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  1. I am selling my steadicam zephyr due to a hip injury I got from running a couple of years ago and sadly I've been unable to recover well enough to return to operating... It's a sad day but time to let it go. Includes all standard zephyr equipment. All is in fantastic condition with the odd scuff here and there. Sled Arm Vest Docking bracket Dovetail plate Steadicam HD anti reflective high brightness monitor from Marshal. 6pin hirose to video/4pin XLR power (+tally) 3pin Lemo to 4pin XLR Original monitor mount HD-SDI cable Rolling case. Plus extras: 2nd battery plate (AB/Gold) enables 24v Weights Lowmode/F bracket Sky magic CG monitor mount Sky magic grip Camtec plate with 15mm rods and 3d printed extension (for broadcast cameras) 3pin Lemo to 4x Dtap 6pin hirose to 4 pin XLR 2x short HD-SDI DIY Tally system Arm bag Throwing in 2 swit batteries and charger but they don't hold a charge well so not much use for anything other than practice, they will power the monitor for a couple of hours but not much else. Camera and C-stand are NOT included. Based near Glasgow, UK. Looking for £6000. (no VAT)
  2. Selling my Zephyr kit (V /Mount) Bought new from Tiffen and is less than a year old. I have had it on 2 jobs, but mostly just training. Like new condition. If you are looking for a Zephyr specifically then you know what you are looking at, this is a virtually new kit that includes an extra low mode bracket and a 10kg practise weight cage that breaks down into 2 x 5kg plates. Kit includes: Vest, arm, full rig, monitor, weights, plate, dock, cables, low mode bracket and practise cage/weight plates all in a purpose built flight case If you need more info about the Zephyr: It is a great rig for smaller set ups, it can take up to 10kg - so eg. an Alexa 35 or Alexa mini LF with basic build and super speed primes with room to spare. This makes it a perfect set up for entering the field, or as a second rig for flying smaller builds If you are using with lighter rigs such as a RED or FX6 etc I use half of the weight cage to bump up the weight (5kg) as I find it flies best at the upper end of the weight scale. My set up was to fix a quick release plate to the weight plate and add a low mode monitor to the front, I could then take the camera rig on and off with minimum adjustments in case of going to sticks or handheld. NOTE: low mode monitor and rods in pics not included, nor is the v mount battery. This is also a perfect rig for practise - If you have done a course, or just want to train yourself in steadicam, this is a perfect rig to get started, it is a really good price point and perfect for entry level jobs, often people start with this before upgrading to a larger rig a few years down the line. I have mostly used it for training, but during the course of this year my career has gone a different direction. So looking to move it on. I am based in London. Anyone local is free to come and check out the kit. I am sure there will be enough interest in the UK, but if you are desperate to ship it abroad you will be responsible for the logistics and cost of shipping. All in kit is GBP 6500 email liam@liamarthur.com Thanks. L
  3. Hey everyone, I'm selling my Tiffen Zephyr Steadicam package (V-Mount). I bought this in January of 2021 during college (I am the 2nd owner of this kit) and dabbled in Steadicam for a few years but have taken a new path and would like to sell this to fund for other gear. The kit shows signs of wear and use but works without any issues. There is a scratch on the monitor but it's harder to notice when then monitor is powered on and does not affect the performance of the monitor at all. The tightening screw for the docking bracket is broken but it can be tightened down still, I just use part of my shirt to protect my hand from the sharp plastic when tightening down. All the latches on the case are in good working condition. Everything in the pictures is included except the C-Stand. Asking $7,000 or best reasonable offer. Located in Charlotte, NC -- hopefully looking to sell locally but will ship within the U.S at buyer's expense. Includes: Steadicam Hard Case Zephyr Vest Zephyr Sled Zephyr Arm Zephyr Dovetail Plate Zephyr Docking Bracket (1) 30in Right Angle SDI Cable (1) 20in SDI Cable (One end is right angle) XLR Power Cable for Sled monitor Zephyr Low Mode Bracket (Used) (2) 3-Way SDI Splitters (4) Right Angle SDI Connectors Blackmagic HDMI to SDI-3G Converter Assortment of screws for camera plate Bag of Wax Pencils (assorted colors) V-Mount to Gold Mount Plate Adapter (1) V-Mount Battery 98Wh (1) V-Mount Battery 190Wh (1) V-Mount Battery Charger If you have any questions, shoot me a message.
