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Janice Arthur

Weight cages and plates

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Hi all;


I am updating info on the plates/cages.


2 lb = .91k (new weight)

6.5 lb = 2.95k

11 lb = 5k

15 lb = 6.82k


Rod lengths;


7 in. = 17.8 cm

8.5 in = 21.6 cm

9.5 in = 24.1 cm (new length)


Plate dimensions;


13.25 in. = 33.8 cm

5 in wide = 12.8 cm

1/2 in deep = 1 cm (2 lb and 6.5 plates)

The 11 and 15lb plates are thicker.


I supply camera tie down screws for all plates when you buy them.


Any 2 plates and any four rods is $385. Shipping US Priority mail when avail for roughly $50 or less in the US and Canada.







post-888-013207900 1286283953_thumb.jpg

post-888-075601400 1286283985_thumb.jpg

post-888-060096900 1286284030_thumb.jpg

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Hi all;


Any extra set of rods is $65.00 for four. $70 total, shipped in the US and Canada.


Also, I can ship Weight cages/plates to the rest of the world and they charges vary but roughly under $100. (I can give exact numbers when I know where its going of course.)


Lastly, a single plate purchase is $210. Shipping on that is roughly $25.00 in the US and Canada.


Thanks to Rich and Kevin for the cudos, I appreciate it.


(One story, I bought a cage from Mike O'Shea about 15 years ago thinking it was a necessary evil to buy a hunk of metal. I have used that thing 200 times over the years, it always amazing to me that it was so useful. That's probably why I was so happy to take over making them; they are simple but brilliant. thanks Mike.)


Now jib and sticks operators use them with DSLRs as a way to place the camera where you want and to have space for the accessories those cameras need.


I'll have a follow focus rod that fits on the verticals of the cage (very handy) in a month or so. My machine shop is backed up with other things. I'll get a drawing to show soon.


Thanks again.



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