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Steve Johnson

Sled,Vest, Arm, BFD's. Ready to fly

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Steadyrig Sled.

(See Website for full details and specifications. www.steadyrig.com.au )

Instant Release Topstage

Steadyrig™ Battery Hanger


Dovetail plate.

Follow Focus receiver bracket.

Steady rig docking bracket


Set of Hex Tools

Docking plate

In custom cut Underwater KInetics wheeled case



Steadyrig Silver Spring™ Arm S r # 004.

Adjustable weight range of 13 lbs. to 63 lbs.

This arm has been well cared for and maintained. Bearings are clean, no twist in the cables or fraying.

This is an excellent arm and very smooth.

Arm Tensioner

3 x gimbal posts, xtra large, large and regular.

arm post collar

“F” & “J” brackets

Rain jacket

In Arm Bag


Steadyrig Vest

In carry bag, in alum flight case.



Velcro fasteners

2 x BNC cables

Rig to monitor (XLR+BNC Combo)

24V Arri to Rig

On/off cables for:

• 2 x Arri BL/SR (1 long 1 short)

• Panavision

• MoviCam

• XLR to camera Pwr


Bartech Follow Focus Device.

Great two channel system with all you need to run most cameras. This equipment has been a workhorse for me and has been well taken care of.

2 x transmitters

2 x receivers

1 x M One mtr S/N 10091 Focus rings: 4, .5, 6, .8, 48P in M-One Pelican Case.

3-focus rod inserts, focus rod holder

1 x Heden M28 VP-20249 Focus rings: 2 x .4, .5, .6, and 2 x .8. 5 inserts

Neck strap

Manual, and Simplified (point form) instructions.

Asst screws, BFD Allen Key.

Asst Focus rod adaptors.

Numerous Bands, (for marking up)

Butterfly attachment for mounting transmitters together.

Packaged in DOSKOCIL case



• 2 x XLR to BFD power,(1 long, 1 short).

• 2 x Receiver to mtr

• Receiver link, (Pwr to Pwr).

• 2 x Rig (Pro) to receiver pwr, (1 long, 1 short).

• Data to data



Anton Bauer Titan TWQ Interactive

6 x Anton Bauer Pro Former Ni-Cad

Housed in Underwater Kinetics Case.


Asking USD$28800. Buyer to cover shipping and insurance,

email for more photo's and info

9tripod@gmail.com or through the forum






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