  4. Steadicam Zephyr Rig with upgrades and modifications. This package comes with the stock monitor and includes a 3D printed monitor yoke for a SmallHD 703 monitor. Also included is a 3d printed wide handgrip by SkyMagic, full set of bottom weights specifically designed for the Zephyr system, Low mode Bracket, and I'm throwing in a V-mount battery plate in case the buyer wants to convert the sled to V-mount. Perfect working condition. Minor scuffs from use. Asking $6500 Shipping within the US costs $150-200. I will include the stand for LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. Located in Philadelphia 1x Zephyr Sled 1x Dovetail Plate 1x A30 Arm w/ bag 1x Zephyr Vest 1x Zephyr Dock 1x Zephyr Case 1x SmallHD 703 Monitor Bracket 1x v mount plate 1x 3d Printed Grip Cover 6x Large weights 4x Small weights 1x Low mode Bracket
  5. Steadicam Zephyr Rig with several upgrades and modifications to this package beyond just the stock rig. This package comes with the stock monitor but includes a 3D printed monitor yoke for a SmallHD 703. It also includes is a 3d printed wide handgrip by SkyMagic and a mount for the 2nd battery plate allowing you to power 12v and 24v cameras and accessories. The package comes with a full set of bottom weights specifically designed for the Zephyr system and a Low mode Bracket. Stand is not included. This package was serviced by Tiffen in late 2021. Perfect working condition. Minor scuffs from use. 1x Zephyr Sled 1x Dovetail Plate 1x A30 Arm w/ bag 1x Zephyr Vest 1x Zephyr Dock 1x Zephyr Case 1x SmallHD 703 Monitor Bracket 1x 2nd Battery Plate 1x 3d Printed Grip Cover 6x Large weights 4x Small weights 1x Low mode Bracket STAND NOT INCLUDED
  6. It's time to part with my Zephyr. This rig has served me well but I have since upgraded and do not need it around anymore. The rig is in great condition and I've added some nice pieces to the kit over the years. Price: $7,000 OBO + buyer pays shipping Rig is located in Seattle. Local pickup preferred of course, but I'm happy to ship within the US. It all fits in one Thermodyne case quite neatly. SLED: Steadicam Zephyr sled (AB mount) - Digital Horizon Leveler for the Marshall monitor. This thing is very handy and helps keep the horizons on point for both the x and y. They do not make these anymore and this is the only leveler I've ever seen of this type. - Larger Skymagic Gimbal wrap - Skymagic monitor yoke, easier to manipulate than the original (but will include the original bracket as well) - Steadicam dovetail ARM: Steadicam Zephyr Arm - Payload of 30 lbs, I've flown Amira, Alexa mini, RED, Canon, Sony on this sled with no problems. I never pushed the arm to it's limit VEST: Zephyr vest - Comfortable vest! EXTRAS: - (2x) 4 pin xlr to 3 pin lemo camera power (1 short, 1 longer) - Alexa power cable to lemo - RED power cable to lemo - lemo to d-tap breakout - Low mode monitor bracket - Walter Klassen Hardmount bracket for Zephyr (just need doughty clamp to rig to a rickshaw or speedrail) - Cam Jam low mode monitor bracket Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.
  7. Hi all, I’m selling my Steadicam Zephyr - $8,000 (obo within reason) Local pickup in LA Details: Used, good condition. Serviced by tiffen last fall. The rear SDI on top of sled is a little faulty, but front SDI works great so I use that every time. Includes: -Zephyr Sled -Top Dovetail plate -V-Mount Battery Plate -Zephyr Arm (5-24lbs) -Zephyr Vest -Docking Bracket -Counter Weights -Marshall HD LCD Monitor -2x RED Power Connector (Epic, Red One) -2x BNC cables -12v Power Cable -Miscellaneous screws - Steadicam Pelican Case 1650 - F-Bracket/Handle Clamp Low Mode Bracket ($425 value) -Mitchell Base Vehicle Mount ($1045 value), -Generic Camera Cage -C-stand with wheels -Mini converter HDMI / SDI box. Please reach out with any questions, thank you!
