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Found 17 results

  1. selling Betz Wave 1 including: - Wave 1 - hprc hard case - 3 power cables: dtap / 3 pin / 2 pin - XCS side to side plate 5500$ including XCS plate 4800$ excluding XCS plate dani.dagher@hotmail.com +971557158191
  2. Hello! Selling my Betz Wave. No used very much, so it’s in a perfect conditions. Package: - Wave1 in his original case. - Short dovetail plate - x2 Power cable lemo lemo - x1 Power cable D-tap lemo - x1 Power cable XLR lemo Asking 5000€ (buyers pay shipping) Thanks!
  3. Hello!! I'm interested to buy a Wave 1 in good shapes. I'm located in Barcelona, so I prefer european shipment. Contact to me at hola@aos.camera
  4. Hi all. I’m Pau from Barcelona. I’m looking for a wave. Someone has one availabe? I could buy or rent. I need it for middle march until end june. Thanks a lot please email me to ppaureig@gmail.com thanks
  5. Hi chaps, I’ve been the sole owner of everything listed, and can vouch that every last screw has been lovingly looked after and is ready to shoot. Would love everything to go as one. £16,000 OBO. Based in London - you’re very welcome to come check it out on set or in my living room. Email emilio dot film at gmail dot com. Cheers for looking! 1) Sachtler Artemis Sled (1.8” post, HD-SDI, 12/24V, great condition) 2) Betz Wave 1 (boxed as new, with sled cables) 3) Transvideo RainbowHD 7” High-Brightness Monitor hybrid bracket (scuffs on the casing, a few scratches that disappear once the screen is on) 4) Transvideo Starlite 5” low-mode Monitor (boxed as new, with sled cables, low-mode bracket) 5) Sachtler Artemis docking bracket - frankly awful design, replace with Hill bracket ASAP :/ 6) 6 x IDX 146Wh batteries + 4-way Charger 7) Peli Sled Case (iM3100) 8) Cables, dovetail plates, brackets etc.
  6. Wave 1 for sale - in mint condition with wave rider (which makes for perfect balancing and perfect functioning). pre loved and never rented Also for (optional) sale with this package is an XCS LT2 sliding baseplate which is good for heavier cameras so you don’t have to have a super long post. PRO wave power cable 12v wave power cable Betz cheese plate wave, wave rider and accessories £5000 XCS plate £500 Buyer pays shipping PM me for high res photos....
  7. Betz Wave for sale. Used for two months on a show. Unit is 8 months old. Comes with 5 power cables, case and base plate Asking $7,500 USD plus shipping
  8. Betz Wave1 for sale. One year old purchased via Optical Support in London. It is in excellent condition. Comes in a Peli case. 1 x Betz Wave 1 1 x d-tape power cable 1 x lemo 3 power cable 1 x short dovetail and screws price £4500 (plus Vat if uk based)
  9. Bentz Wave 1 for sell purchased 2017 Oct. Never used on set. only camera preps few times perfect conditions. Price $6000 USD. you pay shipping & Tax includes 8ft 12v XLR power Cable X1 12V Power Cable for GPI Pro ( not for Cine Live) X2 Case & manual Located in Vancouver , Canada
  10. Selling my Wave 1. Two years old in perfect condition. Including: Wave 1 1 D-Tap power cable 1 Lemo power cable for GPI Pro Cine Live 1 Case Price 5300 € excl. VAT and shipping Also selling a Wave Rider including four extra rods (short) Price 500€ excl. VAT and shipping Package price for both items is 5700€ located in Berlin, Germany selling worldwide
  11. Hi everyone Posting on behalf of a friend: He is selling his Betz Tools Wave1 It's in very good condition. He bought it in 2017 directly from Betz Tools and he was the only operator to use it. He asks 5400 € Set includes: Betz Tools Wave1 horizon stabilizer, short universal dovetailplate, wave power cable from Betz RIG HD to Wave, original wave case Buyer pays for shipping and money transfer fees. For inquiries and questions please e-mail to kaanca78@icloud.com Cheers
  12. Hi everyone I'm selling my Betz Tools Wave1, which I had bought about a year ago. It's in a very good condition. I've used it so far on exactly 2 feature films (not even throughout each film), and a couple of daily gigs. Package includes (also see pictures below): 1.Wave1 electronical horizon stabilizing system with integrated betz tools quicklock for all standard dovetail plates 2.Original hard case and manual 3.Betz RIG HD 12V Wave1 power cable (Lemo1B > 3pin Lemo1B) 4.D-Tap 12V Wave1power cable (D-Tap > 3pin Lemo 1B) 5. Universal Dovetailplate short (18 cm / 7") Buyer pays for shipping and money transfer fees (paypal etc.) For contact please E-mail me at: info@ozzyoksuz.com I'm asking: 5500 EUR (6400 USD) Cheers
  13. M1 Volt isn't coming through in time and production demands perfection! If you're looking to unload a Wave, I'm your guy! Please e-mail - ben.verhulst (at) gmail Thanks! Ben
  14. Hi folks. Entertaining the possibility of getting a wave system. I asked the company if any new versions were in the works and they replied no. Although an expensive bit of gear to just have in a case for the occasional beach and windy situation. I'm thinking it will also be great in hardmount camera car work. If you got one and are looking to part with it, let me know. US preferred. Direct Message me or Text. Thanks. Ozzie
  15. Brand new in used bets wave with spare plate Two power cables. New York area. 201-923-1440
  16. Looking for 1x Vehicle Mount (open to all makes) and a Betz Wave. Please PM me. Thank you
  17. For Sale 1 x HD Camwave Transmitter and Receiver set. V-lock mounts all round Excellent condition 2000€ + Shipping teva.vasseur@gmail.com City: Paris can bring the Camwave everywhere
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