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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I have recently purchased a used Archer 2 set with a Transvideo Cinemonitor HD6. I found the viewing angle a little restricting in some ocassions. It’s a big monitor but the screen obviously isn’t that huge in relation with the big casing and whilst it is rated as ‘high bright’ it’s nowhere near the 703 Bolt I own. Therefore I’m looking to switch to a 703. I was just wondering how I’d mount it. I have the standard Archer 2 yoke. Is there an adapter in excistence to mount the 703 without upgrading the entire yoke to a universal one? Thanks for the help! Kind regards, Loïc.
  2. Hello! I’m looking for any suggestions on a yoke for a smallhd ultra bright. ive looked on adorama and B&H, but I haven’t found a match. I ordered transvideo yoke and it doesn’t seem like it will work with smallhd?? If you have any ideas for me they’d be appreciated! Best,
  3. Hi Folks, I recently just bought a Zephyr and I'm looking into getting the upgrades and accessories. I'd appreciate any tips or links of where best to buy. Also any suggestions for other good to have items is appreciated as well. Thanks. Things I'm looking for: - Yoke upgrade - 2nd Battery Upgrade 12v/24v - Extended post (I'm short) - Various 3-pin Lemo Power Cables or adapters - Camera Specific Power Cables - Additional Weights - Any other suggestions?
  4. I bought this as part of a package deal and currently carry a monitor that uses a different yoke. Quattro I can be updates to Quattro II with these parts: https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/upgrade-kit-quattro-monitor-arm-2/ This yoke currently sells for 190€ ($215.00 USD) plus shipping from Germany. I’d rather see it get used than sit on my shelf. Please email for all inquiries.
  5. Hi all, I will make a Yoke for the Atomos Shogun Flame. I think it will also fit on the Inferno and the Ninja Versions in 7". I can easily produce some more when someone interested. To get it mounted to the Steadicam i bought this cage: http://www.smallrig.com/smallrig-atomos-7-monitor-cage-with-sunhood-2008.html To attach V-Mounts to the cage I bought this one http://www.smallrig.com/smallrig-v-lock-assembly-kit-1846.html Because neither the monitor nor the cage have holes in the middle of the sides I will machine plates in 2 versions: VERSION 1 - with SSD and to Sony NP-F, without V-Mount battery this version will have ports blocked because of the mounting of the plates to the sides: right side: - blocked headphone jack - blocked sound jack left side: - maybe blocked HDMI in (which I try to prevent but don't see the reason for myself :) ) VERSION 2 - with SSD and small V-Mount battery 99Wh this version will also have blocked ports, even more because of the COG which is now behind the monitor right side: - blocked headphone jack - blocked sound jack - blocked SSD port (which is not so bad as it reads. Just carry a HUGE SSD and you won't have to change it often :) ) left side: - maybe blocked HDMI in (which I try to prevent but don't see the reason for myself :) ) The Yoke will be similar to the design in the attachment which is from another OP from this forum who I don't remeber and can't find anymore. Sorry! It was originally done for the Marshal 651 and is now changed by me for the Atomos Series. I will post prototype pics when ready, approximately two weeks Price will depend on orders! I will keep you updated when I know more. Best, Frank
  6. Cam-jam.de now offers a mounting kit for Atomos Shogun Flame. check this link: https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/mounting-kit-battery-back-for-atomos-shogun-flame-info-site/ Allows to use this monitor in the yoke and the Quattro monitor arm. It has the option to use a v-lock or AB battery on the back. So this lightweight monitor balances well on the rig. The monitor is mounted at center of gravity. Tilting the monitor does not affect balance! !!NO third party cage is needed!!
  7. Looking for an older Pro Gimbal Yoke
  8. Hi Guys, since I produce a monitor yoke for the ATOMOS Shogun Inferno / Flame I thought I can also make different ones for you if you need one for a monitor with threads on the sides. If you tell me the dimensions, I'll be able to make them for you with threads where you want them also fitting ones for my monitor bridge with clamp. I already have one for the SmallHD702 but could easily do some for your monitors. What I need: - width of the monitor / meaning the distance of the 1/4"-20 threads on it's sides - distances from top AND bottom of the monitor to the middle of the 1/4"-20 threads on the sides - space you want between monitor and yoke at the bottom. I would go with at least 15mm. If you want to attach a V-mount battery on the back or a spirit level on top/bottom of the unit you may need more.
  9. Hi there! Some weeks ago I started to build a new CG-yoke for the Atomos Shogun Inferno and Flame series and the Ninja 7" versions. The thread is here. While I was thinking I remembered my old wish for a new and better option to clamp my yoke to. Here is what my precision mechanic and I designed: On the top you see a yoke in the dimensions of a 7" Atomos monitor/recorder. Below in purple there is the newly designed yoke clamp which makes it possible to rotate the yoke as far as the sled allows - and this very close to the bridge. Below in green there is the newly designed bridge for the monitor arm coming from the sled. It clamps on standard 15mm rods. The distance of the rods can be everything you want beginning from 50mm. On the image you see a 70mm distance. In some weeks I'll be able to show the prototypes.
  10. For Sale: Brand new XCS Drop-Down Style Monitor Mount. Purchased new in April, 2017 from Greg, never used. Has small mounting plate for Transvideo CineMonitorHD8 (not pictured) Clamp fits around 2" Posts Lowers the Center of Gravity of the monitor approximately 3.5" to better align it with your batteries, to improve dynamic balance. Has approximately 4.25" of travel in/out. Cosmetically and functionally in brand new (unused) condition. Purchase price new from XCS: $1,350 USD Asking $1,100 USD. Located in Toronto. Buyer pays shipping. FedEx Ground available at discounted rate to Canada or US.
