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Found 2 results

  1. Just thought that I would post up some pictures since I haven't really found any http://imgur.com/a/flOtA#0 for the high res
  2. First: I don’t arrange group-buy to get free unit, I just to this for my community when I found most affordable solution (done it many times). Radian MC multicast set (wireless HDMI) for connecting one transmitter to up to 4 receivers simultaneously. Well the only reason why I am sharing this is because it is actually in my hands and has been testing for the past few weeks. Ok, The great news is, I spoke to Rich from Camera Motion LLC, and he is willing to put together a special discount of a maximum of 10% off on their introductory pricing. That becomes a whopping 27% DISCOUNT for Redusers (I’m the first for 3 RX – lol). Group buys on RM12 or RM13 and certain other items. The discount on introductory pricing would be 10% for 11+ units. The 10% discount would be 27% off our regular pricing after11/20/2013. Shipment: I need minimum 10 fellows to make this happen, Please keep in mind Rich has only limited units available for this group buy. Orders will be limited to combinations of RM12 or RM13 up to a maximum of 45 receivers. Deadline: November 30th. On Accessories: If you buying Radian MC sets with 2 or 3 more receivers, Rich is also willing to offer maximum 10% discount off on introductory prices for Backbone (TX10, RX10 and CL10), HDMI cables (HD12, HD24 HM12 and HM24) and monitor yoke (MY10). (Sorry, the D-tap convertor, batteries and cases are not included in the max 10% discount) Again, this discount is on their sale price (which will end on 11/20/13) not on MSRP, so we have a chance to save large amount of funds. How To Order: I will collect all the orders and send them to Rich at Camera Motion Research so please email me your Name and email address to Finalfootage(at)gmail(dot)com Payment: Once I send him our list, Rich will send you an invoice via PayPal. Detail From their website: “CMR Radian wireless HDMI transmitters and receivers are manufactured with Amimon WHDI professional quality chip sets for best uncompressed resolutions and frame rates up to full 1080P(60), near zero latency, and line-of-sight range over 300 feet. Radian sets operate on the unlicensed 5 GHz band, and transmitters and receivers require 5 volt power. They have simple plug in and play operation, and the best channel is selected automatically on power up, and seamlessly switched if necessary during operation if conditions change.” If you guys have any question, I can ask him to joint our forum. In the mean time please check following link for more detail http://www.camotionllc.com/radian-a-106.html Following is the final coast if we hit 10+ units Radian MC one transmitter + 2 receivers MSRP $1,848 Sale Price $1,448 (Sale ENDs 11/21/2013) REDuser’s Price is 10% OFF on SALE price (no MSRP) = $1303.20 Optional: Add 3 D-tap for transmitter for $177 ($59 each) Radian MC one transmitter + 3 receivers MSRP $2547 Sale Price $1997 (Sale ENDs 11/21/2013) REDuser’s Price is 10% OFF on SALE price (not on MSRP) = $1797.30 Optional: Add 4 D-tap for transmitter for $236 ($59 each)
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