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Steve Acheson

Contact at Tiffen Repair Shop

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I sent in my arm and sled for some maintenance and I have been trying to get into contact with someone over there... I know that Micheal Craigs is at NAB, and all I get from their operators is the running around connecting me to the wrong people and then getting sent back.


Does anyone know anyone that I can get into contact with over and find out the status of the my gear??

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Hey Steve,


Pretty much everyone in the company other than the bench technicians working in the factory are at NAB. I think that would be safe to say about every company in the industry. In fact, I know 100% they are all there because I just left the show about 45 minutes ago.


Their current phone / voicemail system is difficult at best so I feel your pain on that.


The good news is that the show is over tomorrow and hopefully they'll all be back in LA on Friday.


Good luck!



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Hi Steve:


Please try Lyn Taylor. Should be at ext. 1018. I don't think he's out at the show and he should be able to assist you.

If it's not 1018 it might be 7918.




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