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No More Stanton Steadicam Focus System

Caleb Ennis

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This is no good!



Dear Caleb,


Thank you for your email. As of January 1, 2011 Stanton Video no longer produces the Zoom/Focus System for Steadicam. If you wish we will keep your name in our records should we choose to resume production of this System sometime in the future. Do you wish us to retain your name and email?


Thank you,

Don Scalera

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Through the emails i think they are.

Bummed i didn't purchase it sooner!


So i bought there right angle focus motor system, and the new g-focus system from Erik. Cost about 300 more but happy to support a fellow steadicam op!



Hopefully they'll continue to support it!



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Hello All


Please check out my website as I have a new product that does what Stantons did with my G-Zoom controller.


Thank you John and Celeb for your orders and patience.


if anybody has any questiond please feel free to contact me @


Erik at G dash ZOOM dot COM



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