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Jose Ocejo

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The current issue with my sled is that once I've balanced it, if I have to 'change sides' in the middle of a shot, the sled wants to lean over. Peter Abraham seems to think the Pan bearing might need to be replaced.


Daniel have you found the issue of leaning sled over? It seems I've got the same. After 90 degrees tilt up sled stays a little bit up. It makes in every direction. My roll and tilt bearings are brand new. Gimbal has been centered according to instuction above. Did change of pan bearing help?

I was looking the reason in some play in Master top stage, but I can't find anything to worry about.


Best regards


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Yes, it can be different as some gimbals utilize a clamping system that can be over tightened and thus egg the post into an out-of-round condition which would make a balance difference depending on where on the post you place the gimbal. Most likely happens with aluminum posts but a carbon post could be deflected over time and hard use.

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Hi all

I've already replaced my pan bearing in Ultra1 gimbal and there is no difference. There is a play between inner and outer bearing rings. Housing in gimbal (inner and outer) looks great, any schratches etc. and after assambling the bearing to each part it seats strong without any play. Sorry it's hard to explain it in English to me. What manufacturer do you suggest? There was Eagles, so I changed to Eagles - no difference, now there is FAG - still the same. Model 61809 bearing.

Any ideas?

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