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Jerry Franck

BFD marking strips

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Every lens has different markings, so even if you used a 35mm primo, unless you use that exact same primo next time it will not work. It's not worth the time to try and keep an inventory of lenses unless you use the exact same lenses every time. And just to be clear I don't mean the same size/make of lens, I mean that serialized lens itself.

If you were an owner/operator of your own camera package it would make sense, but 99% of the time it will not work out.



Not exactly true.


While total travel and infinity position may be different from lens to lens the scale will be the same. The distance between the marks is a logarithmic scale. Thats why with the Preston HU3 you map the lens once and then zero the scale to the infinity position when changing lenses to provide a "home" for the logarithmic scale to reference.


Works every time, thanks to Howard Preston's magic


I can't speak for Primos or most lenses for that matter, but I do know that Angenieux lenses are scaled for each individual lens. Like a T-stop versus an F-stop. Though many lenses do come within tolerance of each other, so the same scale can be used for 2 serialized lenses. On the focus barrel you'll notice the scale identification. I think it's two letters, but I've never made a point to examine it. If your lens takes a hit and needs a new scale (but all the glass is fine) you just call up Angenieux and tell them which scale you need. As opposed to sending the lens back to make a whole new scale.


Brian |-)~

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