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I'm currently working with the Genesis (in pana-log) / SSR-1.


The NTSC output of the SSR-1 is very low contrast, low voltage, low saturation and sometimes has a pulsating black level change.


Anybody else has that experience?



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It's been nearly a year and a half since I used the SSR's but I had no problems with the SD output back then. All of your mags are showing this issue, Jens? Weird.


I should add that I'm viewing the image on my color LCD (Blackbird)


I've used two and they both were similar. when I used my redbyte and the camera hd-sdi output the signal got little bit better.


from the genesis FAQ:


"As noted above, the Panalog transfer curve changes the Genesis output signal to obtain maximum

latitude. This extended range will not display properly on a video monitor: the image may appear

overexposed, low contrast and/or desaturated."


could this be related?

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The Genesis and SSR output a log video signal which on your steadicam monitor will appear to have compressed highlights and low contrast. The adjustments to the SD output that can be made are aspect ratio, format, black level setup.

A gamma corrected output is not available onboard of the Genesis or SSR.


The GDP (Gamma Display Processor) is designed to be used with DP or Director monitors. It offers a color corrected HD output in real time. It is a stand alone box that does not down convert to SD and is only AC powerable.


If you are having a pulsating black level I would definitely do some more investigation. I have not heard of any problems like the one you speak of with the SSR's.

Give you're local Panavision office a call, I'm sure they'll be more than happy to help out. If you still have any more questions feel free to give me a call at Panavision NY.


Chris Konash


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Maybe a quick fix is to fly the GADC (Genesis Advanced Down Converter) on the top mag port and use that SD output. I've always had good results from the GADC and fly it any configuration: SRW, SSR, and Fiber. It's light, requires no cabling, and has virtually no latency.


Keep us posted.



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i think it's really more the fact that we are shooting Pana-log and that the PRO sled doesn't have a video DA, so that the weak video signal is getting even weaker by being used up by two consumers, monitor and transmitter...

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