  8. As new, never used Steadicam Zephyr system. If you're here, you likely know what you're looking at and what this is so I'll keep it short. This is the complete package, current Steadicam Zephyr system, which can fly a total net camera load of 23 lbs (Arri Alexa mini is no problem. Ursa, FX6, and RED rigs also a breeze. This is the top-end rig in Steadicam's mid-range kits, and perfect for the commercial operator starting out, or someone who wants to keep their gear slim, yet professional and definitely recognizable. This is a true STEADICAM system, and includes everything as sold retail; Zephyr Sled with 7" HD Ultrabright Steadicam Monitor, A-30 Zephyr Arm, Zephyr Vest. Optional v-lock battery mount included. The only thing I've misplaced is the manual DVD and BNC to RCA adaptor plugs, both of which disappeared during a recent house move. Otherwise, everything as in the following link is included in the Steadicam flight case: https://tiffen.com/products/steadicam-zephyr-camera-stabilizer-with-7-hd-monitor?variant=29434095206442 This was bought to be part of a specialty camera equipment rental house's inventory, however, was ultimately found to be an unreasonable rental option to get good use out of for most clients, due to the skill required to actually operate this rig. As a result, it was NEVER rented out or used at all. In fact, the plastic protective film is still on the monitor and the pictures will show not a mark on the dovetail. The rig was taken out and tried on, with maybe a DSLR rig attached a few times to test everything is working, but that is about it. It has otherwise sat in storage within its flight case for a little over 2 years. There are a couple of small scratches on the Vest and Arm that look like small rub marks, which have been there from the store, I imagine these are just from the heavy parts moving around a bit during shipping? But are only visible on close inspection. Otherwise, this kit is as new and available at a steep discount. This kit is retailing for $9995 USD brand new, and $13, 899 CAD brand new retail BEFORE taxes and shipping. And even more directly from Tiffen! Save a few K buying an as new, never flown rig! Available for meet and pickup in and around the Greater Toronto Area or the London and Western Ontario Region. Willing to meet US buyers at the Buffalo NY or Port Huron MI border ports. Also willing to ship within Canada and the US ONLY and ONLY after some satisfactory checks and balances for both parties. Asking $11, 000 CAD, or $8000 USD or best REASONABLE offer. I'm willing to work with a serious, motivated buyer, but please be reasonable :) Contact for more information.
  9. Finally upgrading out of my zephyr. Great learning rig for beginners and aspiring ops. Comes with everything in the list. Great condition! Pros: Affordable price point Tool-less arm tuning Solid hardware Guided 2-stage post Vest is great for any size Cons: Small payload (up to 25lb) smaller post size, higher inertia Small arm, limited range INCLUDED: Steadicam Zephyr Sled [V-mount plate] Steadicam A-30 Arm Steadicam A-30 Vest 7" Feelworld UltraBrite Monitor Drop-in Dovetail Plate Docking bracket Low-mode J-bracket 12V power cable for DSMC 12V power cable for Alexa Additional Bottom stage Battery mount Microfiber Arm sleeve 3D Printed Monitor Yoke w hardware 3D Printed V-mount release safety cover Rolling Hard Case
  10. Hey all! Selling my Zephyr package since I upgraded to another rig. I bought this rig brand new in Feb 2021. It's in mint condition and great rig to get started in. The package includes: -Sled, Vest, Arm(25lb limit) -Travel Case -Loading Dock -Steadicam Monitor -Padded travel case for vest -Low mode bracket -Original dovetail with screws -Counterweights -Few extra cables and parts Selling for $8500+shipping OBO(retail $10000) For any additional questions, shoot me an email mika@mikamatinazad.com
  11. Selling Steadicam zephyr package located in Huntington Beach, CA 23lb camera payload. Have used this rig the past 4/5 years and upgrading to a larger rig . Recently serviced by Tiffen about a month ago. Includes: zephyr sled(gold mount), zephyr arm, zephyr vest, Marshall 7in sdi monitor, screw-on 1lb weights, camera plate, collapsible stand, travel hard case, monitor power cable, 2 sdi cables. Accessories included: 2nd battery mount 12/24v (gold mount) Skymagic cg monitor mount Skymagic larger gimbal wrap grip Marshall digital level P-tap splitter powered from sled Zalex longplate-m 2pin Fischer $8000.00 Practice camera and batteries not included
  12. Hi everyone ! I want to get my first stuff ans search for zephyr, aero-30, flyer or something acceptable for a newbie like me :) thanks ! (PS: I live in Paris )
