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Joel San Juan SOC

Bartech Engineering Rocks

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Hi All,


Just wanna send out my deepest gratitude to Jim Bartell

for his excellent after sales service and always trying

to find a way to help out whichever way he can. And his

prompt replies and willingness to listen to the equipment

issues deserves great respect from me.

Being all the way in Asia, its great to know that the

distance and time difference doesn't deter him from

always lending a helping hand.


Thanks Jim!




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I couldn't agree more. I've had the pleasure of talking to Jim serveral times at Trade shows and other events. Couldn't be a nicer guy. I just purchased my 2nd BFD and couldn't be happier. I really appreciate the posts like this that go out to the guys who really make what we do possible.





post-8759-062454300 1284616884_thumb.jpg


My First BFD Hard at work

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