - Super Post with HD Upgrade done by Betz in Germany Bunch of camera plates, power cables, Alexa 35 plate, low mode brackets for SR3 and 435 and lots more GPI PRO Titan Arm with 8 canisters (4 blue, 4 black) Klassen Flex Vest - 6’3” tall normal build and fits well Betz Wave - Bets Plate - XLR Power Cable - MKV Power Cable American Stand Single Riser with 8” Wheels Baer-Bel Hard Mount Hard cases for everything (Soft bag for Arm and Vest also available)
  2. Verkaufe meine MK-V Nexus. Es handelt sich um einen 2-Zoll-Vierstufenpfosten, einen HD-Konverter, eine Betz-Oberstufe (Platte im Lieferumfang enthalten) und einen MK-V v2-Gimbal. Solide Anlage, die mir gut getan hat. SCHLITTEN: Derzeit für Gold-Mount eingerichtet, aber zwei Adapterplatten für V-Mount sind im Lieferumfang enthalten. Enthält MKV-zu-XLR-Stromkabel, viele andere Kabel (Arri ect), Lemo-Glasfaserkabel und viele andere, Kameraplatten, dritte Batterieplatte (Gold-Mount), 2 Monitore enthalten (MK-V Hummingbird und Tv Logic). Digitale Wasserwaage Marell und Chrosziel. Wetterschutz komplett. Anton Bauer Dual-Ladegerät und 4 Goldmount-Akkus Bebob-Zoom mit zwei Adaptern (Canon, Fuji digital) wireless Rotlicht 3 Peli-Koffer und Ultimate Trypod Preis 16500 € GPI PRO ARM: 4 blaue und 2 schwarze PRO-Kanister, Ersatzteilset, PRO ARM-Pfosten, Regenschutz, sehr guter Zustand Preis 19500 € WALTER KLASSEN DELUXE WESTE: Ersatzteile, Pumpe, Werkzeug Preis 3500€ CHROSZIEL DIGI FOX: 1 Betz Motor, 2 Akkus, Ladestation, 4 Räder, 3 Ringe Preis 3800€ alles in sehr gutem Zustand mail: biernat.creativ@mac.com phone: +49 172 8303868 Versand/Versicherung trägt der Käufer, Standort Süddeutschland
  3. WTB Walterklassen Flex Harness - Goofy 196cm Height 32 Waist Possibly shipped to Austria Thanks a lot
  4. WTB Walter klassen Right arm, Height 5.8(173cm), Weight 75kg(165lb), Price range 2K-3K.
  5. COMPLETE PACKAGE FOR SALE - All you need to operate on set - ITEM 1: RIG (Betz&Tools), with quicklock camera mounting plataform. 3 x telescopic post. Docking rings. Ted Churchill monitor bracket. 3 x battery brackets V Mount. 1 x J bracket 2 x long universal Steadicam doveltail plates 1 x short universal Steadicam doveltail plate 1 x docking stand Transport case POWER CABLES: 2 x Alexa 2 x Arri 24v 2 x Arri 12 v. 2 x Panavision 24 v 2 x Panavision Millenium 1 x Moviecam 1 x HD 1 x Epic 1 x Red 1 x MDB from Arri 1 x Acc Arri from RIG ( 2 connectors) ITEM 2: Transvideo HD 6''.Virtual Horitzon Pelican transport case ITEM 3: Steadicam I-D-X Quad charger 8 x I-D-X Power Cubes (DC 14.8V) Pelican transport case ITEM 4: Complete kit, 3 motors. Last Software version and new radio 1 x Hand Unit F+I+Z Control (spare antena) 1 x Motor Drive Box ( spare antena) 1 x 2,4-2,5GHz Half duplex microwave link between Hand Unit and MDB 3 x Scorpio Digital Motors 42V (motor rod + 0.8 output gear 2x 0.25, 1x 0.5 wide) 1 x Separate control from Scorpio Unit ( cable from FIZ to Ext. Control) 7 x Brackets ( different sizes + adapters 19mm to 15mm) 10 x Marking discs 5 x Motor cables 1 x Cable External command IRIS-ZOOM 1 x Driver cable tp Camera: ARRI III&BL1-2-3-4s, SR1-2 2 x Driver cable tp Camera: ARRI 435,535,535B,&SR3 1 x Driver cable tp Camera: ALEXA 1 x Driver cable tp Camera: PANAVISION 1 x Driver cable tp Camera: MOVIECAM 1 x Driver cable tp Camera: AATON 1 x Driver cable tp Camera: EPIC 1 x Driver cable tp Camera: RED 1 x Driver cable tp