  13. Selling my A-30 arm (AKA zephyr arm), $2400obo. This arm works great and is in amazing condition. The only reason that I'm selling is I upgraded to a g50x. This is a capable arm and have flown anything from a fuji xt3 to a Sony F5 with cooke minis within its limits. Fits small socket blocks and 1/2 handles, great for a running rig! Retail price from Tiffen is $3995, save $1600! Located in NJ but can ship
  14. Hi guys, I'm from Europe and want to purchase my first steadicam, which should fly camera systems @ ~8-10kg. I prefer buying a solid used kit (vest, arm + sled) and got my eyes on these kit-setups: 1. Easysteady Lite&Go Kit Too https://www.easysteady.com/kit_too_it.html 2. Tiffen Zephyr There are more infos and reviews about the Zephyr, so buying this one should actually be a nobrainer. But i would be quite happy if anyone here can share thoughts and experiences on/with both - Zephyr & Easysteady Kit. And: Maybe i'm already blind from newbie investigating, so i'm always open for new advices. :) Thank you & best regards, Lu
  15. Hi It may be a topic that has been asked before, but I hope to get an answer here anyway. I have been working as a film photographer for 10+ years and have now decided to start my next chapter up, going into the Steadicam world. I have used Steadicam very limited before, but have an idea about it. I have the opportunity to attend the Gold workshop this summer, which I will do. But I would also like to go out and invest in my own equipment. My question then is whether Steadicam Zephyr is a place to start, or whether it will limit me so much from the start that it's better to wait until the savings are big enough to go all-in? There is, for me, a big difference between going out and buying a Zephyr for 12.000$, rather than an M2 for 47.000$. It would probably take me a year or two to get that money set aside at the moment and I would like to get started now. I currently shoot a lot at Arri Amira, Arri Alexa Mini, various RED, Canon C500mkII etc. and that is one of the things that worries me about Zephyr. Is it a bad choice to start with if you know you want to fly movie cameras and not DSLR at all? I am aware that there is a limit to the weight, but your experience says that it will be an eternal headache with a weight limit of 10.4 kg, or is your impression that the most cameras will gradually become so light that it can actually be done In most cases? Zephyr is gradually becoming an older system, does anyone know if there is anything newer on the way in the same class that it makes more sense to wait for? Here are a few of the perhaps stupider questions: - When it says that Zephyr can carry 10.4 kg. So is it with everything that is on the pole? Camera with all accessories, monitor, batteries, etc. or is that what you put on top, ie camera with accessories? - in several places there is disagreement about whether the cabling inside the pole is powerful enough to power cameras like Arri. Does anyone have a clear answer to that. If I buy extra battery mount so I have 2 batteries on each minimum 150Wh, is that possible or is there a limitation? --- summary, is Zephyr a good place to start for the above cameras and with limited experience with Steadicam, but in return for intending to use it professionally and eventually upgrade to a larger rig? I hope you will take the time to answer my many questions, so I make a sensible choice and get started on this exciting world. The best greetings Sebastian
  16. Hello fellow Steadipeople! I once saw that Chris Fawcett has a longer plate for his Archer2 and asked him where he got it. Turns out he had it made by a local machinist. Then I saw that Peter Abrahm made the "Zalex Long Plate" and was amazed to find what I need. Unfortunately it's not meant for my dwarf top stage. (also an Archer2) Even though there is a way to use it on my stage I wanted a solution that really fits. So I decided to remember my classes on mechanical design and do one myself. Now my questions to you are: Does anybody else want something like this? Do you have suggestions or improvements to the original design? Status right now: Basic design complete. (Safety pins still missing) Lenght 42cm/16.5in Same hole pattern as the standard plate. (This plate should also fit Zephyr/Clipper/Aero?) https://www.facebook.com/groups/thesteadicamgroup/permalink/10154392148416629/
  17. Hello Friends! Recently purchased a Zephyr and it came pretty bare. Looking to see if anyone is trying to get rid of their accessories before I result to buying things new. I have everything that it comes with off B&H plus a stand. Looking for: Small dovetail AB plate for second battery plate. Low mode bracket. Gold mount charger. Gold mount batteries. Power cables for Alexa Mini, RED, and other cables you think I will find useful. Since i'm a newbie, anything else you think I may need I am open to advice! Mainly flying Alexa Minis and REDs. Thank you for your time!
