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Mike Braaten

Archer Rig (G50) + Stanton FF + AJA Downconverter

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I bought this rig and the accessories *NEW* in September 2008. This rig has served me well and earned back what I paid for it. I am upgrading to an Ultra 2 rig, but I need a little extra to make the payment.


This rig is well-maintained; only flown by me over its short life. A few scratches in key places, but for the most part cosmetically perfect and in perfect working condition. I've flown all manner of ENG/EFP broadcast cameras, SR2, SR3, Panavision Elaine, REDONE and prosumer cameras with my 'custom' weight plate.


Perfect for a first time buyer looking for something beefier than a Flyer or an established operator looking for a lightweight/emergency backup rig.


Many, many good years left in this fine rig.


1 Tiffen Steadicam Archer 12v Sled with TFT 700 nit LCD monitor w/ framelines (standard def, 16x9, daylight viewable)

1 Tiffen G-50 Iso-elastic arm

1 Tiffen Ultra Vest

1 Tiffen Low mode bracket


1 Stanton focus servo and electronic zoom control for Fujinon/Canon video lenses


1 AJA HD10MD3 Miniture Digital Downconverter with D-tap power cable


1 12v video camera power cable (3-pin lemo to 4-pin xlr)

1 Misc 12v power cable (4-pin Hirose to multi Anton Bauer D-Tap)

1 RED ONE Power cable (4-pin XLR to 10-pin lemo)

1 3-pin lemo (male) to 2-pin lemo (female) cable

4 Video cables various lengths (BNC to BNC)


4 Anton Bauer Hytron 140 batteries

1 Anton Bauer Dionic 90 battery

1 Anton Bauer D-2722 Dual Powercharger w/ DDM module


1 Steadicam Archer Thermodyne Hard Flight Case

1 Pelican 1560 case for vest and arm

1 20" C-Stand w/ removable base and 12" riser (fits inside Pelican case)


1 Steadicam EFP Training video


Rig is located at my apartment in the beautiful San Fernando Valley. Come by and take it for a test flight.


Asking 27000 USD for this turnkey Steadicam system. Buy it and fly it. +1.323.350.0478

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