Camera: HD 1 x Acc RED 1 x 12V MDB 1 x 24V MDB 2 x Power RIG TO MDB 1 x Power MDB from ARRI 5 x 0.8 gears ( 3x 0.50", 2x 0.25") 3 x 64 pitch gears PANAVISION IRIS 3 x 48 pitch gears PANAVISION ZOOM 3 x 0.6 FUJINON VIDEO 3 x 0.5 CANON-SCHEIDER-ANGENIEUX 1 x SONY charger AC-SQ950 6 x batteries ( 2x NP-SM500H/ 4x NPFM-50) ITEM 5: 1 x WALTER KLASSEN STEADICAM VEST + Original soft bag for transport Include: air pump, spare shoulder strap, 2 ratchets for vest, 4 straps for Klassen vest Ref: I'm 74kg (165lbs) and 1'74m (5.9") ITEM 6: G70 ARM + Original soft bag Last time serviced: DEC.2016 at BETZ-TOOLS (Munich-Germany) ITEM 7: Accesories included: Sunbounce Wind Killer (6' x 8' / 180x245cm) TOTAL PRICE: 25.000€ (Transport and paypal fees not included) Contact details: email: c.cabeceran@gmail.com phone: +34 686 073 321 web: www.carlescabeceran.com Origin: Barcelona (SPAIN) Find all pictures in the link below: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4nse2vai57683wr/AADrcA4q3la55jx1II9ocm-La?dl=0
  6. Walter Klassen Universal back mounted vest for sale. Very good condition- minimal scratches from normal use. The pad covers are very clean! (just re-washed) :) Low profile arm Comes with all original replacement parts, air pump, manual, leather arm bag, Klassen travel bag for vest New front foam padding Vest will fit 5'10" tall, 40"- 44" waist (If your measurements are slightly different, email me your measurements so I can contact Walter Klassen to see if this vest could be modified for you) USD $3500 obo Will ship worldwide Buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance costs. Email me at: jonathanlabby@yahoo.com
  7. Everything is in like new condition with minor scratches and general wear form light usage. I've only had this rig for just over 2 years. For the past year or so I've barely used it, other than the odd commercial, as I transitioned to DP work. All the electronics were upgraded under a year ago to the infinity alpha system HD-SDI. Mk-v Infinity HD-SDI sled - 1.5" carbon fiber post - 3a top stage - mk-v lw dovetail - 3a gimbal - Infinity monitor arm - alpha electronics HD-SDI D-box, j-box - v-mount baseplate - Anton Bauer baseplate - (2) Tiffen power cube V-mount batts - V-mount dual simultaneous charger - pelican rifle case - ruige hd-sdi 7" monitor ( has small scratch on screen) this was my back up, works great for starting out. - (4)12inch 19mm mk-v lw rods for monitor arm and base system. - (2) 10inch 19mm mk-v lw rods Luna arm 15-70lb weight range - softcase Walter Klassen back mount vest - extra straps and hardware - portable air pump. - pelican case and leather case for carbon fiber arm Cables/AKS -mk-v to alexa 24v right angle -mk-v to alexa 12v straight -mk-v to epic 12v -mk-v to redone 12v -mk-v to arri 12v -mk-v to 2pin bartech power -AB power tap ext. cable -AB to 4pin XLR right angle -spaghetti BNC cables, (1)18"black, (2) 36"black, (1) 36" grey, (2) 6' grey. -pro-x v-mount plate to p-tap Asking $24,000 USD for complete package, but will sell any of the pieces individually. Please email me directly at jmelansonsteadicam@gmail.com Sled with both anton/v-mount plates and monitor (will sell without) - $13,000 Luna Arm - $7500 Walter Klassen Vest - $3500 Powercube batts/charger - $500 cables/aks - email me for specific individual pricing. Items are located in NYC.
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