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Peter Lehman

HD SDI Signal Loss, UltraBrite 2

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I've been having an issue with the HD SDI signal going into my Ultra Brite 2.


When the monitor first receives a signal, either through power or connection, the picture is intermittent. The monitor will grab it for a second, then lose it again. This cycle can repeat up to a dozen or so times, although it usually settles down after two or three. Eventually, the monitor always finds an image and then works without issue, but it has delayed the start of a few shots.


I've experimented with different cables (including actual HD video cables) both going into the stage and out of the DA, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Neither the model of the camera nor the frame rate appear to make a difference either.


I've also tried disabling the auto-source function of the monitor in case it was a scan issue.


Anyone else notice similar problems?

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I have the same problem with my Ultra Brite (s/n 000012) but it happens differently. Not at the very beginning.


There is a problem with FLG, on-screen horizon level and composit signal when I use 8-pin LEMO cable as well.


I've changed monitor's software several times but it didn,t help.

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My understanding is that with the early versions of the UB2 monitor, there was a too long ribbon cable between the boards, which would sometimes with some monitors cause the dropouts. (Mine had this, and and the problem would go away when the monitor warmed up.) Regardless, shortening the cable (as is standard in the monitors now sold) fixes the problem.


Call Tiffen.



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