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Found 17 results

  1. In search of a well used titan pro arm or a well priced G70x arm. Doesn’t need to be the cleanest, just needs to function well. Please email me at rjpcamera@gmail.com
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a couple of spare safety screws/pins for my Zephyr dovetail plate. Does anyone know where I can find these and what size is required, I've tired looking around online but cannot find a definitive answer? I have attached a photo which may help. Thanks, Ross.
  3. In the market for an India mount, or like car mount. posting a picture from Jordan Keslow, who came up with an interesting design.
  4. I need some more spare (gold pin AB or swit) batts. Therefore, before I go purchase them new, I wanted to see if anyone was selling some with low cycles. Thanks - Hudson.
  5. Anyone have an arm post they want to sell? Thank you!
  6. Looking for a bridge plate adapter for the Alexa and Alexa Mini. Please PM. Thank you! - Greg
  7. Looking for an Archer 2, preferably in or close to Europe but not a necessity. If you are about to sell your rig or know anyone that may be about to sell, please let me know. I am not in a hurry, so if you are about to upgrade or something and will sell your Archer 2 in the future, that is something I am very interested in. You can reach me at: fanatiqs@me.com Thanks, /Gustav
  8. Hey! I'm looking to buy my first "real" big-rig. What I'm searching after is an EFP sled or a complete rig! Let me know if you have anything I'm looking for! Thanks!
  9. I'm in the process of getting my CineLive kit all finished and I'm in need of a Monitor, Batteries and Charger, and PRO cables. Monitor: SmallHD DP7 Pro High Bright or really anything else that will become a backup/director's monitor when I can get the new Transvideo Stargate. Batteries & Charger: Anton Bauer Dionic HCs and a suitable charger (preferably a quad simultaneous charger) PRO Cables: I need to power a Teradek Bolt Pro Tx and a Digital Bartech Rx Thanks everyone, Michael
  10. Hi! I'm firstly looking for a master vest, but also interested in ultra 1 vest. Send me a PM if you want to give a great vest a new home. Peder
  11. Hi threre, looking for a used hardmount to go with my G-50. Cheers, Chris
  12. I am looking to buy only the sled. No arm or vest needed. Neither do I need the monitor I already have a Marshall HD monitor. Anyone wishing to unload just the sled feel free to respond. Looking for at least a Zephyr in terms of weight handling thanks!
  13. Hi all, As per the topic title, I'm on the market for a Preston kit HU1+MDR1+DM1. If you have one that you want to sell, please get in touch either via forum or email. Many thanks, F
  14. Great condition Paralinx Arrow system for sale. (1) Transmitter (1) Receiver (1) PTAP TO USB Regulator Cable (1) Receiver POWER TO USB (3) USB to mini USB Power (1) PARALINX CROSSBOW (HDSDI PASS THROUGH) (2) 2.1MM to PTAP Power Cables for Crossbow (1) Mini USB to USB (1) Atomos HDMI to SDI convertor (1) Battery (1) Battery Charger (1) Power cable Full Package $1,200 Free shipping within USA Contact me at matt@nysteadi.com
  15. I am looking to buy a DB3. I know it's a long shot, but if anyone has one they no longer want please message me. Thanks, Chris Campbell chris@crookedsmilefilms.com
  16. Hello Guys, Looking for a Bartech Digital Follow Focus Single motor system with cable etc...... ASAP. Please contact me +91-987-861-7299 or email me pawitterparmar@gmail.com Thanks ....
  17. Maybe not exactly a steadicam accessory - but then again - we are all not flying shoeboxes after all do we ? :-) My budget is around $50k depending on model, accessories, options etc... Cameras located in the US preferred. Please email me at: camera@framesquad.net
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