  18. Where would be a good place to get a used zephyr? also, can the volt system work with it?
  19. In efforts to try and post more on the forum rather than Facebook. I am new to steadicam but I do believe to have a basic understanding of balance and have worked with 3axis gimbals for years. I have two sleds currently in my possession that are exhibiting similar but slightly different issues for what I believe to be a misalignment in the gimbal or yoke. Let’s forget dynamic balance for the moment. If I am setting up for a static balance with a 2.5 second drop time and I should be able to set the Fore-Aft and Side to Side to sit level with the lens facing forward and the gimbal 90* to the right and I rotate the rig by 90* and let the rig come to a rest the horizon shouldn’t fall left or right when static balanced correct? My only concern with my setup is on the Zephyr I have a gold to V mount adapter That is offsetting the batter left a bit. my goldmount batteries get here Monday. Attached are links to my links to videos I made to show Tyson at Tiffen about the Aero 30. The first one I believe my dynamic balance was pretty off and in the second video I corrected it as much as I could. Would love to get everyone’s thoughts on this because I feel like I’m doing everything right but the equipment seems off. My lacking of experience makes me question myself to and my camera build. I had even more of an issue getting dynamic balance on the zephyr with the same camera package as in the video so I switched to a weight cage to eliminate any variables with the camera build. Thanks!
  20. The kit includes : - Zephyr Sled - V-mount battery plate - Steadicam LX Vest (with zephyr socket block) - Aero 30/Zephyr Arm (with pouch) - Swit S-107HF 7” HD Monitor (with power cable) - Zephyr Docking Bracket - Zephyr Rolling Case - Zephyr Counter Weights - Zephyr original manual - Zephyr lowmode bracket + pouches, tools, cables, etc. The kit is 5 900 € or $ 6 550 (Transport & taxes not included) Used equipment in good condition based in Paris. No sale of items separately If you are interested, contact us by email vente@planningcamera.fr
  21. I'm looking for a post extension for my A30 arm for my zephyr. I know they make these for the heavier weight arms but I haven't seen anything for the Zephyr. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  22. I am currently a DP and editor looking to get my first steadicam package so I can start learning and practicing the craft. I am not a huge fan of gimbal shots (most look robotic to me) and would love to use it on personal projects. Initially, I just want to use it on personal projects with my friends, but after a while, I would love to break into the workforce. What is the likelyhood of me getting hired with the zephyr kit? Will I need to rent for most projects? Will people pass on me? Does it make sense to save up alittle more and get a used shadow? Just trying to make a solid investment and appreciate the feedback!
  23. Hey I'm Benjamin, i'm looking for a steadicam kit (sled, vest & arm) that has a payload from about 2kg/4,4lbs to about 10kg/22lbs. e.g. the Aero series, even better the Zephyr, Archer 2, Clipper, Shadow or M1. I am also open for quality products without a name. quality and good care are important to me. my location is munich, germany or graz, austria. I'm looking forward to hear from you. :) best regards Benjamin
  24. Hi Folks, I recently just bought a Zephyr and I'm looking into getting the upgrades and accessories. I'd appreciate any tips or links of where best to buy. Also any suggestions for other good to have items is appreciated as well. Thanks. Things I'm looking for: - Yoke upgrade - 2nd Battery Upgrade 12v/24v - Extended post (I'm short) - Various 3-pin Lemo Power Cables or adapters - Camera Specific Power Cables - Additional Weights - Any other suggestions?
  25. Hi Folks, I’ve been oping on and off for a few years and I’m finally looking to buy my own starter rig. I would love to find a used Zephyr rig or comparable. I appreciate any info or feed back. Thanks!
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