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Richard Wilmot

V LOCK/SWIT Batteries

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I am about to change rigs from a Master Series powered by Ni-Cad batteries to an Ultimate II with V lock mounts. I am considering SWIT Lithium Ion batteries....???

Will these batteries work for me ? ie enough power 12, 24 etc. All cameras ???

Thoughts, suggestions...



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The Swit batteries are very good for there price tag. I had one set of 130Wh's and 80Wh's for 6 Years and they severed me well. In the end they couldn't handle anything drawing more power than a SR3 but after 6 years I don't complain.

BUT I think that they are not good for the high current cameras thrown at use today. I used two 130Wh with a F35 + recorder, focus/iris, down converter, Canatrans and TB-6 on my Ultimate 1. They could have lasted for an hour but we had to swap them after 45 min continues use because the batts where getting to hot (50°C). The high current will reduce the batteries lifetime drastically.

You're better served with batteries that can handle a 10A continues draw.


I went for the AntonBauer Dionics HC.


Joel, I couldn't find any "HC" batteries on the Swit website, Does it stand for High Capacity or High Current.



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