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Mike Heathcote SOC

PRO Vest Rental

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Hey Guys,


Just wondering if any operator out there would be willing to rent me their PRO vest for six weeks? I'm shooting a documentary from March 1st to April 12th and I'm looking to rent one. I'm in the process of ordering a new one from PRO but it is going to take approx. three weeks until I receive it. I currently use a Walter Klassen BM but I would like to operate with a PRO vest for this project.


Please let me know.




Toronto, Canada


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Hey Michael,


Can GPI set you up? I know they have PRO vests for rentals. I own a Klassen, but rented a PRO for a particular shot on a feature where the camera was traveling down a hallway of a trailer that was 26" wide.


Seems like George would take care of you, as is his habit.

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George is down to one rental rig... I can see/ and they did rent the vest for a shot or 2, but for a month... that takes the whole rig out of business...


Denis Lane might ... but he also has cut down on his equipment as productions are getting cheap (I know: tell me something new) and I heard UPM's on the phone... for that rental I can get an op including gear... Oh well.





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