  11. Hi all, I'm looking for a monitor yoke suitable for a marshall vlcd70md Measures: 7.37 x 5.57 x 1.1" (18.7 x 14.1 x 2.8 cm) Mount screws are 1/4". Thank you very much, David
  12. ... Before I buy a new rig this month.. I'll ask the experts: I am interested in purchasing an entire rig, Please send me your detailed rig and asking price in PM. If you have a Bartech or Preston that can be bundled, please include info. HD preferred. Frankinrig okay. Please NO glidecam, sachtler, MK-V Thanks. -Joel
  13. Bought it 290€ from Transvideo on Feb 2016. As I've switched to Cam-Jam yoke one week after (I know ;-) don't need it anymore. 190€ It's located in France. Buyers pays shipping VAT applies for france buyers Yoke for CineMonitorHD8 - multi rods Ø15-56mm + Ø5/8"-3" + Ø5/8"-3.5" For CineMonitorHD8 Attaches to the center of gravity of the monitor Uses constant torque rotating system The monitor position can be adjusted without any tool To mount on 15mm rods with 56mm spacing, or on 5/8" rods (16mm) with 3" or 3.5" spacing (76 or 89mm) Attaches direclty to some Steadicam, PRO and MK-V systems - See more at: http://www.transvideo.eu/store/Yoke-multi-rods-adapter-CineMonitorHD8#sthash.0P08K49q.dp A pic of the "multi-rod"
  14. Transvideo yoke for HD6. I used this on a Tiffen Ultra with the 16mm rods but also accepts 15mm with 56mm spacing. Good condition, works perfectly. Cost over $300. From the Transvideo site: Yoke for CineMonitorHD6 - multi rods Ø15-56mm + Ø5/8"-3" + Ø5/8"-3.5" For CineMonitorHD6 Attaches to the center of gravity of the monitor Uses constant torque rotating system The monitor position can be adjusted without any tool To mount on 15mm rods with 56mm spacing, or on 5/8" rods (16mm) with 3" or 3.5" spacing (76 or 89mm) Attaches direclty to some Steadicam, PRO and MK-V systems $160 plus shipping or pick up in Los Angeles
  15. The new monitor bracket from cam-jam.de is available. It is extremly strong, as it connects to the centerpost at 4 points in front and back of the post. It´s design itegrates the yoke, that is great for LCDs. It is no retrofit from an old CRT monitor arm, that uses several spud adapters to mount a yoke. Friction control mechanics at the monitors tilt axis. No thumbscrews that come loose when you tilt the screen. Very fast lowmode!! For more details, pics, videos and pricing visit http://cam-jam.de/qma.html Introduction price is valid only for a short period.
  16. Hello, I sell my transvideo accessories Artemis Kit II for RainbowHD 550 euros + shipping This monitor bracket is like new and comes with all screws Battery Back for RainbowHD & CineMonitorHD8 250 euros + shipping Both items have been bought to transvideo in march 2014 Thanks Greg
  17. Looking for a daylight viewable HD Monitor. If you have a mount, looking for options that would work with a XCS monitor mount. 1st preference would be a Transvideo. Thanks- Matt Lingerfelt Atlanta, GA
  18. Selling a Cinetronic monitor with accessories. - Cinetronic Gen 2 + AB plate - CDL Level sensor + cable + mounting screws - monitor yoke + clamp block for XCS monitor arm price new: Monitor - $3,000.00 Level - $1,250.00 AB plate - $300.00 Yoke - $265.00 Total - $4815.00 asking: $3,900.00 Monitor is located in Berlin, Germany. Buyer is responsible for shipping! Please PM me or send a mail to email.2014(at)benjamintreplin.com
  19. hey yall i am interested in a cam jam yoke for my Transvideo HD6" I will consider other yokes, but I am particularly interested in cam jam because of how much articulating you can do, transvideo yoke doesnt seem to do as much, so far as i can tell. lemme know! brett.
  20. Setting up my Zephyr for some at home practice yesterday, I discovered an odd and unsettling sensation in the gimbal. It appears that something has worked loose in the connection between the yoke of the gimbal and collar around the post, to the point where I can freely slide the collar back and forth about a 1/16" between the two points of the yoke. There's no other play to speak of; it's a perfect horizontal slide. Everything else feels fine, but of course if I have the rig pointing along the same line as the two points in the yoke and start a tilt, it will suddenly slide forward or back by a fraction of an inch, and there goes my balance. I popped a few covers off to have a closer look, as shown in the picture, but I'm not really sure where to go from here, or even if I should go any farther, if this is something better left to factory service. Tried Dan Ikeda at Tiffen, no answer yet though. I'd welcome any advice, including "Put the allen keys down and back away slowly before you wreck your gimbal." Thanks, Tom
  21. I participated in the group buy for the BON FM-073SCH, almost identical with the Ikan MD7 (the BON has some additional features, flip image etc.) and wanted to share with you a document with you I got from BON. I recently bought a Zephyr (SD version) and was figuring out if the yoke/stand BON offers would be mountable on it. The stand has a hole on the bottom to mount it with a screw/bold and they provided me with this PDF with specific data about length, width, height of the diferent parts of the monitor. I also want to mention that Jason from BON answered my questions right away (answer didn't take half a day). As soon as I get the monitor (they will be shipping 3rd or 4th week of december) I can share my experiences if you are interested. 7 INCH-STAND DIM.PDF
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